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Younique has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 583 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 19th position out of 955 companies.


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(844) 821-8151

3400 W Mayflower Way, Lehi, Utah, 84043-3261, United States

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Report behavior of a consultant

A Younique consultant, added me for the sake of expanding her business then started going on my social media, with her business facebook page, to put me down and say horrible things about how I look. I put up a post about it and have had numerous people tell me the same thing happened to them. The first message I deleted before I got a screenshot but ended with You are not sexy This is horrible behavior coming from someone representing your company. Her name is Jessaca Faye, in Arizona, Safford area.


Just say it sucks I did not get my order

You can never get a hold of customer service and I am a dissatisfied customer at this moment this is not the first time I have trouble receiving my order with somebody please answer their phone or send me an email what is the problem with that company


Product question

I called trying to reach customer service to ask a question and the number is disconnected. I have tried to reach them through e-mail twice with no response. I joped I could reach them by phone but could not.


Can’t get you on the phone

I can not call you. This is aweful trying to reach you to order something on my phone. Call me now if it is worth your call. Like your products. I want to reorder. My phone number is 217722**** please,


My order

This is so ridiculous. Ive been on the side, trying to converse with you through the computer. I am not computer savvy. I would appreciate if somebody will get back to me. This is craziness what Im going through for you to credit my account that I never received my BB cream. My number is 631-455-****.


I have not received my makeup

I want the makeup I ordered its sitting in Ga. For 3 days I ordered April 1 cant you do something as the seller to find my makeup


I called and kept holding the I got a message that number was not good anymore!

I have been going round and round! First with my influencer Rayahope who had no knowledge of how to return foundation! Then I went to Lange site thinking since Rayahope selles both i went to site, anyway I need help with a return!


Just want to talk to live person

Need cure phone number to call Younique. Ive been trying for 1 hour to get a number!! Just forget it!!!


I need assistance with using my credit.

The phone was never answered, it was hung up immediately. All I need is assistance in ordering/using my credit which has an expiration date!


I want to cancel my collagen

I can't get a hold of anyone phone numbers(3) not in service I want this canceled!!! This company is not easy to work with


Acct issues

yes, Im trying to cancel my collagen and return what I have and when I sign onto my account, none of that is there


My makeup brush

My makeup brush fell apart. The bush part came out of the handle. It is the powder puff brush. Is there a warranty on these brushes?


Making sure it goes to the person I ordered from

I paid with PayPal and it does not show under Tiffany's sales that's the person I want to buy from and get the credit she is the one that I watch daily with her makeup and it does not show under her where I ordered and I paid through PayPal and I do not understand why it is not showing under her name


Product issue

I have used the Moonstruck esteem lash serum before and it was fine. Last night I used it and when I closed my eyes. It felt as though someone had put fire to my eyes. I couldn't see to get to my bathroom, I had to feel my way and flushed my eyes. I hade some eye drops for dry eyes and I put that in them. Everytime I closed my eyes it still burned. I woke to swollen Crusted eyes this morning. Still very Sore



I have been trying to see were i placed a order and when i click on youniques page to check a order it says i have no order and i havent recieved any order as of 1/13/23 and i have been charged $299.55 for no order i just want my money put on my card please thank you


I just want to say how much I love these products

I just want to say how much I love these products I did not have a problem with any of the products so I dont know why this says what it says at the top and I will not repeat it I just want to say that the products are absolutely amazing and has been absolutely life-changing for me

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