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Xtralights has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 127 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 43th position out of 513 companies.


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They rob me

I ordered a set of lights,I went on line and checked on this place and the reviews speak for themselves. So i cancelled the order and requested a refund.they disconnected their phones, email,I EVEN WENT to their listed address hoping i would run into these thieves..so i filed a report with the local FBI and police department.


The low beam on my headlights Quit working on the driver side

The low beams on my Spider headlights quit working on the driver side part number pro-yd-ff15009-lbdrl-c and it isnt the bulb


Led headlights

Yes I bought a pair of Spyder halo led headlights from you guys last year and one of my Sub Zero led low beam bulbs went out on me and I was seeing if I could get a replacement please.


Do Not Use

Ordered headlights for my wifes car. After less the a month they started heat cracking. I played phone tag with them, sent them 4 sets of pictures per request. Was told they needed to contact the maker of the headlights, after waiting an extended amount of time (3 months) they said they had it noted and would send a replacement set if I wished. I said Id love that, as I did like the product.. that never came. Called several more times, saying it was in processing, now they don't exist? Also, to boot. The driver side tail light was shipped damaged, and had to wait 3 weeks to get that replaced, luckily that actually happened.


Got what they deserved - CLOSED

Sold me tail lights which I cancelled before shipping. Probably didn't matter. Apparently they weren't going to ship anyway. Took my money and ran. Finally responded to my 9th email about my refund. Told me I was SOL. They are just the S.


Horrible Service

I purchased a tail light set for my grandson's truck in March 2019. I received the taillights within two weeks. However, they did not work properly. I talked with customer service and they promised to send me a return label to send back the product, and once they received the product they would send out a new tail light set. It took 2 months to receive the shipping label. Upon receipt of product they were to ship out a new tail light set. Six weeks later I had not received the new tail lights. Customer service said the product was back ordered. Now, almost 5 months later, I have not received the product and their customer service number does not work ... voice mail states "this number is not set up to receive calls at this time, call back later". I've tried many times and receive the same message. I have lost my money for the purchase and do not have any recourse to obtain money or the tail lights.


Great service 3 years ago but where are they now.

Replaced all the lights on my truck and one has burned out 3 years later. Bulb seems to be proprietary to "Subzero" (not to be confused with the refrigerator). Can't find it anywhere except from Xtralights and they don't list it as a part. Phone numbers seem to be out of service.


Terrible customer service and product description

Purchased $500 replacement LED headlights for my town car. It never stated that it really didn't work as led need a projector type reflector. What I have is an expensive unfocused blob of bright light. High and low beam not really. I called to ask if anything could be done and was told to google it, tough *** I really wanted an answer, no return or anything, just some help


Tail light order

ordered tail lights for my truck and was left a message that they were no longer available. now trying to contact them,I get no answer and no response on phone or chat.


Lights Ford Excursion

Product never came...now almost 3 week late---Called-emailed-tried chat-filled out inquiry form.....many times....Nothing...Finally reached someone today....was told item was out of stock and would be 3 more weeks....Told them I wanted a refund...was told ok but would take up to 10 business days.


Product never came

this company should be shut down. Bad customer service, rude, only was able to online chat 1 time after trying multiple times. Always the run around about my order was shipped, They just lie and pout you on hold until you hang up. I called back multiple time with no answer. Every time I called the rep said a different story. They were never nice. I read other reviews and they said the same exact thing. I have n clue how the BBB lets them do business. Hopefully I don't Have to dispute the refund on my credit card due to the inadequate service they have. I also read in reviews that they refrained from getting people their refunds and made it a nightmare to get their money back.



This a follow up to a previous post. Xtra-lights sent me a cracked (chipped) taillight, I contacted them the day it arrived. The person taking the call was outside (could hear the wind blowing) on a cell phone. After WEEKS (no less than 6 calls) of them saying they were sending me a new tail-light, claiming they had already sent it, etc, and telling me it would be here in a few days, today they say they REFUSE to send me a new one because I can't prove it came out of the box that way. They said maybe I broke it so they will NOT send me a new light. These people will lie to you, so don't trust a WORD of what they say. Not a word. I am reporting them to our State Attorney General's office. NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE.


Customer Service WIPE OUT

I purchased 2 tail-lights from them because they had a very good price. That is how they lure you in. When the two lights arrived, I happy to get them and immediately opened the box and started the plug and play install. It was then I noticed one tail light was chipped and I contacted them with a good attitude, I mean this stuff happens, I get that. Their idea of customer service is "hey, give us another $70 and we can ship you a replacement tomorrow." I told them that wasn't going to work so their solution was "okay well you'll get an RMA form, fill it out and return the light WE SENT BROKEN and once we process it, we will send you another one. I asked how soon? They couldn't tell me and went right back to the just send us $70 and we'll refund it once we get our tail light back. They must be running this business out of their living room. Don't waste your time and money.


Horrible; never again

Hi, I placed an order with merchant Xtralights.com on July 24, 2018 for Four (4) KC HiLiTES Rally 800 Series 130w Halogen 8" Round Driving Light without Wire Harness - Black (Single) (Qty 4), Item #FR10336 at a cost of $615.80 It has now been two full months and I have yet to receive the merchandise or any communication regarding the status of the order. The company provides a phone number for order tracking purposes which i have been calling on and off since August 17th. When i called the main number to get some resolution and complain, they told me to keep on calling it and hung up!! Not sure if this is a real merchant or bogus company; I will be cancelling my order, seek refund of the money which they promptly withdrew on July 24th, report the company to the FTC in case it is a fake and tell everyone i know to never buy anything from them Lee


Read the reviews on THEIR site, THEN ALL THE REST!! HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!

This company sells CHEAP, and defective Chinese headlights! Their customer service is a total JOKE! Their CHAT line! Ha! Useless....they will put you to hold on until you hang up in desperation. They will charge you even more to replace THEIR defective product and it will takes months of calls, emails, and CC card stop payment calls to finally have then send a replacement. if ever! They will block your calls and only after you file a dispute with they send the replacement. Only after already replacing them with a QUALITY brand. IF YOU CAN DRIVE WITHOUT HEADLIGHTS FOR 3 or 4 MONTHS THAN THIS IS THE COMPANY FOR YOU! Otherwise, buy your lights from a reputable company! But NOT THIS ONE! Remember....you have been warned. If I could give this company a MINUS 5 Stars I would! Junk product and a horrible company!!!!



I purchased a product on 4/6 and received the product on 4/27, after calling multiple times to ask where the product was because they said it would arrive in 3 days. I immediately saw that it would not work with our vehicle and sent an email to the seller to get a return label. I received the return label on 4/30. I shipped the product back on 5/4 with a guaranteed delivery date of 5/9. I have contacted the seller 5 times by email with no response and 4 times via phone with an explanation that refunds "take time". 3 months later, still no refund, and cannot get a single person on the phone, email or chat. They did not respond to the BBB in response to a complaint. Little to no accountability to their customers, but please keep sending me sales emails to tell me how much you miss me......

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