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Zoom has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 280 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 26th position out of 1129 companies.


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I'm listed as my former instructor. I need my own zoom account

I received no response or reply whatsoever. I used to have an account, somehow my information comes up ad Gale Storm who is an RN instructor and is my former teacher of a zoom class. I cannot log in or create an account. HELP ME PLEASE!!!



Hello kindly check my acccount payment. It seems like Im charged two (2) times in a month for the same account in the amount of $17.05 each time . Thank you you and I hope this could be resolved soon and be reimbursed as appropriate.


I want know my zoom participants

In my zoom class some the participants they spoke very abuseing words so I want there details.it is a educational zoom claass


Change of plan

My user id read as 88 Hock Yan Liu/Beyond, my email read as hockyanliu75@***.com.my. Yesterday I wrongly upgraded my basic AC to business plan instead of Pro. Can you assist me to change it to Pro plan at your end ? Yesterday I registered my business username as: RF3 World. Beyond Team. The payment was successful. Appreciate if you can help me at your end. Meaning that Pro plan yearly subscription will be RM500 plus only, I will choose the yearly one off payment, whereas the amount overpaid is to be refunded to my debit card. Appreciate if you can adjust it at your end.


I was on the line for 50 minutes and had to end the call to have virtual appointment with a patient. I’m thinking about researching different platfor

I paid for unlimited time July 18. Said it was activated but got cut off today three times in the middle of those sessions. Not professional at all


Issue with plan

Upgraded to pro plan but still showing basic plan kindly help on the issue at the earliest possible as it difficult to manage meeting


Bad customer tehcincal service

Can't use my zoom. Spent hours on the website trying to figure out the issues. Spent hours on the phone trying to get through. Submitted a ticket, and it's been a whole day, and I am ignored. My business is stuck. These people are horrible


Connect Zoom Meeting from my website

I want my student join Zoom Meeting from my Website, and I don't want that my user add email / name.


I rate after my refund

My amount deducted automatically even I stopped that kindly resolve my issue please and transfer my refund of 1534 rupees


Regarding my subscription

I have issue regarding subscription even I stopped my auto renewal then my charges are deducted , so I want my refund I don't want auto renewal


Resolution of my specific situation unavailable at Zoom website

My secondary email address alias was hacked May 30. I deleted that email address. I do not have access to it. On June 30 I received an email from Zoom at my primary email address stating that my annual Zoom payment was set to auto-renew July 30. However, when I clicked the place on that email that was supposed to open to a screen where I could make edits, I received an email stating that there is no Zoom account associated with that (the primary) email address. My Zoom account does not include the opportunity for me to speak with anyone. My only option was to cancel my billing agreement with Zoom at my PayPal account.



on June 5th 2023, i will cancelled my add - on subscription. But today ( 06.07.23) Rs: 1534/- will be deducted from my bank account. Pls resolve my problem and refund my deducted amount.


Don’t customer support

Not mentioned customer care number on google please help me and revert call me if you support customer and long term relationship with organisations


My zoom does not launch

My complaint not solve.number is off So please provide new number I m very hopeless so plz contact me , my work is


ID and password issues

payment is deduct from credit card but id is not licenced yet ...please résolve my issue...ether refund or licenced id


Resolved: Zoom license not approved

Updated by user Apr 14, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Apr 14, 2023
i have purchased my zoom app but i have not received the license yet i have given my payment plz help me zoom license fast

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