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Writerbay has a 4.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 19 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 15th position out of 147 companies.


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Writerbay Reviews


Regarding login

I'm not getting conformation to the mentioned mail so what I do now and how approach for this problem


I register in writerbay but email doesn't came to my email

I registered in writerbay i fill the form perfectly but in the end the confidence e mail doest came to my e mail plzz do something about that



Someone +92 341 9****73 texted me to join writerbay after selection and said me to pay 2200 PKR and now he/she is not replying me may be he/she blocked me. Kindly consider my problem I want my money back.


I want to submit a complaint

Assalam u alikum! I have registered my account I'm writerbay.And I give all the registration fees.But I can't get any response.Kindly solve my issue.


Complete Scam

Guys, it's a completely fake website! Don't trust them. first, they tell you to create an account n then close ur account without any valid reason.


My Account has been closed.

Respected Sir/Madam, I am Reena Devi my account has been closed actually I think this is a mistake in writerbay. I am actually new here. My miskate is unknown now I read all the rules again. I promise that not going to make mistake let me have a one chance. Please sir/madam I want to work please. Please give me a one chance. Thanking You


For help

Many ya open ki thi website but agay sy wo kah rhy ka writerbay 1 month bad open hogi but i need this job so plz help me and tell me how to work at home with this website


My profile got rejected

My account is closed sir please open my account I am earn money I can request please Open my account.


I tried to operate but is not being opened my writerbay account due to email verification

We need you to verify your email address before you login to your account. You have 0 attempts. Please contact Support Team.Due to this my writerbay account is not opening


About test on writerbay.

First ,i 'll sorry for providing or uploading wrong essay sample on test which is given to me from Writerbay service. so ,please give me another chance for uploading the right essay sample provided by writerbay team of service.Thnaku


Log in issue

I was unable to login please help me .. i have to attend test no reply for mail. And no reply for call


My account has serious issue

I was and am a regular writer at writetbay. After a month all of a sudden I stopped getting orders assigned. I tried contacting the management through email/phone call/chat/helpdesk but all I get was that it's a technical glitch and we don't know how to fix it, wait for a writers managers reply. It's been more than 2 weeks I'm still waiting without any update.


Honesty and professionalism

I am Christine Luyo Manyasi. ID 2803****. Noticed that one of your account holders Tiras Wainaina has been using my details without my authorization to transact money. Infact I understand that it is also illegal to use an account that does not belong to the owner


Frozen out!

I recently joined Writerbay. I was thrilled at all the assignments I received. I only wanted to write 1 page so I sought out only 1 page jobs. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the fact that each paper requires a cover and a reference page. Writerbay has no flexibility Each paper is written like a paper. Question & Answer assignment must be a paper with cover and reference. It does not matter if the client specifically states in the Details, I only want you to answer the questions, Writerbay requires their Writers to write a paper. That is mandated. OK, that being said a 1 page paper is 3 pages, right?! OK. You are only getting paid a maximum of $5 for one page. You can bid to $7 by just typing the dollar amount in the box. Unfortunately, you have no guarantee that you get that job. You may have just changed the job to $7 for another Writer! Jokes on you! Next issue is as most Writers complain, it is never the amount of pages the Client states and Writerbay Support staff will tell you that it's your fault you wrote too much. In fact, recently I have been told to delete all of it and make it per the Client's request. So while, I may pat myself on the back for writing an amazing paper, the Client will take my paper and delete the unnecessary cover page that is mandated by Writerbay , copy and paste the question and answer into their online forum and be done. Writers do a ton of work for no reason whatsoever! Writerbay will call you, message you and email you mandating you to make changes as per the Client and yet the Client has never seen the paper. While the papers are interesting and I guarantee you will learn from them, Writerbay's Quality Assurance Team, whomever they are.... play God! If they decide you ask too many questions, you may be frozen out for a bit. This could be a great company if they wanted it to be but they would have to make many changes. To begin with, they need to systematically add cover pages since it is not included in the price!!! It has been many days since they have given me a paper based on anything in my proficiency. Disheartening!


Writer Bay is a waste of time

Writerbay might have sponsored this page. But I am a verified writer with writerBay.com for more than four months. They are full of discrepancy and double standards. For no reason, they paid their writers as low as 4/page which was different from claimed they pay their writers on the webpage, and most of the assignment they will assign to you will exceed the actual pages they always paid for. It is so draining to work here but no choice still but looking around for better writing service. They will give you orders with unbelievably many questions and instructions, and they will want you to provide two pages of answers which are practically not possible. If the pages summary answer you eventually provided extended to 7 or 8 pages and you try to complain, they will simply ignore. But when clients raised complaints, they will immediately impose a heavy fine on you. I was fined $160 for an order worth of $28 without any investigations. They pay once a month without delay for me, but for no reason, they will not pay you the exact money you earn as a writer. They are basically exploiters, but you can also come and write for them if you want to waste your time like and earn a peanut for your precious efforts.

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