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World Of Watches has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 246 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 16th position out of 657 companies.


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(866) 655-5558

140A 58th Street, Bldg A Unit 6N, 6th Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11220, United States

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This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced, there is no way to get in touch with anyone, when you call music just starts playing and no one ever answers, Ive never experienced anything like this


Worst customer service

This company shouldn't even be in business with the way they handle business. They speak to customers with disrespect and hang up on you when you point out huge holes in the stories they tell you. I ordered a watch on 5/8/2023 and was told that it will be delivered in 3 days. That didn't happen!


To verify about my purchase order of woman seiko 5 wrist watch due to pending order status

They are polite and straight to the point am asking. But I don't think the product will be delivered 2 to 3 days as customer service said. Maybe it depends on a distance or delays issues . I have had an order before but it takes 2 weeks, more or less, before it has been delivered to my place. But anyway its worth waiting for it.


Tissot watch received was broken

Called customer service to inform them that the watch was broken and they refused to send me a new item and insisted that I pay myself to change the battery which I did. The watch was still broken after that. Have not been successful in getting through to customer service after that. Want a full refund for watch that was broken. Never received a refund. Customer service takes hours to get through. Very dissatisfied and will never order using this site again. Still wanting someone to contact me.


Spent £23 and paid for quick despatch books ordered in July still not arrived

Placed 2 orders on subsequent days paid for express delivery as was going away 1 week later, second order arrived but no sign of first 3 books ordered have ordered in past withno problem , but impossible to speak to anyone!! Pretty disgusted just want my books but no real person to talk to about lost order eill not be ordering again ever!!!


My watch is not Water resistant

This watch which was received on 5 July 2022 is supposed to be water resistant to 300 ft. However, it gets water inside in less than 5 minutes when in water that is less than 1 foot deep. I would like to have the watch replaced or a refund. I have emailed a photo of the watch showing water in the case to your customer service and have not had a response. Please notify me about the process for replacing this watch.



Customer service is the music playing jazz. For hours and no one will pick up the phone. Very unprofessional. If you ever need to ask another question or follow-up on an RMA, they must save your number and block you out. That is the only conclusion I can come up with. And they don't want to talk with customers who asked for a return.


Refuse to give a refund.

This company should be renamed World of Watchout. I ordered a watch online with a cost of $1535. When it arrived i was unhappy with the purchase and followed the company's return policy instructions. I sent it back to the return address they provided via USPS priority mail. The USPS tracking said it was delivered on Oct. 15, 2021 at 11:03am. I have receipt of that tracking. When I realized no refund had been issued I called customer service. The representative said they hadn't received the watch even though she checked the tracking # and it confirmed delivery. Instead of trying to help with the situation she became rude and belligerent, telling me it was not World of Watches problem and I should take it up with the USPS. When I reminded her that the tracking said "delivered" she told me they were located in a big building and the watch could have been delivered elsewhere. When I said I would contact Discover Card and make a claim, she scoffed and hung up on me. I have made two more attempts to get these people to accept some responsibility but they are non responsive. And so I filed a claim for the $1535 with Discover. Another tact they take is to advertise watches as "in stock" when they are not. This prevents the customer from purchasing from a competitor because it is already "on order" I only gave it one star because it won't allow for zero. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!!!!


I have purchased watch 4days still no answer

I have purchased watch 4days still no answer Please reply my order number #{{Redacted}} and many Emil still no answer.


LOCKED Amazon Account & Demand Payment

Updated by user Jun 01, 2021
I ordered the pen in February and have written 17 e-mails to, "Hedi," who lies and scams her way through everything. She said, "Oh we don't sell that pen," so I sent her a photo from her website and photos of the WRONG Pen they sent to me.

Hedi and Marvin (Sternberg) refuse to send me a Paid Return Label and have filed a dispute against me with Amazon.

Thus, I have been locked out of my business Amazon account for over a month. This has gone on for four months!

Original review Jun 01, 2021
This company is the WORST of the worst. Apparently, there is no such place as, "World of Watches," but instead, all money goes to Marvin Sternberg! I had ordered a pen from them and they sent me the WRONG one. There is no phone number and Marvin apparently just takes the money and runs! I have written 17 e-mail to, "Hedi," who lies about anything and everything. They refuse to refund my money and have instructed Amazon to Lock me out of my Business Account. KnowKnow works.


Unreachable & SENT WRONG Item

Updated by user Apr 29, 2021
Pissed Consumer told me to call Customer Service. That is a non-working phone number and I have been trying for over a month to reach someone.

I have written 7 e-mails, but am unable to upload or attach them to this site. Thus, THEY need to call me because they CANNOT be reached.

Truly a crooked company who despises its own customers. NEVER again will I use this rotten entity.

Original review Apr 29, 2021
This place took many weeks to ship my items to me, but then, upon opening it, they sent the WRONG item! I have written to them 7 times and tried to call (of course no phone that is answered by a human being or computer. They need to send me the Return Receipt so I can ship this back to them. But, all they do is ignore me. Horrible Company! Please help!


My shipment not delivered

It's been over a week and still have not received my order I even paid for two day delivery they have yet to ship it.I contacted them and come to find out they have not shipped yet!! Then they charged me again for the watch minus the delivery!! So I'm paying double the price advertised!! I was told to check my Bank account and yes I was charged twice!!! This is so irritating! Now I have to wait another week for my order! This was not my fault at all!! Then I was told I can cancel my order!! Really this how y'all solve this matter? Never again will I spend my money with this company they won't give any costumer satisfaction!!!!


Poor service

I have bought a few watches and more than half had to be returned for service and then later quit the customer service number with out an answer..I know these watches have warranties but to get help is nearly impossible. My account doesn't keep info on the items you purchase for very long ,so if you don't keep records yourself it's difficult to remember exact purchase dates or transaction numbers..if I ever get someone to help me with my 2 unworking watches, I will follow-up here. Very unhappy


Just recieved todoy and battery is dead

Received my watch today with a dead battery.HorrAwful



I placed an order for almost 500 dollars and I never received. The customer service of this company is the worst. You call the number abs hangs up right away. This is such a bad company. Please be aware of it before placing an order. They're a scam. Thieves. I am really at the end of my rope and feel very frustrated and angry.

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