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Window Wholesalers has a 0-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 7 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 48th position out of 170 companies.


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This is the WORST window company ever! They make you pay upfront and do absolutely TERRIBLE work! CHECK OUT THE YELP REVIEWS AND PHOTOS! To make a long story short, after I wasn't happy with the TERRIBLE installation, and their threatening customer service, I made it VERY CLEAR that they were no longer welcome to my home. All they would do is "seal the gaps in the capping." I JUST HAD THE WINDOWS REPLACED BY WINDOW WHOLESALERS A FEW MONTHS AGO, THERE SHOULD BE NO GAPS! I WAS TOLD BY 3 OTHER WINDOW COMPANIES NOT TO LEAVE THE WINDOWS THIS WAY AS I WILL MOST LIKELY HAVE ROTTED WOOD DOWN THE ROAD. POOR INSTALLATION! NO FLASHING AT ALL! AGAIN CHECK YELP FOR THE PICS.



Do NOT USE WINDOW WHOLESALERS unless you WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF! This is the WORST, most UNPROFESSIONAL, company EVER! I had 10 windows replaced just a few months ago. Such a TERRIBLE INSTALLATION job! I don't know how this gets past the BBB. There should be a class action lawsuit against Mitchell and Window Wholesalers. they DO NOT STAND behind their work at all. I need my home power washed and was told that it would most likely cause water damage due to the windows! I was better off with my 20 year old windows. This is a RUDE company who YELLS and uses scare tactics and bullies their past customers when they have a complaints. When i finally got to talk to Mitchell and I explained my concerns, his reply was, "Thank God it's not cancer." Then he became even MORE RUDE and told me "this is the way they always do it" and they "never had a problem before." I guess he didn't read his YELP REVIEWS!


Window Wholesalers Installation Review

Unprofessional and all they want is your money, prior to the job being completed! Mitch, the owner was really "friendly" but once i signed the contract, his tone changed! Sub-par installation and not very friendly installers! They left paint chips and sawdust on my bed and didn't bother cleaning up!


Awful/Rude Staff

When Mitch the owner comes to your home he's all nice until you sign a contract! Once the windows are installed and you need something his wife (who answers the phone is rude, obnoxious, and treats you like you are a bother! She will also tell you that she is not Mitches wife and that his wife is an attorney to intimidate you and try to scare you not to complain! She told me to call back and talk to the service dept and couldn't be bothered talking to me! She warned me that I had better have my receipt for the Windows because they are not in business to file paperwork! REALLY? The installer they sent out could barely breathe or move for that matter I thought he was going to have a heart attack! The finishing work is awful! Sloppy! Also he only will accept a certified check as soon as the installers arrive even before the work is done! DONT DUE IT, because if their is a problem they have the whole amount! They leave the house and go IMMEDIATELY TO CASH THE CHECK. Beware and be cautious because once the Windows are installed they don't want to know you!


LowE Glass

The windows they installed I find to be very low quality. Had 7 windows done ($2536 + $85.00 processing fee) was told they were premium energy weld stimulus certified (whatever that means really not sure). After 3 years the LowE metallic coating is wearing off in some areas. They are not very helpful in resolving the problem unless you're willing to pay some more money to address a problem that should not have occurred if they were premium windows (I believe they sell seconds). The lady I had spoken to (I believe her name was Linda) was very rude & condescending & gave me the impression that I was bothering her... I am in the market now for replacing front windows but would not recommend Window Wholesalers if you are looking for good windows. I have certainly learned my lesson & if I can help someone else from making the same mistakes I will certainly do that...


Great service and Friendly people

I just had new windows installed from these guys and everything looks great!!! They had very helpful and knowledgable people who did the job quick and without any problems. We had our windows installed early on a day it snowed 6 inches and their installers helped us shovel the driveway before starting - I couldn't believe it!!! So helpful. Now our windows look great!!! I highly recommend these guys. Just ask for Marcy or Mitchell Bloch when you call - they are the owners and are very helpful. We had no clue what windows to order and they recommend several options and even recommended ones that weren't that most expensive on the list. Thanks for the great looking windows guys (and for shoveling our driveway) :)))


Ripped out our window alarms!

The installer ripped out our window alarm wires without saying a word to my husband, who stayed home from work with them, and could have answered any question about whether to keep the wiring intact or available in some way for the alarm company to come in and keep the system intact. After the installer left, and we went to set our alarm, we learned that there was a "fault" at every window. Could not set the alarm without bypassing the windows. Then the alarm company either had to come and rewire every window for a fee of more than $75 each or leave our lower floor windows unprotected. We decided to put in motion sensors instead to protect these areas. When I called the window company, they told me that alarms aren't their problem. The alarm company told me that usually people arrange to leave the wiring exposed so the alarm company can come in and just put new sensors on, without having to figure out where the existing wiring is, etc. the installer should have said something, instead of damaging our property, so we could have called the alarm company and received instruction on how to handle it. I had a death in the family, so I could not pursue this issue with the window company and am still upset about it.

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