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Ziebart has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 297 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 18th position out of 1094 companies.


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Reschedule my app.two weeks later.

I made APP.at 8:00AM for undercoating on August 21st. When I got there.They told me I have to wait 3 to 4 hours. When my APP. was at 8:00 a clock. I'm about 45 minutes away from Cleveland.I live in Stow. I'm disappointed.Probably over schedule.Please,do not do this for loyal costumers in the future.


1/2 the car coated

Do a good job if you want 1/2 your car protected . The will not remove any wheel well plastic coverings . Do not remove engine cover fom bottom of car . So none of thes areas are protected. After 2 years my Corolla is rusting


Horrible service at Albany ny location

Sprayed over Hugh mud chunks in wheel wells over spray all over motor, just picked it up and Rhino liner has Hugh bubbles in it's


Resolved: Rust Proofing trapped moisture ruining car

Updated by user Jul 08, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund. I was told the guys can get carried away with sales tactics.

The speakers were found to be bottom of the line, not top of the line.

I was partially refunded. I want no future involvement and have moved on.

Original review Jul 08, 2023
I had several services done with Ziebart in Henrietta NY and Rochester location. They sold me cheap $40 speakers advertising them as high end $300 speakers. They scratched and dinged my car applying Diamond gloss but said I had done that myself. They poorly installed a car alarm making the speedometer go haywire. Lastly my car rusted out after 7 years of undercoating applications. This was due to trapped moisture over time. It had just 62000 miles.


Totally pissed off!!!

I bought a 2012 Avalanche with lifetime Ziebart undercoating, so I made an appointment to have the undercoating done in the first week of August. I had planned on having the Avalanche painted because there was some rust developing, but when I got to my appointment at the Lyle Ave location I was met by Marcus who began giving me the pitch that I should have my vehicle wrapped, and he went on explaining how the process works. How they take the vehicle to a body shop and sand blast all the rust off the vehicle then put a vinyl wrap on the vehicle then seal it with a ceramic coating to prevent moisture getting in. And I was told that it was guaranteed for 10 years. The cost was over $7,200.00, and they had my vehicle for over 2 months I got my vehicle back in mid-October and by January rust started showing and when I took my vehicle back and wanted this problem taken care of I have gotten nothing but the run around. Over $7,200.00 and I didn't even get 2 months of rust free. I have talked to two people that they said they would take care of it, all words and no action. I think that my next move is to contact a lawyer and take them to court!! So my suggestion to anyone who reads this please, please, please do not take your vehicle to Ziebart to have any work done because they do not stand behind their products that they sell you or at least not to the Ziebart at Lyle Ave. in Rochester they don't give a damn about you they just want to make a buck!!!


I'm completely pissed of!

Original review Mar 25, 2023
I made appointment a week in advance because they told me the following week was completely open. I scheduled Friday morning at eight and they confirmed they would be done by 12:10 PM. At 12 pm I decide to call and find out what the ETA of them being finished was now they tell me they have not started my car at the appointment time that they gave me and I would have to wait till three causing me to miss a half a day of work. Next I go pick up my Car oil dropped on my seats and my speaker I just seen today which is the day after my car has been completed. I look in the backseat and there is oil all over my black seats brand new car seats covers that I just spent $400 on oil all on them and thats not how you received my car when it came in. when I told the service worker about the oil and drips on my seats, he told me he was going to clean it up. Ooohhh but he did not because if he had, I wouldnt be out this morning doing it myself. The windows dont even look washed before they put the tent on it. when I asked about the little smears and semi distortion, they assured me that it would all go away. There are so many bubbles on my windshield and windows Its ridiculous. This is the worst tent job I have ever had, and the sad thing about it is the only reason I came back to yall was because the first experience was awesome so I dont know what the *** is going on over here but right now Im pissed I feel like Im out of $400 regardless of the warranty that means you have to keep my car for another day, and I lose money for a *** *** job now that I look at my car it looks exactly like yall rushly did my car and that is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable and Im a need you to fix. ASAP!


