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Window World has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 100 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 10th position out of 170 companies.


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Paid for Vs what u get

so wife and i spent 16k+ on doors. asked the sales rep if the installers are his employees (lie). The door are made to fit (lie). same key 4 all doors (lie). 1st crew 6 souls and 2 doors installed and 6 hrs on a storm door that wont close and 3" gap at bottom & broke after using it 4 times. 2nd crew new storm door from Hdepot 700 less. but still making us pay 16k or send us to S claims... Just letting you know what you paid for is NOT what you get... take the chance and do it urself no one will look after you. its not in their best intere$t . 2nd crew was better than 1st. BUT...apples are not oranges


Lies, bait and switch, more lies

Updated by user Jul 26, 2023
Window World refuses to acknowledge the issue and resolution is not complete.

Original review Jun 26, 2023
Lies, bait and switch, more lies. There are outstanding issues that need to be addressed even if Window World does not want to honor their statements. I detailed the initial issue and sent to Window World (see below) - here is current status: Window World sent another salesperson to measure the sliding glass door and quote the 2 windows (6/16 - but no quote yet). Again I thought I was having a good conversation, Caleb listened and suggested instead of going through the BBB or internet reviews I reach out to Jacob Roland (owner). I called to speak with Jacob on Monday morning (6/19) and left msgs with Dee and Jacob's assistant. When I did not hear back I texted Caleb and asked if anyone reached out to him. Caleb said no, but he would follow up with Dan that day (Wednesday 6/21). As of Friday (6/23): 1 - no one from Window World reached out to discuss the issues.2 - I was not given a new quote. The last quote for the sliding glass door that Window World not only measured incorrectly but ordered the wrong door was an additional 110% (initial quote $4701 plus installation - new quote $9810 plus installation). And the quote was not a 1-off, they provided my neighbor with a lower quote for the same door.3 - Window World charged me twice the fee for the permit on the initial contract (and that's before Window World removed the sliding glass door).4 - Window World did not do a walk through of the windows they installed.5 - Window World has not scheduled the inspection and as such, have not completed the finishing of the windows.6 - One of the screens is broken and needs to be replaced. I have no doubt they are laughing at me since I was dumb enough to separate the contract since I believed they would work with me on making the sliding glass door right. A truly idiot move on my part but I was taken with their support of St Jude and did not imagine a company that supports St Jude would be so ruthless. That may sting more than their underhanded business practices. Window World has yet to respond to my email: What started out as a great experience has turned into a really bad one. The window installation was great and I'm expecting the inspection to go well and any warranty items to be addressed. The issue is I also ordered a sliding glass door and that's where the experience fell apart. 1 - There was a problem with the installation based on incorrect measurements and talk about cutting walls etc so the install was halted. 2 - Mike, Field Supervisor, called to say Window World would order a new door but I needed to sign to release the money (I am financing). I was willing to release the $'s for the windows since they were installed but not the door. Conversation centers on what I agreed to contractually and lo and behold - the T's & C's contract page Mike is referencing was never sent to me. 3 - Suddenly my salesperson is reaching out saying Window World will remove the sliding glass door from the contract. So odd I thought, that's your solution? remove the door? (without too much detail here I HAVE to do something with the door for the HOA so doing nothing is not an option). 4 - I didn't sign the new contract (windows less door) when David H., manager, reached out. We had what I thought was an honest conversation. I since learned the salesperson had ordered the wrong door and I shared I was waiting on a new quote. David asked if I would please sign the contract with the windows only and he would make sure the salesperson scheduled an appointment with me to resolve the issue with the sliding glass door (I have additional windows that need upgrading). For a show of good faith I signed the window only contract - what a fool I am. - I recommended Window World to my neighbor and I let her know I had a concern with the slider since my salesperson was not contacting me. - My salesperson is heavily courting my neighbor and any interaction I now have with Window World is through my neighbor. The thing is we both need something to be done with the sliding glass door. So when my salesperson calls my neighbor she conferences me in and Window Worlds' response is to increase the cost of the sliding glass doors (3 panels) over 110%. WOW - talk about getting screwed. - I requested a new quote with the 110%+ increase but the salesperson has yet to follow-up (and yes, he is still courting my neighbor). How to resolve this amicably and fairly 1 - I expected Window World to come back with a higher cost for the sliding glass door. I did not expect the increase to be an additional 110%+. The initial quote was for $4701 plus installation $1360 = $6061. New quote is $9810 plus installation $1360 = $11,170. - I would expect a quote at a MAX 50% increase: $7051.50 plus installation $1360 = $8411.50 I still have 2 additional windows to be installed. I would prefer to have all the windows from Window World but if that can't happen so be it. But when I show a hand in good faith and trust Window World will do what's right for its existing customer, like I did in signing the windows only contract, I expect a fair and equitable response.


