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Window Concepts Of Minnesota has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 5 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 53th position out of 170 companies.


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291 Eva Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55107, USA

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Window Concepts Of Minnesota Reviews


Install Date Missed/Poor Customer Service

We've had our new door on order since Feb. We started calling in mid May to see where the door was. Finally, my husband called and he was told the door was in but that they were having issues getting people to work due to covid. On May 24th, we received an email stating our install was 6/14/21 between 8-10:00 am. Well no one showed up or called!! Not sure when they will show up!!



Based on a current widely advertised promotion, I completed an online request for an estimate. Within 5 mins of completing the form (names, addresses, phone numbers) I received 4 calls from various window companies basically demanding to come out and give us an estimate. Now, 15 hours later, I have received more than 8 calls. Their website does NOT say or warn that they sell or share your personal information. What a joke. I've called and asked them to remove my information and to explain they do not have my permission to share. The woman I spoke with was very sympathetic but didn't seem to know what the company's practice is or what to do about it; other than they'll take me of the list. Stay clear of online estimate requests to Window Concepts of Minnesota.


Window Concepts Has Cut a Corner on My House!

Window Concepts of MN has cut a literal corner out of my house. I've contracted for them to come do the front facade of my house, which is wood and had sustained woodpecker damage, back in Aug 2017. My contract stipulated a timeline of 8 to 12 weeks. After I paid my $2500 down payment, they disappeared from view until April 2018, when the six month permit they obtained to fix my siding expired already and my own city came after me. I knew I had made a mistake in contracting an incompetent company by then. As confirmation of this mistake, I was told by the salesman, Joe, that he had ordered the wrong size siding that did not match my pre-existing siding and has to now change my order. I was livid but to cancel my contract means I'd lose my down payment. This was how they got me. So, they downgraded me to a cheaper siding, which I had no choice now but to agree with because the siding I had wanted was a half size too large and would not match my pre-existing siding. it took them another month to reorder the new siding. Then, they sent in a team to tear my wood siding down and more incompetence is revealed. They ravaged my house, leaving a ton of holes in my sheathing, adding to the woodpecker damage I already sustained. The team then started to just wrap my house without fixing the holes they made or fixing the woodpecker holes I specifically contracted for them to fix. Lucky I was home and went out to look otherwise those holes would have just been covered up by a thin plastic. I stopped them and told them to fix the holes first. The crew did not speak English so they made frantic calls to Window Concepts. I also made frantic calls to Window Concepts. Then, the crew just walked off the job. Weeks later, they sent someone to fix up the holes they made and to patch my woodpecker damages, then sent a different crew with one person who actually spoke English. They put up my siding quickly and then left. I went out and there were multiple issues! One corner post was left in my driveway. They had installed 3 corner posts but for whatever reason, did not put up this one and just discarded it by the dumpster. I picked it up because I realized now, my house is left with unmatched corner posts. They had cut a literal corner out of my house to cut costs. They did not install this final corner post, which I had already paid for. Now, i have 3 white corner posts, and my old blue one was left behind, with an added blue J-Channel! My soffits were patched in such a substandard way as well, and not in accordance to manufacturing specification. And, the one corner post was also installed not in accordance to manufacture specification with nails sticking out in the open--my city inspector is coming after me about it. I called Window Concepts back and told them to come finish the job. They stalled and made excuses. Then, a few days later, some of the siding started to warp and come off the wall. To date, Window Concepts has refused to come fix these issues. I've been giving them multiple chances to remedy these issues, the most glaring being that my house now is left with one corner that is white and one in blue. But Windown Concepts (Joe, Jonny, Nate) have all made excuses after excuses. After I finally threaten to file a BBB report on them, Jonny set up a date (Aug 6, 2018) to come fix the issues and put up my corner post. Well, it is now days past the appointed day and they have stalled yet again, and refused to show up to finish fixing my house. Now, Jonny emails me saying the crew had showed up and I wasn't home. I can't believe the game they're playing. I waited all day for them from 7am to 7pm. This company is so unethical! They wasted my day, making me wait for them, now they're saying I was not home. It has now been a whole year since my contract date. They have done nothing and they kept trying to convince me to accept my house in its appalling condition with unmatched corners. I have asked Joe, Nate, and Jonny if this were their house, would they accept one blue and one white corner and they've all said "NO" but they want me to accept my house in this present condition. I'm filing this report as a warning to other consumers. If you take pride in your house, if you value your house, DO NOT EVER contract with Window Concepts of MN. This company is incompetent and greedy and will take your money and cut a corner out of your house. They do NOT do right by their customers, and they are fraudulent liars. While they have not fulfilled their contract with me, they've already pulled the finances out of my credit card, engaging in criminal activities or credit card fraud. I've asked the credit card company how they got access to charge my card and the company says because I applied for financing with Window Concepts, they would have access to my credit card information. Because the credit card could not produce a signed receipt from me, however, they have put the payment in dispute. Window Concepts has given me a whole year's worth of headaches. They have become a nightmare for me. I've read other complaints about them and they rip off others in similar fashion. I'm wondering how the heck this company can be rated A+ by the BBB and I have written to them to re-evaluate this rating. The BBB does consumers like me injustice by giving this subpar company such a rating. These people do not even respond to customer complaints. They lie, stall, and cheat people. It is now evident to me that they are too incompetent to do the job right and i will have to contract another company to come fix the mistakes they've made and to also finishing installing that final corner post. I have never experienced such incompetence in my life! I hope my experience serves as a warning to others who look to do business with this company.


Poor product, install, service

Replaced all our windows in our home 3 years ago. The windows have been leaking air and freezing each winter. They came out about 6 different times, they would try this then try that, nothing worked. We had a manufacturer rep come out, he said the ice is excessive and this should not be happening. He received many picture's to take with him. We have heard nothing from him. I have sent 2 or 3 e-mails to him with no response. They blame it on condensation saying our humidity is too high. I don't think 20-29% is too high. There is nothing they will do. We are out $17,000.


Window Concepts - BUYER BEWARE

I purchased a front door and storm door in May 2016: * 6 repair appointments * used 5 vacation days from work (because the home owner needs to be present) * 32 phone calls * 28 times I asked "What are my options?" * paid $4144.00 for this premium product and premium service * sales rep that "told" us one thing, but "sold" us something different -- and then hid behind "there must have been a miscommunication." Quote from the owner: You can't sue us because we delivered what you ordered. And that, my friends, is what's behind this company's closed doors.

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