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1.5/5 - based on 1100 reviews

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Zelle Pay has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1100 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 13th position out of 165 companies.


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16552 N. 90th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, United States

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Receive money

I have a bank account with wells fargo i closed my dad sebt me $400 in zelle pay . So i tryed to recieve money and cant . Dad has comformation they recieved it . So do i cant get it off wells fsrgo . Or zelle . Zellepay. I go to put bank info in and cant ? Help


About receiving money

This was the worst experience I've every had. I couldn't even talk to a person. I had to get a code to even get a number to call and then No one to talk to. The money is still in limbo. Horrible experience!!!. I wouldn't recommend this company to any one.


Could not talk to anyone

Does not give you an option to talk to a representative at all very disappointed I needed to speak to a live agent.


I can no longer use zelle

I can no longer use my phone number with zelle. Its says use my Wells Fargo zelle app. Wells Fargo says I cant its not eligible. Can somebody please release my number? 215203****. Sincerely , Lynda Sheeron


Limit restrictions

Neither the bank or Zelle wants to take accountability for floating limits of paying people. -- I already paid my landlord $1,812.00 a few times over the year with Zelle/Chase. Then this month I try to pay and it stops me saying I have limits on my account and I can't pay her until I establish a payment history. FOOL...I have been paying her and why you are restricting me to $500 is ass-backwards, especially after paying the same person 4 times that amount. -- I call up Chase, they say its Zelle's fault, I call up Zelle, they say its Chase's fault. Get it together. I take my business to the other banking options. Robinhood, Coinbase, Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, etc...



recibo Correjefeen cobras de dinero, por supuesto reenvolso a la ONUuna cuenta yo no e recibirido nada


I got scammed

I sent my money to purchase a ticket and it was a scam they took my money but never sent me a ticket or my money back


No response

Security and email issue getting code no human response ai flawed can not get my bussiness handled please call or show clear path to resolve issue


No money in my acct yet

My sister tried to transfer 100 or $1000 to me and its stuck in limbo weve called you several times and got no answers whats up


Zelle payment held for three days

It's a joke. No customer service... banks can't help either... banks blame Zelle... Zelle uses AI. It doesn't work


Very dissatisfied

Worst customer service ever. Called in the last few days 10 times. Never got through to anyone. Used the correct prompts and was hung up on while waiting EVERY TIME!



This company sucks and I will never use it again. I spent over an hour trying to get into contact with a live agent. Only to be told there was nothing they could do to assist me


I’m pretty upset I need that money tomorrow morning

I was sent $400 by my brother $200 at a time and are not coming through. One was sent an hour ago and the other 20 min ago. I need to know what's going on. Patricia CID 480)862-****


All the robo answer does is refer you back to your bank!!!!!

I tried to contact Zelle about a payment going to the wrong person and all I got was to contact my bank!!!


Dice que ha ocurrido un error

Cuando introduzco mi número de celular en el zelle para iniciar sesión dice que ha ocurrido un error. Que puedo hacer?


Paid for the fight never got it

I bought that Ryan Garcia and tank Davis fight. Ive got the OK on it. Its clear my bank but I never seen it no-show. I cant see it. He just says restored person purchase and thats the story. OK is this OK ready to watch nothing comes on. I need my refund.

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