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Weblinkindia Net has a 3.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 27 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 16th position out of 236 companies.


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33 and 33A, Rama Road, Industrial Area, Near Kirti Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi, 110015, India

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Weblinkindia Net Reviews


Resolved: Complaint Resolve but taking too much time

Updated by user Aug 20, 2019
Thanks Pissed Consumer and WeblinkIndia for fast responsive work.

Original review Aug 09, 2019
My online e-commerce business was doing all good until a lot of competition rose in the year 2015. I am working from Surat and have a business of Indian ethnic clothes. I decided to strengthen my brand image and get some online marketing done. This is when I decided to consult WeblinkIndia.Net for their online marketing service. I had heard about them from my cousin brother and thought of giving it a try. They took my website, made some slight changes and said that I would now get more traffic. But nothing of that sort happened even after a month of taking their service. That’s when I decided to write a complaint against them. I received a call from their executive the next day and told all about my problems to him. He told me that he’ll need a week’s time to come forth with the necessary changes. I was surprised when I saw the number of people visiting and even the conversion rate increasing for my business. Thank you WeblinkIndia.Net for saving my business during my hard days.


Don't deal with this company- Weblink

Updated by user Jan 29, 2019
Hello after 20 days from sending my details to Weblinkindia Net No contacts from their side.

Updated by user Jan 07, 2019
Hi Zain,How do I know that forum is responding slow unless you tell me ?Refund will be initiated after negative comments are deleted from everywhere..Sending emails like below wont change the STAND of WEBLINK..Thanks & regardsAbhishek ShuklaOn Thu, 20 Dec 2018 at 18:13,...

Original review Dec 30, 2018
I assigned the company to develop website and transfer $4000 and give them 4 months to perform and they couldn’t. They website is xml webservice and functioning however, i needed to optimize and improve some of the function. The company assign developer even cannot execute the current system on weblink website and they give me hard time. They even try to develop new interface and try to buy time. The project mainly xml service. So, no result coming from the company. I give the project to other developer and ask the company for refund now after long discussion and they try to convince me that no refund which is non sense. A senior manager called abhishek shoulbla promise to refund the money and now almost year they promise to transfer and no serious action from them. I have all supported email and chat with person called abhishek. He promise me the transfer would be done since 4 month and whenever i talked to him


Very bad they didn't help at all

This company completely scam i don't know how they survive until now talking sweet work is nothing done asking more money already two months nothing is done by weblinkindia more like stole people money without work payment even i try ask refund they are blackmail me not to give back my money bravo new way to get money easily their staff also not helping me thier are helping them self i already pay them first advance usd 425 and they asking me usd 200 api integration but until now they did done already two month now didn't done anything completely waste on time very poor service i can't take anymore and now i give just free money what they didn't done their job


Bad experience in webdesign with weblinkindia

Please DO NOT do any webdesign services with WEBLINK. They do not know their job well. They do not deliver as per their promises. I took a basic template which should be easy to plug and play. I was sold the MOON but when it was delivery time, they backtracked and started asking me additional payment for things agreed earlier to be included. Then there are so many errors. The website is focussed only on INDIA market even though they will sell as if it’s a global website - simple errors like phone number length, zip code requirement, maps showing India address had to be addressed. The order management is totally wrong - the payment gets cancelled but the customer is shown as if the order went thru. Their technical guys dont even test the functionality while delivering the website. Totally stuck with them as they are not going to refund the money as well else I think I would do a better job on my own. Please make sure you know what you are buying and test out first before you make payment. Once payment is done, everything changes.


Weblink India - Web Design Service Review

They said they will design website whatever I want; and I sent the money for $1,500 , and then they wanted another $300. I said i can't sent extra money for $300. So I wanted refund for my money for $1500 back to me; but they don't refund it. So basically they stole my money for $1500.


