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WebCreationUK has a 2.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 32 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 13th position out of 236 companies.


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E-commerce that cannot take payments

Long story short Ive had a shambolic experience with this company. They have made me a website that cannot even take payments. Like many others we were assigned an Indian developer whos emails make no sense. Asked for a full refund previously that was refused. Allowed them time to resolve but no end in sight. Now looking for a refund but not hopeful. Has anyone had success with gettin lg refunded? We are confident that a claim will be successful and quiet simply our website cannot accept payments!


Complete rip off merchants

After taking my money they delivered a broken website with shoddy content writing I paid for that my 4 year old could do better.. Had nothing but a bellyache with this company. My developer in India may I quote is no way a professional developer and it took 4/5 days to get him to correct the slightest error. My site is full of errors an now have to go to a local developer to sort my sight but of course web creations wont release my domain.. Absolutely cowboys and Im seeking legal action AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS


Been had by this company

This company are absolute cowboys Having one error after another an its taking 2/3 days just to get a reply back an then I give clear instructions on what needs doing with pictures but they cant even get it right then, dealing with idiots in India all the time.. this company needs closing down


Terrible and shocking

Pros: Customer service have been fantastic but lack of understanding and communication. Cons: Where to start, well, this October will be 2 years since webcreationUK have developed me a broken website, in fact when they try to fix 1 error another 2 or more appears from nowhere, it's taken 3 months to fix uploading images on my website, a month now to solve the email server, I've paid £300 to have ad ons only to be broken and is now errors, the software seems old and outdated yet my quotation states new updates and on top of all this I can't even promote or advertise my website due to it being broken. Support after support and it seems noone can communicate with the amateur developers based in India which is handle by email only, I have also given image instructions on the errors but not a word, now I understand with the covid19 work will be slow but these errors were present well before the pandemic, it has gotten to the point now where I am seeking legal advice because this is ridiculous and ongoing for 2 years is mind blowing. I will keep this post open for editing because believe it or not most 5* given on here are edited from 1* to 5*. My personal advice would be seek a developer in the UK that are close to you as these guy's are none existence once they recieve payment, don't believe me check the other 1* rating and you'll get the outcome and pattern


AVOID!!!! court action being taken

*EDIT*** I am reporting company to trading standards anyone who wishes to add further evidence please contact me on melbucks68 "at" gmail.com **EDIT Company are still refusing to refund, will be filing small claims paper work this week and also going to trading standards. I suggest others do the same, so the company will no longer be able to trade and rip people off*** EDIT. Company are ignorong my emails where I offered to pay for the domain. I have now asked for address to send legal paperwork to and still no response. I specifically stated that the MyCred plugin would need custom coding in my original correspondence. *** STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. All work is outsourced abroad where the language barrier makes communication very long winded. I was very specific with the site I asked to be made (even advise which plug ins were needed to be used to achieve this) yet after 8 weeks and paying a 50% deposit (£1500) they have decided to tell me that they can not do something that is imperative to the site and I explicitly mentioned that custom coding was required. The web designers are just glorified wordpress users. I could have got the website to the stage it is at now within a week with the wordpress knowledge I already have, the custom coding is what I was happy to pay for and thst is what they can not provide yet expect me to be happy with the website and refuse to refund. If no further response like others I will begin small claims process/charge back however I would rather not have to go down this route. Will keep review updated depending on whether I get a response from company.


Excellent designers and helpful support

A friend of mine used these guys and said they couldn't be beaten on price. Decided i had nothing to lose so tried them out...superb experience and would highly recommend them also!


Overall pretty good

These guys are local to me so thought i'd give them a punt. Glad I did as everything was completed on time to a decent standard. Phil


Total Rip Of

At the start they promised that I will achive first page of google for some of my keywords after 3-6 months time with payment of £200 monthly roll in contract. after two payments has been done £400 I have received email that we are having good progress and one keyword improved from no where to 127 position, and we should got better result in 12 months time for the rest!!! 6 months contract is £1200, so now they want £2400 for thesame agreement! In mean time I've been offered £60 text for one page, where I have multi number of them on my website, and this text has been promised as a part of campaing at the start (This is what SEO is about, wright!!!). Absolutely rude people when tried to solve the problem and ask for refund, blaim me for everything that campaign is not running long enough! Yes its not because I have recognise that you have done nothing in two months time, so how you will do more in next months. Have contacted another SEO specialist that confirmed that could be done so much more, they did't create 'buissnes card' that could improve ranking, they made only very few backlinks (Saying maded 300, and I know there is 25 includes this I've done bymyslef). I will definitely do everything I can to get my money back, as this is not what our agreement was about! Call others or simply do the SEO by yourself, UDEMY website has got lots of courses how to do it!


