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World Remit has a 2.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1600 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 11th position out of 165 companies.


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51 Eastcheap, London, England, EC3M 1DT, United Kingdom

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I did call many times.. not picking calls. Customer service is very poor

In 31 /08/23 I did send £200 to India . But not receive money until now in India bank accounts. Where is my money gone ? Iam not happy at all.


Confirmation/reference n#

I sent money yesterday 26 July 2023 at around 8 am from Norway to the Philippines - cash pick up but until now the recipient didt not received the confirmation or reference no. Please check and we hope to hear from you soon.the trans.16973****


No recieving

I want to access this transaction You are solely responsible for the content or information, including, without limitation, the title and body of the post, You publish or display (hereinafter, "post") anywhere on the Site. By submitting the post or using the Site or the Services in any other manner, You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the "Terms"). You must agree to all of the Terms in this Agreement. If You do not agree to the Terms, You are not permitted to use the Site and the Services. If You do not understand all of the terms in this Agreement, then You may wish to consult with an attorney before using the Services. We reserve the right, at Our s


No response back from WorldRemit.

I have called several times, entered in my transactions number and its not recognizing me, its not been picked up yet? After my receipt has gone to the bank several days & times. They keep telling him one story or the other. I had an emergency for the money to be used for? Pls refund me back my money ASAP. Pls


Where is my money?

I send money last saturday 15 of july,but when i go to the bank to claim my money, they said the transaction number we have is not yet in their system?My family in the Philippines badly need the money.I hope you can help us to firgure it out what is happening of delay? Thank you for your consideration and advance help..


Money sending problem

Way my money india don't sending what problem . Plz my money sending india very fast urgent your thanks


Problems with transactions and refunds

The company is very inefficient in consumer service. It processes are messy and there is no commitment with dates given. Besides, answer from emails are vague and take a long time. There is no chat and waiting times in phone are over one hour. I m trying for more than a week to get a refund. Total scam!


Request for refund

----- 転送 ----- From: Camille Bedua 日付: 2023年7月15日(土) 22:10 件名: Request for Refund To: I am sending this Email to make a follow up regarding my request for refund for the Cancelled remittance that I've been made last July 10,2023. I have attached a copy of the receipt and all the necessary documents required for the refund process. I would appreciate if you could process my refund as soon as possible. Because it takes 5 days already. I have been a loyal customer of your company and I hope that you can resolve this issue promptly. If you need any further information from my side, please let me know. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please see attached file for your reference. Best Regards, Ryuji Tachibana image_648****.JPG image_12398****.JPG image_12398****.JPG image_12398****.JPG image_12398****.JPG


Refund my money

Why my money no refund one month I wait my refund but no have my money is my account so am very angry


That’s how I feel now!

Transaction 16812**** was completed, Money was not received! 1st time happened, Apps not working now


To resolve my account

My issue has not been resolved been trying to call My account has not been resolved My account hasn't been resolved


Resolved: Iv sent 534.00 pounds on the 15 of june so my bank

Updated by user Jun 18, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology.

Original review Jun 18, 2023
Iv sent 534.00 on 15 June and it wasn't sent through from you could you please sort it out please thank you


Some issues can only be resolved talking to a life person in which you did not value

In the past when l send money through you to Nigeria the money was pay out in Naira. My recent transaction was not like that. I want to see if it can be pay out in Naira or cancel the transaction. I have been go through this hassle since two days now. I can get anyone to help.


Resolved: Cannot complete a transaction

Updated by user Jul 15, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jun 15, 2023
Did not receive yet the in the bank account of receiver i dont know whats happen to this transaction


Can’t speak to a human being

Trying to use my discovery card but its been denied. Ive called my discovery bank and it is not on their part they have okayed it, it went through, but remit will not let the transaction go through. I have tried this over and over again so I had to go to remit instead of WorldRemit but remit will not take a discovery card in world remit wheels, so please I need the situation fixed so that I can order purchased from the Philippines.


I haven't received refund back 16453****

Refund not receive please update my refund. I have to many problems Please solve my problem I send to many emails but not reply me

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