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Zedge has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 67 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 5th position out of 279 companies.


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I was billed for zedge but did not subscribe after free trial was over. I would like a refund.Could you please accommodate. Thank you.


I paid for Zedge and can’t get ahold of them

I paid for a year subscription and Im still getting ads! This is not resolved I want my money back if I cant restore purchase



Paid for Zedge yesterday. Until now all I get is no internet. When I clearly have internet for every thing else. Took my money and I get nothing. Free trial means they are getting free money


Can't access my account want to cancel

I just paid for a subscription for nothing. I want my money back. Can not access zedge keeps telling me that I have no internet.


Want to cancel 3 day subscription

Cancel 3 day subscription. Not sure if I accidentally pressed free subscription. Can you please cancel my 3 day subscription.


I am not making a review

I dont know what zedge is and have a credit card charge. I would like it cancelled and want a refund . I am a senior a probably pushed the wrong button. Please refund my money and cancel.


Zedge - not familiar- what is it?

What is zedge. Im a senior and probably accidentally pressed some wrong buttons. Please cancel this and refund my money.


Consistently gives a ringtone message when no one is calling. Don't know how to stop it

I received no code when I called the North Carolina number given. I should have been able to speak to a real person on this number.


My ringtones

Original review Aug 06, 2023
Hello, my name is Janet Davis. I pay for Zedge. When I try to set a ringtone to contact, my phone goes to my app section & not the contacts like it use to do. I have an Android Samsung Galaxy S22. I also downloaded the ringtones & they are in a folder, & when I add the ringtone through that way to the contact, it doesn't work either. Could you please help me figure out what I could be doing wrong? I'd appreciate any help you could offer me. Sincerely, Janet M. Davis


Missing credits

I signed in on my new phone and a thing popped up about 250 monthly subscriber credits. I clicked on it but the little wheel just kept spinning. I closed the app, opened it again and now the 250 credits are gone. I want my credits please!!??!


Terrible custumer service, nobody to get hold of

I am a subscriber and they expect me to pay to get ringtones or notification tones when my subscription lasts till Mar 24.2024. Free trial, no ads for a year and there is nobody to get help from to explain me what is happening.


To change my payment card

Can't get a hold of anyone to talk to about changing my credit card on file!! I have called a lot of numbers and can't get get a person to talk to about this.


Charged without consent!

I would like to be notified before my account is charged so I can decide if I want to keep order Zedge or cancel. That needs to be my choice, not zedge.


Paid 4.99 a year....not working

I paid 4.99 a year and I'm still seeing ads. Why?? Didn't get any help from customer service. They need to do something about this. I will be canceling my subscription.


Want credit for current bill that was charged as I do not use

You stink you can not talk to anyone and it is all one big scam. Thank that I got this cancelled. You send me to get a video when I wanted to cancel a service that I do not use

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