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WorthPoint has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 61 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 18th position out of 763 companies.


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5 Concourse Parkway NE Suite 2850, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328, United States

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Poor Customer Service

I inadvertently had two PAID subscriptions going with this company. Since they were due on different dates I didn't pick up on it right away. When I asked for a refund for the unused subscription they said I "abused" the free trial offers and so they weren't going to help me. I don't see anywhere where it states you can't have more than one free trial. I have had TWO paid accounts since December of 2021. Pretty loyal customer and they told me to scram! Customer Service is a huge part of any online business. There are other sites to look things up. Stay away from Worthpoint if you don't want to be treated like dirt!



They keep trying to charge me. Plus, it's to hard to delete my subscription, it sucks and I hate it.


Cancel membership

Hello. I purchased 1 month of use. Then canceled on your website which said it was canceled. Yet you continue to try charging me every single day! One would think after 3 declines you would or should give up. Especially if I haven't tried logging in to use your service. I didn't find it very helpful and it is way to expensive for my needs. Please quit charging me. You are causing me problems every day because I can no longer use my debit card in fear you will be ripping me off for a service I canceled according to your rules. I will go to BBB if you continue trying to scam me. My member name is the same as my email address. Thank you. M.Kittle


Never able to use it when I need it.

Pay for subscription. Try to log in and say email not found. Try again says incorrect password. Try to reset password and says email not found. Sent emails to Worthpoint no answer to as why i cant use something I've paid for. Paid almost $90.00 for the last 90 days for nothing. You need to be reported to the Better Business Association. And someone should start a class action lawsuit against this company.


To inform others how worthless worth point thinks you are and and that they deserve your hard earned money by suckering you in!!!

I canceled subscription and I was charged anyways and was told I would be refunded all charges I only received one payment not even one time did I use this app ! Except free trial one time then cancelled !!! I want all of my very hard earned money not half all your APP failed to submit my immediate cancellation ! It was in no fault mine ! You stole my money and your app is Janky !! Coustemer service also was unapologetic and short with me ! I was literally explaining and she spoke over me not once but twice I called got 2 dif. Representatives and they both treated me like I was the one who had stolen or malfunctioned well I'm here to say WRONG! worthless worth point you were not worth any of this my time my money or even bad review but I can only hope the humans who are thinking of trying this app out, Exit out!!! delete!!! Do not be the sucker like I Mara Tanner so regrettable have been !


Worthpoint is not recognizing my face on the face recognition. It also never once except my passwords! So it locked me out of the account.

I called customer service, but all customer service agents were busy and now Im having to wait on a call back.


App doesnt work well

Go to the app, look up items, some show completely unrelated items, go to bottom of page and it shuts you off. Desktop, fine. App sucks big time.


Scam, stay away

Their site promotes a 7 day trial but their site doesnt allow you to cancel. I tried using the site to look up vintage sewing machines, I got no good info, I could have done better research on my own. I went to cancel, but couldnt. Pretty sure these *** are going to be charging me 25$ or more a month and Ill have to contest charges with the bank. STAY AWAY!!!


Scamming me

Call me on 0772095****, I signed up for a free trial yet your trying to take money out of my banks every night! Not happy


Used to price vinyl records

The items listed were all from 2012 and earlier. No recent prices. I also signed up with Popsike and they have up to date auction prices. Worthpoint would be useful if they had more recent prices, not ones that are 10 years or more old.



This isnt a legit company and my money was stolen. I purchased a Xmas gift for my son and now I cant get intouch or reach anyone and I checked online this company didnt exist. I will be pressing charges in the process now!!!


How I was treated as a freelance writer

After 10 articles, I was told my style doesn't fit the company. My articles rate 100 with above average readability per Grammarly pro. The website search feature is useless as far as it concerns research. Company needs a new head.


Never even heard of them and they charged my debit card $23.99

I noticed a debit on my account for $23.99 at 7:06 am(I was asleep at that time). It was from worthpoint. I googled the name, and searched my apps and browser history and I have never been to their website or used their app. I called but hot recording . They have yet to return my call. I did not rate this company because even 1 star is too much


Being ripped off by worthpoint

No one answers the phone no one replys to emails or customer support they are crap so Ive had no choice but to notify my bank to get charges from them back they just seem to be ripping people off then Ignoring them its bang out of order


Paid monthly fee. 3-4 days ago. No price guide available

I or You took $25 out of my checking account three four days ago. And I have not been able to look at one price of anything on worth points basically I do not have any subscriptions when I go into my settings and look under my subscriptions there's no subscription so why did you take money out of my account and not give me a subscription? Why isn't your phone number changed on your website you make all this money off of all these people and you have lots of secret numbers that nobody else can see but you can't change your phone number and you have an address like I'm going to write you a letter or something? And a fax number who the *** has a fax machine anymore? You guys make shitloads of money fix your website and give me my subscription please.....

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