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Wen has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1800 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 3th position out of 955 companies.


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100 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste 1900,, El Segundo, California, 90245, United States

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Not as advertised

This small quiet generator is advertised to deliver 1000 Watts power and 1250 watts peak surge power but does not even deliver 700 watts. Wont run anything but a few lights or charge a cell phone. Save your money and buy a flashlight.


Product info never used wen before

Called 3 times and asked for representative and it keeps hanging up I really would like to speak to someone not a recorded voice thxs k cyrus


Great Product, Customer Service…not so much

It was to be a simple question: Since the owners manual of my new Wen 20 gallon air compressor requires semi-synthetic air compressor oil, I looked for it in retail stores and online, to no avail. I wanted Wens direction on where to get the semi-synthetic air compressor oilfrom them or a vendor of their cooosing. Instead I got a recording that prompted me with non-pertinent options. A bit frustrating.


Grounding my wen 4000 wt. generator .

Need to know if I need to ground my wen 4000 wt generator, I will be taking generator around to be used


Resolved: I want to cancel my Wen products

Updated by user Oct 06, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product or service ordered.

Original review Oct 06, 2021
I just want to cancel theres no reason a rhyme I just dont want anymore I have a lot of the product that I need to use so cancel my Wen products as of today please


Bad acne

Gave me the worst acne of my life. I felt and looked like a monster. I liked it as a hair product but not worth it at all


I need to chage my credit card # and haven't been able to get through

No I was able to get a hold of someone, so were all good.


No scent to product

Ordered Spring Cherry Blossom Cleaning Conditioner and the Treatment Mist along with the same in Honey Peach. Either one had a substantial scent. I have ordered these in the past and have had no issues. This was purchased on 8/17/2020 and I have e-mailed the company twice,sent a snail mail letter, contacted pissed customer and have recvd. no response. I am not happy. to say the least.


Little to no scent in product.

I purchased the 32 oz. Spring Cherry Blossom Cleansing Conditioner and the Treatment Mist of the same scent. I also purchased Ithe same in the Honey Peach scent. Either one of these has a significant scent. Hair does not have a scent after using and body has no scent after Treatment Mist. I have purchase both in the past and was happy regarding these issues. Is there something that has changed in your manufacturing of these and what can I do about this? I have not had a response as of this date. .


Site details

Wen. based in California boasts a customer service open until 12am. I called at 10 pm est as well as tried chat t and got a message they were not open. my initial joy that I may fix my problem turned to disappointment that my time was wasted trying to contact them


Hair fell out

used frizz product a couple of times and noticed my hair fell out in a hugh spot and small spot. I have went to doctors, medicine co pay, treatments time from work. Rogaine...i want my money reimbursed


Order not here yet. Refund not matching account t. Overcharged. Customer service girl said I was emotionally abusing her.

First of all the box that I ordered for overnight delivery did not come overnight delivery it is saying that it will be here next month this is the second box did not come overnight it I am now waiting 3 to 4 weeks for the second box this is ridiculous I can never get the right order or my things on time the girl I spoke to a customer service did not know what she was talking about did not know its FedEx smart post was I could not explain to me why it was taking so long for the mail to come in she did not place a new order nor does she let me know where my refund was for the box that got previously returned she said that she refunded me $111 from account only shows $25 as I was speaking to her she over talk me and said That I was emotionally abusing her I tried to explain to her that this is business and she said that she had to go she hung up the phone on me I also did not receive the refund of $111 and was placed on hold with the second customer service for about 20 minutes I got so upset and hung up the phone I am sitting here pissed with horrible customer service two boxes that have not been received in the past three weeks and a refund that theyre claiming that they gave me and Im reflecting my bank statement it does not match when I explained that I could email them a copy she over talk me and said I was emotionally abusing her I got no help and I am very pissed Ive been a customerSince 2017


QVC Purchase - Unsatisfied

I just puchased a duo of 319, 32oz, and a gallon of bamboo and green tea as I regularly do on June of each year. The manufacturing dates are 1/2016 and 6/2016 and I will be returning them as defective. This was an issue with the gallons last year, having a 3 year manufacturing date, and we were told that the issue would be addressed. Sadly, after using Wen for more than 15 years, I will stop using your products.


Canceling order

I have tried numerous times to contact Wen to cancel my order and can not get through to anyone! I get beeps, gurgling, and even a demonic voice. I am not satisfied with the product or package combination being sent to me which is not what I agreed to when I ordered!


I would not recommend it

Used it for 6 months, which is a lot of money, I am 75, have very long hair. I developed a scratch head, my head itched all the time, they were very helpful on line and would send me another aroma, still, I scratched all the time, finally I quit using it, itch head went away. Joined the lawsuit against them, received $50.00. After I had spent hundreds

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