Appointment to replace damaged. Window never showed.

I had an appointment for this morning between nine and 11. It is now 1115 to replace a window that has gone bad. The gas inside leaked or something. No one showed up no one called. I cant get anyone on the phone other than voicemail. I am a very disgruntled customer.


Lack of Customer Service and Response to Its Customers

The following is my customer service experience from doing business with Window World of Orlando. After my experience I would not recommend to anyone to use them for anything. This company has a communication issue. They do not communicate with each other nor do they communicate with their customers. I as the customer have done more customer service for them, than they have for me. I am tired of calling, begging, pleading just to get a simple answer of a date and a time. Since Window World of Orlando and Window World Corporate will not listen, I hope you the public will, save your money and your peace of mind and take your business somewhere else. Take it to a company that will appreciate you as a customer and give you good customer service May 2022 Reached out to Window World for a free in-home estimate. Was given the date of May 25 for our appointment. Met with Austin and decided to purchase our windows and doors with Window World. We put in an order for 12 windows and 2 doors all hurricane rated, totaling $25,440. This cost also included a screen for one of the slider doors for the price of $178 and a set up & removal fee of $125. We were told of upfront that the installation of the windows and doors would happen sometime around November of 2022 due to them having a backlog of orders. That was not problem. We put a down payment of $13,550 with a balance of $11,890 due after installation. A day or so later we changed our minds on having the screen for the slider door so we called Austin. He said no problem, he would talk with his boss and the amount would be taken off on the backend. September 6th Got a call from Austin. Two of the windows both sliders that we had ordered for the kitchen and dining room could not be made in the style we had chosen. Austin said our window frames were too small to so a different style would have to be made. We did not have much choice so we said yes. October 13th Received a call from Window World Scheduling Department want to set up a day for the window installation as our windows had arrived. I was asked if Monday October 31st would be good. I said yes and was given an appointment time between 9am 11am that the installers would arrive. This was further backed up by an email from Window World with the same date and time on it. October 31st Our family had spent the past week clearing furniture and other items we had from around the windows and doors we were having replaced. The window of time given to us for the arrival of the installers came and went. At 11:08am I called Window World of Orlando and spoke with Jasmine. I told her that the installers had not arrived and asked when will they be here. She said she would send a message to them and they would call me back shortly to tell me when they would be arriving at my house for the installation. At 11:49 am when no one had called me back, I again called Window World of Orlando, this time I got Elijah on the phone. I told him about my conversation with Jasmine and the fact that the installers had not called me back. He said that it would have to be marked as a no show and my appointment rescheduled. At this point I am about to blow my fuse. He could not reschedule me I would have to wait for the Scheduling Department to call to do this. About ten minutes later the installers called to say they ran over at another job and were on their way to my home to do the installation. They arrived close to 1pm at my house over 2 hours after the latest time for my appointment. By the time they were done with our installation it was 1:30 am Tuesday morning. They said that had driven in from Tampa which is on the other side of Florida to do this job. November 1st Due to the late hours that this installation ran into my husband and I did not notice the issues we were to find the following day after the installation. We found broken glass and the remains of our old windows still outside our house. We paid a $125 fee for the clean up of this very debris. The two slider windows were missing the keepers which the lock goes into to secure the windows. Some of the windows had issues with the sashes and would not stay up. Also, several of the windows had screens that were not properly manufactured. There were gapping holes where the screen attached to the frame. I called Window World of Orlando about the issue. They said someone would be in touch with me. No one called. November 9th County Inspector came to inspect windows. Windows failed the inspection due to missing keepers. November 10th Called Window World of Orlando again about missing keeper and windows not functioning correctly. Spoke with Frank. He would look