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Zales has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 548 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 6th position out of 657 companies.


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1. Soldering didn't hold ; 2. Store hours incorrect on website

Very disappointed in the soldering work done on my wedding rings. My husband purchased me a second wedding band in December 2022. I took the rings in for the new band to be soldered I'm January 2023. I was taking my ring off and heard something hit the floor at first I didn't know what fell to the floor, the band rolled underneath my desk but it wasn't until I was putting my rings back on that I discovered it was one of rhe wedding bands that came apart from the other rings. I googled the store I'm Penn Square Mall for the store hours and it said the store opened at 10:00am. I arrived at 10:10 and the store was not open, no signs posted showing the time the store would be open, and when I called there was no answer, no recording to tell me the hours. At approximately 10:45 one of the employees walked up and asked "are you waiting to get in to Zales" I said yes she then stated "we don't open until 11:00." My time is very important and when she asked "well how is your day going" in a sarcastic tone I replied it would be better if your website was updated with the correct store hours it would be better. She offered no apology for the incorrect information on the website or she could have just said I'm sorry we will put the correct time on the store recording.


Poor quality merchandise and service

O hPurchased an engagement ring two years ago. Had two diamonds fall out and the setting broke! Now they say i have to pay $325,99 to have it repaired! Does that sound like quality jewelry to you? Do not purchase from these crooks and tell everyone you know not to purchase their shoddy products!!!


Caucasian girl in the store of zales

Hi, my name is Omar, and I work for colony security, the Caucasian girl she short and skinny by the map in the middle, talking to a guard about something she running to the window on the other side listening to the conversation and stares at me and then runs back to the other side in the front, a few weeks ago when there was a fire alarm by Kay jeweler she was staring at my *** I already saw it everything she is harassing me. This is not the first time that happened.


Make a payment

I never could get to the part where you make a payment over the phone I havent shopped at Zales in a long time but youve had a really pretty bracelet I wanted so I shop there with this kind of customer service. Im probably not gonna shop there again.



No complaints. I need to know what was delivered to 1200 Gulf Blvd Apt 1102 in Clearwater. I cant remember & I thought I had cancelled my order there


Where's my package

I had ordered a size 12. Never received. Still wondering and waiting. Hopefully Zales will make this right, having my doubts. I returned a size 11 for a size 12. Never got an answer. So I ordered a size 12 online. It said package being shipped I have not received it. They said the refunded one. But where is my other ring I ordered and paid for size 12 mens ring with natural wood grain around it


Poor Service

I was in you Pineville NC location to order a ring. Man waiting on me kept running my card. Charge was $319. It was ran 6 times putting a hold on my money. Showed him where it was showing up on my account. He never apologized just said when I had the money to come back. My bank account froze card due to 6 charges for the same amount. So now I have to wait on $1900 and still no ring. Upset client


Awesome customer service rep

Im very disappointed Im the service from the store in Indiana. They claimed I didnt have a warranty but the rep online found all that information. In May 2022 I took my tennis bracelet to get it sized to fit my wrist. Nothing was done. The store reps put notes in the system claiming to have called us. But it also shows where we called about the bracelet and were essentially given the runaround.


Poor customer service

Bracelet broke didnt even have it a year. Wanted to charge me $327 dollars for there *** workmanship. I only paid $535 for it. Customer service didnt want to help, store staff could care less. I am pissed off about there customer service and the fact that they do not stand behind there products. Will never shop with this company again. Shawn Veltman Veltman_s@***.com



Return a diamond ring to replace a diamond baguette. I had all contracts and receipts for a 1400$ ring. I wanted to trade it up for a 500-600 ring you can fix ring or give me credit


Diamonds Keep Falling Out and I barely wear it for that reason

I have NEVER been so disappointed and frustrated like I am with my rings from Zales. I have two rings, my engagement ring and my wedding band and I have had on-going issues with BOTH rings. It's got to the point I don't even wear my rings because I practically loose a diamond just by looking at it. And it makes me so sad because, these are important and sentimental items. It all started with my engagement ring. My husband bought me a Disney Belle Edition engagement ring. It was love at first sight but then it went DOWN hill due to the quality. It all started with the sizing of my ring. The staff measured my ring finger and ordered the sizing. When I got it, it was still too loose. They had to send it back. When I get it back the second time, it's all good. But then I experienced a total of 3 diamonds falling out on three separate occasions. How they came off, I have no idea ! It was getting to the point I barely wore my ring because I kept running into the issue and I was scared of another diamond coming off. One time I even got the diamond replaced but then the ring came back with another diamond looking off- it looked almost grey in tone. Eventually I got an exact replacement and then I experienced a diamond falling off YET again. I was told it was probably a ring design issue. And that if it continued to happen I would just have to do an upgrade. Needless to say, my engagement ring practically lives in the ring box. So being naive, my husband and I got my wedding band from Zales. Thinking we were just having diamond issues with that specific design ring. BUT NOPE. not even 3 months after wearing it a diamond came off ! TALK ABOUT FRUSTRATING AND POOR QUALITY. I took it back, got it fixed but when I looked at it there was a part of the ring that was poking out. They had to send it back in. I got engaged practically at the same time as two of my friends and neither of them have experienced the issue that I have experienced! Their rings are not from ZALES. For the amount of money you spend absolutely disgusting the quality you receive, There is no reason that this should have happened and its NO COINCIDENCE that it happened to the two rings from ZALES. I WONT EVER BUY FROM ZALES AGAIN, NOR DO I RECOMMEND IT. Theres no reason to experience the amount of diamonds falling out like I have in such a short amount of time especially now that I rarely wear them. Needless to say, i now wear a ring on my finger that is not from ZALES. We would love to get our money back for the rings! I would give the rings back to get our money back and go elsewhere to get quality product rings.


We were sent the wrong wedding band.

Hello, I want to start by saying I am very displeased with the customer service and order I have received. My fiancé and I ordered a wedding band a little over a week ago with you all, and we were sent the wrong band today. I tried calling, and at first the person who I was speaking with refused to talk with as my name was not on the order. Informed them my fiancé was with me. Person I was speaking with was hard to hear, as they were talking very low and uninterested in offering to help. We ordered a white gold wedding band, and we were sent a yellow gold wedding band. I called and was told the band does not come in yellow gold, so there is great confusion as to why we received the wrong band. I have received no help from either the customer service phone number line or text. We want the correct wedding band, but we are told it will not come until the weekend of the wedding, and we still have to wait on the reimbursement of our money when we send the incorrect band off. I asked for at least some compensation, because this was not our issue, only the stores. I was denied this as well. Person that was on the phone kept just repeating band does not come in yellow gold, even though that is what we received. We will not be purchasing from this establishment again. Please advised as to how you can help. Order # 100007****4476 Item # 2013****


I want to know how long it takes once I order a ring for me to get it

Wanted to know how long it takes to get a piece ring once its ordered they told me they have no idea cant even give me an estimate might be a month might be a year or two Ill be buying engagement ring someplace else when I know when I will receive it


Selling sterling silver as white gold

My husband purchased I/2CTTW 10KWG boho bracelet last year for me. I decided to get renter's insurance because we made a couple of big purchases recently and I wanted to add our jewelry. We took our jewelry to have it appraised. This piece we were told had been dipped and that it was sterling silver 96.25.

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