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1.3/5 - based on 49 reviews

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Werner Ladder has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 49 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 16th position out of 211 companies.


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Werner Ladder Reviews


Safety inspection of rope ladders, fire escapes

No complaint just a question, how do you guage the life of a rope ladder fire escape? And how does time affect it strength?


I have found it impossible to contact the company to find out whether a P97 ladder stabilizer as advertised on Amazon will ever be available with delivery to Australia.

Multiple attempts to check the availability of a product (P97 ladder stabilizer) have proved futile.


Werner ladder collapsed while on 3rd rung.

I was hanging a picture nail on the wall and used a Werner foot aluminum household use ladder.. Weight limit was 200 lbs and I am 154. I was on 3rd rung and was about to hammer the nail in the wall when the ladder collapsed beneath me. The side arms split and the ladder went down with me on it. I fell into a secretary desk and ruined it and broke the glass. It now needs to be refinished. I called Werner, sent pictures of everything and received a message that there are no warranties on their ladders. The ladder was in perfect condition, never used, never outside and kept in a bedroom closet for hanging pictures and changing light bulbs. It looked like a brand new aluminum ladder. They also said that I was over reaching and that made the ladder collapse. It was flush against the wall and I was on the 3d rung so how do they assume I was over reaching? I will NEVER replace this ladder with another Werner even though they think they cornered the market and can say that they have no warranties on their ladders, and make assumptions on why the collapsed ladder was my fault.


Hyper dangerous ladder!

I purchased a Werner 366 6' aluminum step ladder from Home Depot, and will regret it the rest of my life. The unit has a 250lb rating, and I weigh 210lbs, well under the labeled rating. I set it up properly on level concrete, and was stable with both feet on the second rung when it suddenly failed without warning. The front right leg of the ladder collapsed at an attachment point, instantly sending me crashing to the ground. The resulting fall shattered the humorous in my right arm when I landed sideways on an adjacent step. Two years, and one operation later, I only have 85% use of my arm. Werner offered a pathetic $1000 as settlement, (which I obviously did not take), as I would likely have to sign an agreement. People need to know how dangerous this ladder is!


Step Stool Foot Fell Off - No Replacement

The rubber foot of Werner S313P-2 fell off after 3 times being used. Could not find it. There are no replacements from Werner or otherwise. Brand new step stool completely unusable.


Totally unsatisfying result for inquiry.

I needed to order a foot for my 24 ft. ext. ladder. I was told that the part was no longer available and that I should take it out of service. I bought this ladder new and have taken very good care of it. I am 66 years old and live with a modest pension. I cannot afford to purchase a replacement. I am more than disappointed that your firm could not resolve this issue. So much for customer satisfaction. Sad!


Damaged cast rail shield

Updated by user Mar 14, 2021
as of 3/14/21...They do not make parts.It cant be fixed.

Original review Feb 11, 2021
So I have a D6132-2 ladder and Werner can't even give me a idea of replacement part. Why?? Read it yourself: Hi David, I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, we can no longer find any drawings for model D6132-2. Therefore, we cannot confirm if the replacement parts available for our D6200-2 series would work on your ladder. Tina is correct, we really do base our replacement part on the ladders model and MK number. The MK number is the version of the ladder. Thank you for informing us about US Safety, Inc. and Ladder Supply. We were not aware that they are no longer in business. We'll make sure to update our list. Kind Regards, Wendy Montero Werner Co. | 93 Werner Rd | Greenville | PA | 16125 | USA www.wernerco.com | us.customercare@***.com ............................ Thats right...the world's premier ladder company has no drawings; they can not cross-reference.. And most of the ladder repair companies they gave me, were out of business...


Lousy customer service

We rang multiple times ,same old message ,we will call you back -never do.


Broken ladder foot

I had a 24 fiberglass Werner ladder and was lucky to survive the fall due to a broken foot on the ladder


Step ladder spreader bars subject to rake (twist) and fail causing collapse of ladder

Using a 6 step ladder to install canvas awning. While standing on fourth step ladder twisted and collapsed. Suffered minor injuries. Reached out to Werner and received a refund for about 75% of original cost. Used refund towards purchase of an 8 Type IA step ladder rated at 300 lbs. During first attempted use, the ladder would not set with all,four legs touching ground. While standing on third step checked ladder for rake potential. The ladder twisted easily and Im certain would fail under any stress. My advice - find another ladder manufacturer.


Werner MT-17 telescopic ladder slid out from underneath me

I was using the MT-17 ladder at work. It was being used as an extension ladder. I was up 15 feet, above the top hinge and the ladder shifted by the hinge which changed the angle of the top half of the ladder. I am 280lb and fell 15 ft face down onto a concrete floor. I crushed the outside of my right hand requiring immediate surgery leaving me with pins sticking out of my hand. I now have permanent damage to my right ( dominant ) hand and have been told by Werners claims department ( Jessica ) that ladders dont just become defective. She told me my ladder looked used. The ONLY picture I sent her of the actual ladder I used was the sticker showing the model number.


Leg failure Werner fiberglass step ladder.

I was standing on the second to the last rung washing a window in my home when the ladder began moving to the left. I shift to the right and fell in that direction. Both legs collapsed inward. Werner says the accident caused the failure! That would be reasonable if I were hefty and moving about on the ladder. But I weight 160 lbs. (ladder is rated for 250 lbs.) and I was working straight ahead on the window and not reaching about.


Ladder broke while using it

Ladder was in the step ladder position with my brother in law on it. The ladder broke at the joint sending him and the ladder to the ground. Thankfully he wasn't seriously hurt, some cuts, bruises, soreness in his back and neck. The ladder was not used a lot and now it is completely broken. Will the company replace it since it was malfunction of the ladder? Do you stand by your merchandise?


Dangerous. Do not purchase this product

At 215 Lbs I thought this ladder was safe. I was wrong, very poor design. Sacrificed safety for weight and cost. Brought it back to Home Depot for a full refund, even they were surprised at how the leg folded. I was on level concrete using it correctly. There is no excuse, this should not happen, Werner denied responsibility and offered me 50 dollars, which I refused.. I was lucky, no broken bones just bruises, scrapes and cuts. I will also be contacting the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


No instructions! $370 for a ladder with no instructions. Crap

Rope has a weird clip. Their website for instructions are 404 no website. Ridiculous. Its 2 pm friday and the customer service is closed. Im taking the ladder back to homedepot. Whoever made this decision is a moron.

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