into getting the keepers for the windows, replacing window screens and getting someone out to fix sash issues. Will call me back before the end of the week. He did not. November 14th Called Frank at Window World of Orlando to see when someone would be out to fix the windows. Frank did not know who I was, had to remind him of the issues which he had not talk to anyone about getting fixed. He does not know when anyone can come out to fix the issues or when the parts will be in. November 15th Called Window World of Orlando to speak with someone other than Frank who might be able to help. No ETA on parts, screens and someone to fix the issues. November 17th Got a call from Window World of Orlando, someone will be at our house on Tuesday November 22nd between 9am and 11am to fix the issues with the windows. November 21st Worker from Window World of Orlando, just showed up at my home to do window repairs just as I am getting ready to run some errands. He was told by the Orlando office to come out. I told him I was given an appointment for tomorrow. I asked for the person who sent him out, he gave me the name of Tom from the Orlando office. I told him to go ahead and start the fixes and I was going to speak to Tom. Called the Orlando office and no one answered the phone. Left a message asking for them to return my call. They did not. November 28th Jose from Window World of Orlando came to my house after 5pm wanting to do the final inspection on the windows and doors. I told him he could not as the windows and doors failed inspection and we were waiting for a second inspection date. I also told him that someone had come out the Monday before to fix the window issues. He told me that someone in the Orlando Window World office told him to come out to my home to do this. Jose then asked me for a date and time for the County Inspector to come back out to the house for the reinspection and asked me to sign off on the date and time which I did. December 1st Window World of Orlando called at 8:13 am to set up a time for the County Inspector to come back out to reinspect the windows and doors. I told them that Jose had been out on Monday of this very week and had me sign a paper for the time and date. They said they never got it so we needed to schedule a new one. We did and it was scheduled for Friday December 2nd, no time given. December 2nd County inspector came back, windows and doors passed inspection. December 9th Called Window World of Orlando, got voicemail, left message for Nicole whose name is given on voicemail to call me back to set up date and time for the finishing touches to complete installation of windows and doors since they passed inspection. December 13th Called Window World of Orlando, got voicemail. December 14th Missed a call from Kevin at Window World of Orlando by 1 minute. Called back the Window World of Orlandos office, was put over to Kevins voicemail but was not able to leave message as it was full. I called Kevin at 12:23 pm, 12:28 pm, 12:41 pm, 12:50 pm and 2:50 pm. He never answered his phone. December 15th Called Window World of Orlando to speak with Kevin. Was told Kevin is a manager and had just gone into a meeting. Left a message for him to call me back. He never did. December 19th Called Window World of Orlando to speak with Kevin, got his voicemail and a message he was out of town on personal business until December 20th due to a family emergency. I called back and got Jasmine, told her Kevin had called me but I have been unable to get him to find out what it is he needs to speak to me about. I also told her I need to get a date and time scheduled to finish up the windows and doors plus get the debris hauled away. She told me the scheduling department is down to one person due to everyone going home sick. The person in scheduling would call me back that day. She did not. December 20th Called Window World of Orlando, no one answered the phone, just voicemail. December 20th Called Window World Corporate. Spoke to Rebecca who took my complaint about the fact I cannot get anyone to call me back, having debris which we paid a fee for that is still in my yard, being charged for a screen we did not want, the screws that were installed on the keeper for the sliders were stripped and coming out; I am just trying to get this window and door job finished. She said she would forward this issue to the CEO of that location immediately and someone would reach out to me. December 21st Received a call from Zack at Window World of Orlando. They had received my complaint. I went over with him what the issues were and the fact that his company has a problem with communication within as well as with its customers. He said there was no easy fix for the stripped screws in the keepers. Putting new ones in may cause the vinyl to be further damaged. They are 8 weeks out on getting people to finish up the window and door jobs. He promised me he was going to reach out to the scheduling department and get back with me before the end of the week. He did not.



