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Whoop has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 176 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 36th position out of 1129 companies.


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I'm trying to see how to all people on my tablet

I needed to contact people on my tablet and Im just trying to understand how I go by doing that.so I'm just texting to get information


The table does not work

tried to talk to the people at your 1-800 number and the Foreigner got smart with me over a tablet a sky device tablet that you all sent me and telling me that it ain't the SIM card for it but I just took it out of the box and it's the card that came with it and then when you asked to speak to a manager or a supervisor on duty you're told there ain't never went on the floor and if they can't get them I'm tired of being ripped off by people I got this because I have health issues and cancer so I'd be able to reach my doctors and my medical people that I need but I can't even do that because it don't work so what was the sense and going through all that trouble because nobody went to help me fix this I just get a smart attitude from the people who answer your 1-800 number talk straight to the main company not the joke that 1-800 because they are ignorant and rude and very obnoxious and they need to get people who speak proper English so when you tell them you're trying to do something they're not sitting there rushing you


I love my tablet but I would truly like to speak to someone

My data is not working. For some reason it always connects to the house wifi. And I forget to turn my data back on when I'm out.


Cancel application

I realize that my phone that pay bill for is messing up and I want to kept my phone that I have with AirTalk wireless so can plz cancel my application I did yesterday for u guys cause my Samsung galaxy a21 is messing up on me and I sure am going to need my AirTalk wireless phone bad


Tablet never arrived

No tablet ,and the sim card works on no devices,no support help random texts saying this "OPTION NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS PLAN" CANT EVEN START THE PLAN


To try and get service

I called you guys to get a free tablet and no one was able to answer the phone I guess your only open until 5.


Phone turned off

My phone was deactivated.ii I I used the phone like I was told and made calls on it so it wouldn't get deactivated but it did anyways


Reconnect service

My name is Jeremy Hoffman and I woke up this morning and my whoop connect tablet was off so I looked for the ring to it and it showed that somebody had put a referral in for me for change my internet program and I did not do that I did not I wish and I hope that y'all could reconnect I will connect tablet I was just bragging to my family and friends house well this tablet was made and how great yours service was and I didn't put the transfer in so if you could just connect me back that would be great my last digits my social security number 2036 my birthday 414 **** and I don't know I'm just trying to get it connected reconnected if possible I really hope I can thank you you have a good day



Nothing happened I didn't get to talk to no one I'm still waiting to hear from u all from the other day when I messaged I about my bill your all's service sucks I get a bill and I all are charging me for service for the month of July and I don't even have internet u all shut it off in June I did what u all told to do I'm still being charged for service I don't have I was told it would not cost me. maybe a 11.00 dollars. I get a bill saying I owe 133.33. Someone there don't know how to do their job


Apply for free government tablet/customer service

Hiii my name is talar elbekian and i would really truly appreciate it if you guys can help me receive a free tablet. Ive been trying and trying for days months and almost a year now to get one. Ive tried with other companies even have hand payed them with cash for the "tablet" but never have i ever received or got one. They fooled me and took my money and until today havent got none of my money back nor any tablet. I am honestly really hurt and upset about the way i was mistreated but still never gave up and still had hope that i shall get one soon. My bday just passed 6/25/1988 and if i was to receive this tablet by you guys would be the best gift ever and only one that i would get. Please please if yiu guys can help me and make this work out and happen for me id appreciate it very much..thank you for time


Need to get my services back

I need to contact somebody else somebody need to help me and guide me through and instruct me kind of confused I appreciate it feedback


I think somebody got into my phone and change the pen I cannot open my tablet

I lost the box it had some of my information on this and change the pin and either it got changed or I can't open my tablet didn't even have it a week so how can I get it open through my last pins


Data is not registering

I only had data for about a week after recieving it . And now I have no data and haven't for about 2+ months now . That's false advertisement for saying it coems with data every month when in fact it don't!



I want to switch my service from assurance wireless to whoop connect..!!!¡¿???:::;;;+;$$$$guyffvhhbddygvdfjhcddtyhcffjjgftfdfgguuuyfffggtfbhujjjvv deschghhkiuyfcvjjbdddcbjiyfcvjmvfdxjuddsghvfdfuhgdffgvcfguiufcguhfdsfhjhhftyjjbcdufdvjhcghijbcdfjjxsfbvxdvjuhxxbbcvjjgddhbvdghhgvbgggggikn ccbjvvcfghhffthggibfg


Tablet was delivered damaged

The tablet was cracked when I got it and opened the box and turned it on thats all I did please send me another one please


Resolved: I think you cut my service off with SafeLink .but I'm not getting phone service.phone number is:540676**** please fix

Updated by user Jul 10, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jun 10, 2023
Explain PHONE IS STILL IS NO WORKING ON MY TABLET FROM WHOOP .I would like to make phone calls...540-676-****

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