I would pay just 50% of the redesigning cost

I had got a website developed by WeblinkIndia.Net in the year 2015. Honestly, I was very happy and contented with the website when they gave it to me. However, within a month or so, the website started lagging and sometimes not opening at all. I got really angry as I had already spent a huge amount on the website and was just not ready to spend more bucks on getting these unnecessary bugs pissed. I wrote to WeblinkIndia.Net and asked them about these problems. Initially, they tried to avoid the situation but when I wrote a complaint again, they called me back and asked about the issues. To my surprise, they were very understanding and patient. On further conversing with them, we came to a mutual decision that I would pay just 50% of the redesigning cost and they also decided to give me some amazing add-on services for my website which were free of cost. I appreciate WeblinkIndia.Net for taking care of its clients and making the available offers for me.


Resolved: I was completely disheartened when I saw the app

Updated by user May 05, 2017
thanks weblinkindia . for youe kind nature

Original review May 04, 2017
I work in the print media industry and had a great idea to take the magazine into the online domain . For that , I consulted weblinkindia.net with the idea and they said that they would make the right android and iOS App for me. The sum they asked was quite high for me still i readily agreed thinking about the application But to be honest I was completely disheatened when I saw the app. IT was nothing like what i had told them. There was no story adding section and users would easily get baffied with this app. I wrote a strict and bitter complaint against them . They called me up the very hour and i elaborated my woes to them . They said that they would work on it and resolve the provlems.


Beware, Slickest *** job to suck your $$$$$

Beware, Slickest *** job to suck your $$$$$ 1) No email Offer and Scope of work to be done when proposing a service despite numerous requests. 2) Do not accept PayPal only credit card ( obvious is'nt it) 3) Only communicate via Skpe, so no record of ***! 4) Request payment via a Form on Skype??? 5) Change your Password without your permission to hold you ransom!!! 6) Promise a lot but on refusing make counter offer after counter offer. 7) As in the other Reports keep on demanding more money. 8) Now my whole site is mess up! 9) and the List go on an on.......... Sweet talk you to sign up fast! Bitter experience.


Weblinkindia Net - Web Design Service Review

My father had set up a business for precious stones and had earned quite a reputation in Gujarat. When he decided to pass on the business on to my hands, I decided to make him proud by taking the business on a bigger level. I thought of taking it online with an engaging and attractive website which would garner more clients from different parts of the country and not just Gujarat. I approached weblinkindia with my idea and asked for their assistance in getting the website made. They were very understanding with the concept and ensured that the website would be as I had for. but when I received the website after 3 long weeks . it was nothing like what I had hoped for . it was dull and looked nothing like the idea I had told them. I had to write a complaint about this they wrote back to me and asked for a week's time to do the necessary changes. When I received the website after a week, it was the perfect one. It's been a year since then. And I had met thousand of clients through this website only . my heartfelt thanks to the company for helping e take my father's business to a new height.


The new website was precisely as per my requirements.

I wanted to get a redesigning done for my website and was going through a number of web designing companies to get the best service. A friend of mine, who works for WeblinkIndia.Net, came up to me and told me to get the redesigning done from this company. The way he praised the services reflected that the company must be really good so I contacted their persons and got a web designing service. I explained to them what all changes I wanted and how I was very precise with everything. They asked for a week’s time to come up with the required changes. After a week, I was redirected to my website and was literally disheartened to see that they had not taken any note of the changes I had asked them to make. I was frustrated and dropped a complaint in their complaint section. I got a call from them within an hour and I told them about my grievances. They agreed to give the required changes to my website without charging any money for the problem they’ve created. And to my surprise, the new website was precisely as per my requirements.


SCAMMERS and low quality service

All they do is ask for money and deliver an extremely extremely poorly done site. And they KEEP asking for money and they will have a trick up their sleeves to scam even more if not your site will not be completed. Spent money that is completely not up to par, and i was too trusting with them. They really will take advantage of people who are too trusting with people. They have delayed my project for over A YEAR and still nothing. I'm not sure if their coding even has a problem or some spyware in it. This will be the last time i do business in India. DO NOT USE THEM.