Mark McCalmount came out gave estimate and then came out again to give another estimate. August 23 2021. Charged for bathroom window and I didn't need it because I had a block window. Today is Dec 6 2022 and STILL NO REFUND. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. REY IN ACCOUNTING and Kevin so called manager.


Terrible Customer Service

I replaced 6 windows and 3 sliding doors. One of the sliding doors is a 3 panel door. It was missing the lock assembly when installed so the installer completed it without the lock assembly and the doors cannot be moved at all. I have been waiting for 5 months for this to be corrected. Window World will not speak to me or return my calls. Their customer service department is horrible, inept, and unresponsive. The completion is no where is sight. DO NOT do business with Window World! This is an ongoing terrible experience


Poor quality, bad measurement by salesman, poor customer service

The measurements were made short so that they didnt build too large to go into the opening. They then use plastic strips around the window to fill the openings and then caulk. In several areas the added plastic strip has nothing behind it and you can push the added strip so the caulk doesnt hold and I have to constantly caulk. Lisa poor installers


Worst Company Ever, STAY AWAY!

Stay away from this company and save yourself a headache. Signed contract on 10-23-2021, in writing 16-18 weeks to have my windows installed. As of today, I am STILL waiting to have them installed. This company lacks communication and they are full of lies. You will never be able to contact a manager, supervisor or anyone that can provide you with what is going on with your order. They are all clueless and very lousy. Unorganized. Unprofessional. Liars. ... Update: Today 10-20-2022, basically a year after signing contract... I am STILL waiting for my windows to be installed. I have reached out to them multiple times and as usual, lies and more lies. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.



For almost a year I have been going back and fourth with this company regarding late products, poor quality of products, no delivery of products now its come to FRAUD. on 9/21/22 they charged my account without my verification or signature for a product that was incorrect 4xs, late by 8 months and not delivered with screens. Before the installers started the work I made sure to tell them that I would not be paying one dime for this product. I would not be paying a balance for the product. Absolutely no money would be exchanged; I had them check with the manager to make sure there would be no charges. If there was I repeatedly stated I wanted my $2100 deposit returned and they could keep the product after all of the delays and missteps. The manager promised there would be no charge. Now I look on my bill and they charged without my knowledge and no signed paperwork $1095! I have reported to credit card company as fraud and wrote to the manager who is conveniently not responding. This is the WORST window business DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS COMPANY. I am filing a BBB report as well.


A Window World’s fiasco is our experience

A Window Worlds fiasco is our experience, and this appears to be their standard operating procedures because Window World was willing to install additional windows until I requested they follow standard window installing procedures and then clean up when done. They have ignored me ever since. At Window Worlds propaganda site Ms. Whitworth, CEO of Window World states, she has led the company in its pursuit to establish world-class training for franchisees, through profound changes in product, installation, and standards regulations. Our experience indicates that she is oblivious of reality or the statement is a misrepresentation. The installers failed to follow most if not all the proper known window instating procedures and left us a devastation to clean. They arrived without the scaffold that the sales person insisted we pay for, and without the supervisor with a note how to contact him if I had any concerns. I requested them not to install any windows until I contacted the supervisor, and after several unsuccessful attempts, I notice they ignored my request and began to install the windows without supporting shims. Apparently, they dont use them because did not have any to install. Then I asked why they were discarding what appeared to be headers, they did not even know what a header is. Window Worlds latest TV add indicates the homeowners wont even know the installer were there. Our experience, they left us with full body sweat on the entire glass that took several washes to clean each window. Glass pieces in the carpet at every window except over the hardwood floors, where they placed tarps over motor chips and dust then walked over the tarps. Then they tried to clean dust and scratches with a damp mop, and couple of sheet rock cracks. The driveway and adjoining grass had enough glass and window frame pieces that required several sweeps and searched to find most of it. Upon leaving, one of them stepped on a section on window frame that he kicked in the grass instead of picking it up.


