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1.6/5 - based on 49 reviews

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Yokohama Tire Corporation has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 49 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 80th position out of 513 companies.


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1 MacArthur Place, Suite 800, Santa Ana, California, 92707, United States

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Yokohama Tire Corporation Reviews


Tyres warranty

Yokohama dealer not solve my problem, please solve my problem. Iam from bathinda(punjab) tyre dealer not changed my tyre tyre is in warranty


4 new tires one was bad . Zero help from yokohama customer service

Customer service is the worst ive ever delt with . I will never buy a yokohama tire or product again Yokohama makes and sells garbage tires and will not stand behind them .


Tire complaint

My tire is popup from one side. .i purchased that tire on 06/11/21. But on 03/11/22 it get pop up from one side.but there is no appropriate system in yokohama to resolve it .there is to custmer care service no. Deailer is out of station . He said i came to the store by 10 days afte that come to me , company didn't pass this tire or claim it , its too difficult bya tire hav approx 80% rubber on it ,why thi is happening. Am too disappointed.


New tires having drone and out of balance noise issues

I purchased a set of yokohama geolander at go15 from my local Toyota dealership and had them install them and had alignment done. Only have 1k miles on them but around 15mph up to 20mph they drone some and have an almost out of balance sound. It goes away after passing 30mph and cannot hear any drone over 30mph either. Ive addressed toyota and they said the psi was a bit high from installation(40psi) and they reduced it to around 35psi each tire but still has some noise issues. Is this to be expected with only 1k miles on them? The first few days after installation there was no noise issue but after about a week it started up and has gotten louder. Any help would be great


Pathetic Service

Original review Nov 23, 2022
I live in Pune, India. I purchased this tire considering it's unconditional warranty and after using it for 6 month tire got burst on highway due to a pothole on road. I made a claim for replacement and it's 3 weeks I am still chasing dealer, area manager and company to get my tire without any luck.


Complain against dealer , I have buy Yokohama tire.. But it cut within 22 days... And dealer said this tier had no gurantee of cut...and he misbehaving with me

175/60 R15 A30 TL sir i m from lucknow and i buy Yokohama tire but it cut within 22 days... And when I go for exchange dealer said Yokohama not give any gurantee of cut... Dealer not change it... That is why I started use other company tire...sir i want my cash back from dealer .. Because this company have given unconditional qurantee


As of 9/27 they have failed to even contact me.

I purchased two steer tires for 2019 T-680. Ive had a shake since they were installed. Two different tire shops (Loves) have refused to help without Yokohamas approval. They cant reach anybody and I cant either.


Replacement of tyre with bubbles

From A.Madhusoodanan Priyam Pinarayi po Pin 670741 To, The Manager Yokohoma India pvt ltd Sir, Sub .formation of bubbles in 235-**-**yokohoma G015 tyres Ref: bill dated 29/07/2022, invoice No 1174 of Mukkam tyres Thalasseri As per the above ref I had bought 4 tyres for my SUV from Mukkam tyres Thalasseri and it cost Rs 42400/-now before completing 15000 thousand km of running, bubbles appeared on one of the tyres.I approached and request the Mukkam tyres Thalasseri to replace it,but they rejected my plea.thats why now am asking you to do me the favour of replacing the tyre at the earliest.I believe you will do the same to protect your reputation good will,and custumer satisfaction. Anticipating a favourable decision from you Yours faithfully A.Madhusoodanan


Very very bed service

They don't give replacements soon and the tires get bad The service is also not good, we do not have any kind of support


The tyres have started chipping off after 40000 kms.

I replaced the front two original tyres ofv my Innova Crysta with Yokohama tyres when I had done 28000 kms. I the last six years after fitting Yokohama tyres I I have done only 40k kms. The tyres surface has started chipping off. At the time of purchase i was assured that it would last for 1 lakh kms and for 8 years! I am disappointed with its condition. The original tyres fitted at the rear two wheels have no problem till datec


Tyre got bubble

Hello Team, As i have purchased tyre and the tyre got bubbles and this needs to be changed . Can anyone from team call me and get this picked up . My contact details -823344****


Regarding my tire

My car all tires in air but shopkeepers not answering properly because my bill is missing so kindly help for this problem I know your company is very good brand Plz revert asap.


Tyre bubble

I bought a new tire 1 year ago and now there are bubbles in the tyre. and the shopkeeper is saying that I will not change.


Worst response

In tires I had buyer 2 Yokohama tires 215/55 R15 and it has warranty from 3days im waiting for warranty but no one is responding I was going to buy continental tires but my friend told to buy Yokohama tires but u have only used 1000 kms in tires bobble has come I'm asking Yokohama company what type of tires are u manufacturing I used continental tires for 160000kms but Yokohama 1000kms dear customer Yokohama have bad warranty and no quality tires they have useless of buying customers do not buy Yokohama tires and if I call to customer care no one is responding to calls from morning to night what are they doing



No answer no proper customer care, no response service are bad no feedback option no customer service


I purchased 4 tire of your company and at the time of claim I didn’t get a proper response after service of your company is worst

I purchased 4 tires of yokoma tire. And within 2 months i got issue in my one tire so i go to the yokoma distributor to place a complaint for that he asked me a 2000 deposit against that he give me a another tire and told me that you will get you money back after some deduction for file charge and all i said ok to it and i give my tire to him now its been 3 month he is still saying your tire is under process. And you will get your money back when company passes your claim

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