Resolved: I wanted to increase the online reach of my company for better revenue and increased clientele. I was going through many web solution providers when I landed on WeblinkIndia.com. Their website was qui

I wanted to increase the online reach of my company for better revenue and increased clientele. I was going through many web solution providers when I landed on WeblinkIndia. Their website was quite attractive and catchy and I thought that maybe I could also get one like this. I availed one of their packages and mentioned my requirements. Hereafter, my wait began; I waited for a week or two but got no reply from their side. When they finally came up with a website, it was misleading and lacked many important points. I got frustrated and contacted the customer executives at WeblinkIndia. They were very patient and understood my requirements correctly. They asked for a week’s time and came up with an attractive website for my company. It is correctly said that the fruit of one’s patience is always sweet. My patience for an engaging website also bore amazing fruits and I was finally satisfied with the end-results.


Digital Marketing Team worked unexpected for my project

Digital Marketing Team worked unexpected for my project, All Team members are very creative and well educated. mainly smo and seo team members. thanks all team members. I will always expect same result and sure recommond you to everyone. weblinkindia is one the good company in india. First thing its our indian it company and Packages are very balanced. some customer members are very rude but you can get very effective and good work. they worked very timely and suggest you according to your ability and project. For SMO they provide more work as they have in packages. Hardwork team members.



Charged 1100 told that another 125 was needed before they would release the site. Tried to pay the 125 was told it was 350 now and that's everything - so pay it. 1450 spent, get site. Site is exact rip off of another site overseas - figured they used HTTrack and filled in my information. Can not use the site as its a legal site - would cause litigation between us and the other company that they ripped off. Site is unusable. Have dispute, get told that the project manager that did that is no longer with them so no reimbursement or a redo of the site. Year later get another bill for $450 for no reason and site unusable. Not just a pissed consumer a ripped off consumer. When it comes to websites do business in your own city or country so you can get a hold of them if any problems. Will never do business with anyone in India again because of this experience.



It has been a heck of an experience with WeblinkIndia, but finally, they settled all the issues I had regarding the development of my website. The problem began after I rejected the first four homepage designs sent over by the company and Weblink have asked me to pay extra for MORE DESIGNS; >> Now, after having rounds of conversation with the team members they have explained the issues in paper work between us, i had a settlement of max 2 designs where as they had offered me four. Finally I come to understand there was some miss communication between us and after clarifications I am happy that my concerned are resolved by the management. During all this process I come to know the top management of Weblink is helpful and customer oriented. I wish the team BEST of luck and take my words back. I will look forward to do more business if I get a chance.


EXTORTION, FRAUD & CORRUPTION (Pty) Ltd is Weblinkindia.net

I paid a deposit of USD3335.00 for a load board website to be designed. While designing the homepage, I started off dealing with Amit, then, Mrinal, then, Sachin, then, Sonika, then, Mandeep and NOW I am dealing with Abhishek. They seem to change people on purpose to baffle you. And, when one person promises one thing, the next person does not live up to that agreement. During the 'homepage' build, I was badgered for an additional USD200.00 of which I refused to pay. They kept requesting the USD200.00 with absolutely no proof to back this up in our original agreement. I had to provide the proof below, an extract from Weblinkindia to me, please note it says that they will repeat this process until they receive confirmation. 2. Demo Homepage: On the basis of the supplied material and our analysis of your requirement, a demo page would be designed. This would be sent for your review. If you require some changes to this you can simply email us the same. The modified page with all the changes incorporated would be emailed back for your approval. This process would be repeated till we receive your confirmation for home page. This left me with a feeling of being extorted out of money!! I then asked Sachin what the cost of the homepage was to date - to which he replied it was between USD600.00 & UDS700.00. I asked him what has happened to the balance of the money and why Weblinkindia was demanding an additional USD200.00. I then had to provide proof of point 2 (above) and they could not supply me with their proof as to why I had to pay the additional amount. I suggested an 'exit' strategy that I felt was amicable to both parties and asked for USD1835.00, a portion of my money back of only the initial USD3335.00. They were happy to point out that there was a 'no refund' policy on their websites terms & conditions - which I have never been made aware of nor have I signed any paperwork agreeing to these terms and conditions. If anyone has had a similar experience while dealing with Weblinkindia, please contact me as I am willing to proceed with legal action.

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