Been almost a year (Oct. 2021) still have not started the job ,

I ordered siding and all affiliated work .Gave down payment of $7,203.00 I need the work done or return my deposit. I've been lied to by Richard Westover and Kevin Keagan , no one ever returns calls. David Swartz 6860 Cecil Rd. Cocoa ,Fl. 32927 321-223-****DO NOT USE!


Incompetent Customer Service

We placed our order for high impact windows in January. The salesman stated that the windows would be installed in 12 to 14 weeks but could take 16 weeks. We are now approaching mid-August and the high impact windows are not installed. In addition, when you call either their West Palm Beach or Orlando offices they either do not pick up the phone call or tell you they will call you back in 10 or 15 minutes which they never do. Three weeks ago they left me a text messages that the Installation Department would call me on Monday to set an installation date. That never happened.


Unimaginable Terrible Horrific Customer Service!

Worst customer service experience possible from their Orlando and West Palm Beach offices. After you place your order you will not hear from them until they are good and ready.


Numerous Customer Service and Failed Corrective Installation Attampts

We spent $37,000 between 2 homes replacing windows, a roof and a front door. The installers removed our brand new Pella storm door and were unable to reinstall it correctly so it does not latch and my dogs have escaped several times. They were apparently unable to procure white nails for our white replacement windows and installed black nails which are visible from the outside. They smeared caulk all over the interior trim of 19 windows which will take considerable time to remove. They cancelled 5 corrective installation appointments. The corporate office is not responsive. After repeated attempts to reach the general manager and owner, I finally was able to meet with Matt, the owner, and Joey, the general manager, who made many promises for corrective work. Before we could reach an amicable agreement, I was served with a Warrant in Debt for my balance in full before Window World performed any of the corrective work promised in writing. DO NOT HIRE WINDOW WORLD!


Poor Workmanship/FULL REFUND

There were MANY delays with receiving both my windows and doors. As of March 2022 I received 1 of 2 doors ordered (the first individual they sent out measured the wrong door and submitted incorrect information per Window World). When they installed the door they had it didn't have a final piece for top of the door so its just wood in its place and there was no screen for the door. They ensured it would replace the missing parts within a week. They did not have the 2nd security door at all. In January they installed 10 windows and the latches on a couple are already malfunctioning. I have spoken with the manager, Hakeem, who apologized and promised to have everything repaired ASAP. As of today no resolution or replacement of parts after many calls and speaking with Rajh the account manager. I have requested a full refund on my 2nd security screen door. I have not received a call back from either or my refund. I have left messages with no return call. I have a lifetime warranty on all items and they seem to not be adhering to the warranty they pushed which encouraged me to have them do the work. I am requesting the $2500 deposit back from the door I never received and the money from the incomplete door $1095 plus the defaulted windows. This place GUARANTEES if you're not satisfied with their work they will refund your money. This has been a challenging experience.


Damage of Over $100k To Our Home

Updated by user Jan 25, 2023
After a year of pushing through all of the politics of the systems in place, we are proud to say we are still pushing forward with everything we can to hold them accountable. We fought tooth and nail with Virginia DPOR and went through 2 hearings of fact finding and...