Bad investment

Totally regret wasting our money with this company.but opted out after 4 months was I feel the correct decision £800 later


If there was less than 1 star

If there was less then 1 star, i would definitely use it. We contacted this company and agreed with them to create a custom website for us as they told us they had a lot of experience with building websites for real estate agencies. First all went ok, but after the launch it went completely wrong. First was the copy writer. We had this company writing the content and paid them for it. Just to find out later that the content was full of grammar mistakes. Secondly the search on the website didn't work, then we could not be found in the search engine. None of this was ever changed, whenever we contacted the company we got hit with anther invoice. Just to say, it was not included in the original deal. They stated we agreed with the final delivery. We explained to them how can we agree on a final delivery without the fact that the website if not tested online for a while. We were promised a fully customizable website, something we could do ourselves. No way. we could not change the header picture, the answer was: Not possible on a customized site. They asked 150 pounds for this. Then we found out our page was nowhere to be found on google. Answer that is SEO, another 300 pounds please. We received complaints from clients that our pictures do not ow correctly. Wow, another 200 pounds to fix that. We asked for a do not copy option. Extra cost. Luckily enough we found a free plugin that does it. Then we wanted to copy the website as we were changing the domain. Well that cost 300 pounds. No we found a plugin that does this for free. We could not place the number of rooms, baths, etc on the pages for the properties for sale. well we fixed that. After a few thousands pounds, many and many emails up and down and waiting 3 months for the first pages to show. After almost one year of constant issues we called it a day and took the website down. We now purchased a page in the US for just 150 USD. Yes that is right and just look at it it is amazing and was up and running within 2 weeks. and all works with great support. If you do not want to get ripped off, loose your many, need a doctor or Valium against the stress, stay away from this company. They have no idea what they are doing. They deaf to any customer requests. Once paid and done, you are on your own.


Lied to get the business

This company lied, took my money then didn't complete my website design. Con merchants.


Was not happy with the service

I had webcreation UK build me a website, the whole process from the beginning was a total pain , I have no idea about the process so I stupidly thought I would be guided with layman's terms on what they needed from me ,but all I got was confusing emails about computer jargon ,to which when I rang to find out what was needed of me ,all I got was people whom I felt just wanted me off the phone as quick as possible and to just contact me via email , then I was put in contact with the person who was actually building the website in India ,I think ,all contacts with this person was via email as well ,, I think that is who they go to do the prof Writing ,and that was a disaster as they were using words that we would never use in the UK ,it took an age to get that sorted it think this company may have good people who no how to build a website but they don't take into consideration that the general public does not no the process so they need to hire someone who can lead and help clients navigate the process with simple terms and patience, the only time I had someone willing to talk and explain was when I was paying , in the end I just gave up on the site and let them finish it ,I have never really used it ,and I won't use this company again


Webcreation are outstanding!

Webcreation are outstanding! Offer excellent customer service and a brilliant all round team. Great communication and very cost effective. created my beautiful website and listed to all my thoughts and ideas. Implemented them very quickly and couldn't be happier thank you all.. From start to finish, the team were amazing. I started with the business manager Tom who suggested i upgrade my site. Great timing and as I had already had my previous site doe by Webcreation, I thought why not. I was then designated my own webdeveloper Varun who completed my original site 3 years previously. Had an all round excellent experience yet again, and would highly recommend them


Simply Ignored Now

The service I have received (or not received to be more accurate) has been shocking. After a simple update they have managed to completely wipe out our website and I have received no communication for some time now, no replies, tickets I have opened on their support panel are closed without reply or justification. We are now on day 9 of no website, losing money and losing customers. If I wanted a cheap developer from India I could go onto freelancer.com myself. If you cannot fix the website own up and put it back to how it was before you started the destruction process. Let's start by not putting our heads in the sand and answer the phone and emails.


What a bunch of Cowboys

These guys promised me that they could help set up my website for around £1000 which I duly agreed to. However their developers had absolutely no picture or idea about what i needed doing and as we got into the more technical aspects of the project the weaknesses in their customer interface began to become clear, particularly with reference to communication about specific issues. They did a spectacularly poor job of making clear exactly what they required from me and what they could deliver in return. For this interaction to have ever stood a chance of succeeding I would have needed a much fuller explanation of their needs in the development process. This was not done and thus the discourse between myself and those responsible for development broke down irretrievably. The job they needed to do in communicating with the client is a difficult one but it is a fundamental part of dealing with a customer who, they have to assume has no technical knowledge, and is hiring them for their superior technical ability and understanding. In the end after several weeks of being harassed to go live with a site that was nowhere near finished, I decided to pull the plug. The managing director then agreed to refund me £200 as they had already done work but after numerous attempts the refund never materialised. A terrible company who I would not recommend to anyone who wanted a decent job done on their website.

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