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Western Union has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 918 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 16th position out of 165 companies.


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Uncashable check

I sent money from Western Union which was not picked up by the reciever on June 22, 2023. They contacted me via letter. I contacted them, And they said I can go to ANY location with an I.d. to pick the money up using the tracking number. I went to 2 locations, to no such avail. I called them, and asked them to send me a check, which they did. They sent me a check, and I further went to 5 locations (4 of them were Western Union) to cash the check, and couldn't. I called Western Union, and they said that I would either have to write the check OVER to someone or get a bank account. I am very unhappy with this, my phone is hacked and I don't have a bank account, because of security/personal issues, and I contacted them they offered no alternative, extra refund, and didn't seem to care. If you can, go somewhere else for your bill paying needs. Also, it looks like Capital One sponsers Western Union.



Holding the account to be received urgently needed. Sender called the customer hotline 3x for immediate release of the money but the company keep insisting of its release on 03 September 2023. The money was sent 31 August 2023.


It said that the money was not going through so I use multiple credit cards and apparently it went through three times so it sent $300 wondering tax I only meant to 2 hundr-

Can't find a Western Union it's working OK to help me a zillion in Hannaford calling can it said it was not working and it took my money three times it $300 wouldn't have to just wanted to send 100


Customer service don't listen

I asked them(customer service) multiple times not to send and anything to my home address because of control and domestic violence issues but I still got a receipt sent to my home saying how much I sent and where I sent it ,it turned into a huge fight and thts why I don't want anything going there s I please don't send anything there again



Since June 2th, I did a transfer with WesternUnion, the receiver hasnt received the money. I have been calling WesternUnion for a refund, every time I talked to someone, they gave me a different answer. I dont get it.


Claim update

We cannot call or get anyone to call us back. We were talking to Texans Appleton. Claim number 125450


Help with wire transfer

For some reason Western Union in Pakistan would no longer allow the oerson, who we have sent funds several times, to receive the funds. We still are waiting for our refunds of 103.99 x two.


Poor customer service

The agent was speaking extremely fast. I could not understand anything he was saying he really was no help. I asked could he send me a link to the website and he did not. I am a very unsatisfied customer. This money order has not been received and its been since December 2022. I hope I get better service via email or regular US postage mail.


Türkiye distributor complaint

We are a company that has been operating since 1989. We have applied to be your branch for months. Unfortunately, we always ate red. We opened new companies and were rejected again. Here's your grocery store. Those who buy and sell phones have become your branch. Those engaged in textile business bought branches. Those who did everything became your branch. In other words, your managers here give branches to the people they take bribes. I want the answer for this why? please solve this problem.


Cancel transfer that I don’t do

Someone tricks people in instagram he say that help people that need money and ask the code and username for the bank account to transfer the money then he uses the Visa card, he trick people, this happened to me, but I revealed it and I want to cancel the transfer that he do in my Visa card


I send money to Olivia Graham and they won't give to her

She went to servers store in Pennsylvania and they wont release the money I sent her on the 07/01/2023 in Philadelphia PA


I can't reach the cashier

My sister sent me money from turkey.and I have to call the cashier to clarify the money . But the number is not going through.


Change the receivers name please

He did not get the money of the Western Union in the Philippines because he lost her ID, could I change the receiver name please?


Western union allows fraud on their platform and is using double standards

Western union is using double standards, when I signed up for their platform it was the first time sending money to someone. I never thought I would use this service until 2021 in July I sent money to some groids in Africa they only called me once to ask me dumb questions like if I knew the person to which I replied yes and they allow me to send 40 dollars to a random stranger I've never met before But when I wanted to send money now in 2023 to my family this company say they going to reject my request and the man on the phone was very rude and mean. I didn't like the way he talked to me but whatever it's their problem not mine. How can they allow me to send 500 to some *** in Kenya I don't know but won't allow me to send the same amount to someone with the same last name This is ridiculous and very deceiving on western union's part and when I called their support again I was given a fake email address and that incurred charges on my account and I had to send my driver's license twice. How much verification do they need? Now they want my blood work done to or how about a piece of hair?


To check on a lost money order

I bought my money order April 3 23 and mailed it to Assurance I sent 100$ I mailed it off on the 5th or 6 it never got there I bought 3 money orders that day. I have the number 195********. 195********. The one got lost in the mail got to be either 195******** or 195********. I really dont think the guy at the postal service didnt send it out. He got mad cause I didnt have 2cents for the stamp


Being hung up on twice, Absolutely no provocation still hung up on

I received a phone call and an email from Western Union on December 8th that my $350 Was. Safe uncashed and to be sent back. It has been several months. I've called many times ,talked to many people & I've been hung up on More times than I've Talked to people today. I called I was hung up on by the 1st technician the 2nd one. I told her she would be hanging up on me soon enough and I asked for her name and employee number just because I wanted to have somebody to say. This person hung up on me which I'm sure the number was fake and I'm sure the name was fake. M. n .a 320 What does one do when your money order is still inotary stolen right? At the store was purchased at you call and you fill out the forms and you do everything you're instructed to do all in time and I've been. Told since the very beginning since November 8th I've been told that it was to be expedited and that it was safe and not to worry I even. Received a phone call and an email. No I'm told that it's a fake email address by the person that hung up on me the 2nd one. The MNA320 says it's a fake email not legitimate

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