Original review Jul 17, 2021
We would like to tell others about an ongoing situation we have been dealing with for over 2 months to date, which has been inflicted upon us by Window World of Richmond, owned and operated by Matthew Conley. We signed a contract with them on 12/15/20 to replace all 42 windows in our home, never dreaming that it would result in a magnitude of over $100k in damages to our home and completely uproot our quality of life. Our Window World Experience- On 5/5/21 Window World knowingly sent an untrained, unprepared crew to do our installation without necessary equipment, basic supplies and with windows that were never measured. There were lots of red flags from day one, when the crew seemed to be in a rushed state upon their arrival and came without a scaffold (which we were told was the reason they were unable to start the previous day as scheduled). They were unaware that the blinds had to first be removed and then didn't have the necessary tools to remove them so they just ripped most of them from the frames and stated the holes in the frames would be covered by the new windows anyway. All of the cases to our motorized blinds were broken. The first window that they removed was dropped and broken into our flower bed and they tore the entire window frame away from the drywall because two guys were standing in it trying to pull up a double paned window unit into the opening from one guy who was standing on a ladder that was not tall enough to reach the opening of the second bedroom floor to which they were working. We then noticed a saw zaw with a wood blade being used to cut the vinyl windows out and in that process our vinyl siding and J-channels were destroyed. We called the office again and no one seemed to be concerned, we called the salesman, only to be told that we needed to let them finish the work and if we still had issues, to contact the office. We called Corporate Customer Relations and was told Mr. Conley was out out of town but they would let him know we wanted to speak with him. Second day things continued to get worse, as they damaged the drywall in our great room, the walls in one of the bedrooms and ceiling in our master bedroom. Then they dropped the largest window in our great room onto our custom patio of stone/pea gravel for our pool and spa. The glass shattered and went everywhere, when we asked about removing all the glass, we were told their shop vacuum didn't work and it was never cleaned up. Thus, we've lost the use of our patio altogether which includes use of our spa or pool. Day three, we see lots of cracked frames and are told someone will come back and repair those with some type of a bonding agent. We found a few screens with holes, black marks on several frames, stickers left on windows, some windows cannot even be opened and all windows were left dirty. When we asked about the marks and dirty windows, they let us know that they don't clean them and did not have anything to do that with. As we continued to look, we found two of our lawn ornaments broken, several flowers and bushes crushed and broken, our new gutter bent in the middle section, our fireplace vent crushed and after a heavy day of rain found a good size hole in the roof of our gas fireplace which they put a shingle over to try to conceal. One of the office Managers came out with another install crew leader and their service manager and all agreed it was by far the worst job they had ever seen. We continued to work with them, but continued to be told they were going to get someone out to start addressing things and a check is in the mail for the lawn ornaments, either of which never came. However, we got the bill in the mail for over $24k (which we were told that nothing would be charged to the account until everything was fixed). After 3 weeks of nothing addressed and constant calls and emails, broken promises from the office manager, we decided to get various other companies and a couple of Class A contractors to come look over the installation. In doing such, we found even more damage along with windows that were so small for the openings that you could get a hand between the frame of our house and the window, which had been covered by trim. After 5 weeks, we were contacted by Mr. Palmer, stating he was the Manager and Partner at this office and after arranging to come out, admitted that unfortunately they sent the wrong crew to do our installation and they were never able to get exact measurements, so they used the numbers from the salesman's notes. He asked what they could do to make it all right and we said we no longer trusted the integrity of anyone at Window World and after doing so much damage and trying to conceal so many things, we no longer wanted their windows or them to come back to do anything else to our house. We told him we wanted another company to fix all the damage done by Window World and they needed to pay for it. He said he would give us an answer by the close of business the next day. His answer was that he could bring Mr. Conley to see the damage and he could talk to us. We declined and asked that they address the bill as promised numerous times and respect our request to have another company of our choice to repair the damage they have done. They declined. We have kept an ongoing log of detailed facts of documentation, taken over 100 photos/videos, have several witnesses along with various inspection reports from others in the industry to include two Class A Contractors which collaborate this horrific account of damages. We reached out to Window World Corporate from day one and emailed the CEO, President and VP a couple of times, only to be told they will ask the owner to contact us. Which has never happened. Most peoples homes are the largest, most single important purchase that they will ever make in their lifetime and that of which most spend their entire lives paying for. Window World has not only destroyed the largest part of that which makes our house a home but they have also taken away our peace of mind which we've spent years investing in through their dishonest conduct and negligence. We can only hope that this will save other families from going through such circumstances.

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