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1.6/5 - based on 4 reviews

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Wiley Performing Arts Studio has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 4 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 17th position out of 55 companies.


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Wiley Performing Arts Studio Reviews


Bad people.

There sure are two people who love to be mean. Will Wiley and Tara Wiley are money hungry horrible people who love degrading childrens parents to the child face, Using descriptives words like Cunt-Bitch-and snob to talk about a childs parent (to the child). Not to mention that they are very biased and hold sleepovers and leave kids out, publicly shame children, and keep very young kids out until late in the night then scream because they are acting as kindergartners do when they get mad. There is no reason you should send your friend, child, or any family member to work with. Every one that has ever stepped foot into their studio has had a negative experience with them. Dont waste your time and lose your interest over these two people.


Rude to kids

I did some shows through Wills studio. Both Will and Tara are extremely biased. Will constantly yelled at the children for no apparent reason and patronized young adults such as myself. Everyone who has done a show with Will and Tara has something negative to say about them. Theyre also money hungry.


Dishonest business practices

DO NOT send your children to work with Tara and Will Wiley. They are dishonest businesspeople who are than 3 months later paying our company for the appearance of a major Broadway star at a workshop event in October. Immediately after the event, they "ghosted" us and suddenly started ignoring all emails, phone calls, and certified mail sent to their studio. We have been forced to take legal action. Not a reputable business to be trusted in any way. It's a shame when people in the theater community take advantage of one another.


Avoided Customer Refund - Wouldn't return any communications

On 4/16/22, we signed up two of our children for the 101 Dalmatians Summer Camp which was offered by Wiley Performing Arts Studio. This required a down payment of $300 and balance due at the time of the camp which was scheduled for late July. Just over a week later, on 4/25/22, we requested a refund and cancellation via email because we had learned an immediate family member had an aggressive cancer and the broader family was coming together to be with them during the same week as the summer camp. Owner Will Wiley responded via email and said if they can fill the spots for the summer camp, they would refund us the down payment of $300. In the coming months, they filled the camp, and this was confirmed over a phone call with Tara Wiley on Tuesday, July 5th at 3:37pm. During that phone call, when asked about refund policies, Tara was unable to produce anything that showed the down payment was not refundable. She also said the hesitation to refund the money was in case we caused camp spots to go unfilled that others could have taken. Since our request was a week after we signed up and 3 months before the camp started, we did not preclude anyone from attaining their desired spot. That phone call was the last conversation we would have with Will and Tara as they would no longer return our calls, texts, or emails. We even had a lawyer reach out to contact them both via email and certified mail, both of which they did not respond to.

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