Bad customer service, and deceit.

I called a week prior and made an appointment to have my windows tinted on my corvette . i dropped my car off in the morning and five hours later ,they called me and said. your car is done and by the way , we couldnt tint your windows. the tech said he couldnt do it. mind you that when i called a week prior, i gave them all the information about the vehicle . and i was told that it wouldnt be a problem. now that i get my car there, five hours later, they cant do it. and the guy was very rude as to the reason why they couldnt do it. nonchalant and unapologetic , very poor customer service skills.


They ruined my car seats and won't correct the problem

Ziebart at the Plainfield, IN location treated my seats at my annual appointment and ruined them. Look at the pictures I took before I left the store. My seats did not have this on them when I brought it to them. They only denied doing this and was very rude to me when I asked them to fix my seats. No help from customer service at corporate or Plainfield location. They give you generic replies and pretty much saying oh well better luck next time! Worst experience I've ever experienced anywhere!!!


Customer complaint

I was serviced at the zeibart in Rochester NY a few years ago for an unlimited underspray coat on my vehicle. I have been coming every year to zeibart to get it serviced before the winter months. I recently transferred to the location in ontario ny and was unaware the frame to my vehicle was rusting though and had holes I wanted to transfer my warranty to a different vehicle because of this


I was lied to.

I was quoted at $899 and when I got there, I found it was more than doubled. $1950.00. I have been misquoted before but this is a big discrepancy.


Ziebart poor rust warranty protection

I have a 2013 F-150 that has Ziebart rust protection and warranty. The vehicle is rusting in many places. I filed a rust claim with the Cicero location in June. Nothing happened. I went back a month later and was given an e-mail to contact. Nothing happened. Over two months with no response. Seems like Ziebart did not work on my truck, even with all the annual reapplications. And when it comes to standing behind their warranty - silence! There are other products out there that I've better things about and I will use one of them on my future vehicles.


To help other people make good decisions

Had the total package of Ziebart done on a new $70,000 vechicle . After getting home found a 2 inch slice in the interior. Maybe a disgruntled employee? Took back for yearly warranty inspection. Tried to upsale me on more services and then totally missed spots . Im disappointed in Cortese for promoting Ziebart


I want refund

Updated by user Aug 17, 2022
Customer service offered nothing but a redo because that's what the rep at the store said they'll do. I wasn't pleased and I made that clear at pick up.

What's the big deal, the pics show how bad the job was because it worst. He claimed they came from cleaning solution that surfaces sometimes but I took a rag and soap and water and all those brown stains came up which were not even there before.

Original review Aug 17, 2022
My car was more dirty going out then coming in. The business only offered a redo after already cleaning it twice. None of the vinyl was clean, the seatbelt were still nasty, seat had brown stains on them, nothing came up off floor, truck wasn't vacuum, mats were not cleaned, ashes left in tray, mirrors not cleaned.


Surprised to see rust

2013 F150 ziebarted after 2k miles was good until this year. Currently 56k miles. The passenger side rear quarter is bubbling and looking at expensive repair, the other side shows no corrosion. I can't help but think that area wasn't protected well. Warranty was 7 years only.


Poor quality /overspray

Bought rustproofing as suggested by the dealer on a new 2020 Buick, got the vehicle back with the sunshade open fingerprints on the interior. Exhaust pipes sprayed. Smell lasted far longer than it should have. Could not get the annual respray done as the first time it lasted too long and wife has breathing problems. They did call for me to schedule the respray when I told them why I was not getting it done the reply was it must have been oversprayed. My question is is there no QA checks.


Waste of money

We have not had any car rust proofed for decades and we have no rust issues. We live in Michigan and drive 30 to 40,000 miles a year. Right now we have a 2,007 Honda Accord, a 1996 Mazda Miata, a 2010 Accord with over 300,000 miles. In addition weve had 2 or 3 Civics, a couple Subarus and a BMW. None were/are rusty. Rust proofing is a waste of money these days. The rocker panels used to rust out in a year. No more, Im happy to say

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