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Webcom has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 64 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 8th position out of 236 companies.


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Scam, take your money and offer false promise’s

Please avoid signing up with this company at all cost. After opening my business I kept getting a phone call from a sales rep asking me if I wanted to set up a website. Of course I thought that was a great idea. After paying almost $3,000 for set up and services it took a month for them to give me a rough draft of my website which looked horrible. Not only did the sales rep tell me that I would own my domain forever and be able to make sales from the website my website was never able to be launched because the extra support for web design that I paid for could not fix all the issues wrong with the rough draft. I paid for a service I did not receive. Come to find out my domain expired and it did not belong to me and I wouldve never been able to make sales from this website. I tried several times to get a refund however I was placed on hold for hours on end never being able to speak with a supervisor. I also contacted corporate and left several messages with no response. this company is scamming money out of people with false promises.


This Service Does Not Work. DO NOT USE!!!!

Updated by user Sep 08, 2022
They reached out to me and provided me a temporary way to access my e-mail, which allowed me to get out of e-mail purgatory.You can't transfer domains for the first 60 days of creation, so I had to wait. In the meantime, the e-mail issue was never solved and I was...

Original review Aug 08, 2022
I purchased this product after reading a technology forum-Web.com had an ad on there. The website builder is pretty simple. That's neither here nor there. The real issue started when I bought the e-mail. It's not automatically routed. User has to route themselves. I did it incorrectly, which-I am not an IT person. I contacted support, there was some offer about getting so much support when you sign up. Anyway, they assured me problem was solved-wait 48 to propagate. Little did I know they tell you that over and over and over. At this point, I'm not sure how many times I contacted support about this issue. Paid $30 for 30 min of support-which I offered to pay support initially because what business can do anything without e-mail? Close to a MONTH has gone by, issue still not resolved and now my website doesn't work either. Impressive. Not to mention the SEO purchase service just re-routes you to the website to purchase more products but not actual optimize anything. So basically, even though it's inexpensive, you are paying for NOTHING because NOTHING works. Don't get me started on support. Even with screenshots they can't make it. I have been on the phone with them for over 2 hours. As you can imagine, not only have I lost any shred of patience; I have definitely lost revenue! NOBODY can reach me by e-mail. Oh and if you are a new business, guess what, all your applications want a business e-mail not a gmail, so you are at a complete standstill until you figure out how to get out of this e-mail/website purgatory...which I am still figuring out.


To WARN others!

I had my website built and it was NEVER even published. Thats how bad this company is. I called them to ask them to put how I process my shipping on my website and commerce act as if I was speaking another language. A few days later I was checking my bank statements come to find out I have several unauthorized charges to my account. I called multiple times in reference to my first matter which was the website and now these charges. I have been transferred, hung up on several times, and left on hold for 3 HOURSLiterally. No one could give me answers to why I have been charged or the info I needed to add to my website. So at that point I no longer wanted to do business. I have been demanding that my account be closed and a refund of over $1,000. Im still fighting to get my money back from these SCAM ARTISTS. Only because they said they cant close my account and they cant give me my refund. Oh! Yeah! I stop payment all of a sudden they know how to call me back and still not do what I need them to do.


After 15 years, Web.com suddenly cancelled my websites for no reason (yet still charge me!)

Use ANYONE else... Do NOT trust Web.com. I had websites with them for over 15 years that were suddenly canceled for no reason and without any explanation or warning, although they had charged my credit card for the annual renewal (and still charge the card after cancellation!). Web.com is responsible for thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Web.com does not seem to care. I spent hours on the phone on Tuesday. I was told that a supervisor would contact me the next day. I waited. And waited. After THREE days waiting, I called again this morning. After an hour on the phone, I was, yet again, promised that a supervisor would call me back within two hours. I was assured that this time it would be different..... However, no contact. I have been trying to get an answer for MONTHS. Web.com's policy seems to be to ignore a customer's complaint until they get tired of complaining... GoDaddyUseUseUUse


*** scammers

Took my money for design in October 2020, had a few updates done then dissapeared into thin air since my last communication in January 11 after complainning about an update. Paid for 3 years webhosting. 100% fraudsters


I want to close my account and you to stop deducting amount from my card

The only favor that you can give me is close my account and stop stealing money from me



I thought they would be legitimate, they sponsor the PGA Web.com tour, I saw their ads geared towards the small business owner on Fox Business. I had previously wasted money with other companies and been burnt, I was hoping they'd be real. But they charged a lot of money for a pretty basic website--$1300, They charge me for search engine optimization(SEO) monthly at $95. As a result I got about $350 worth of business in a 6 month period, I have to continue paying for the domain name, $40 per month. I cancelled their SEO, I am no longer coming up on google searches. All together so far it will of cost about $3,000. What a return. They will not give me any refund and they don't seem to give a crap about my hardship either. THEY SUCK. I plan to report to other agencies and I am looking into legal action. If I find a lawyer willing to take a case against them I will post here with info so you too can join a lawsuit if no feel you too were ripped off.



Webcom is a ripoff company all the leads we get from this Website is Telemarketer, Soliciting money and Sales. The best part all the money they took out from my account and they told me I agree to pay a ridiculous amount for this website that doesn't lead to any profits for my business. This company is a ripoff all they doing is selling something that doesn't work and taking hard earn money from small business. How can I have a website is my business doesn't exit cause this company took all my money from the bank, they don't care about their clients as longer they collect their money and build a poor website for you. Anybody who's starting a business should stay away from WEB.COM, and for you to cancel is going to take arm and a leg and after all you pay this money and they website doesn't belong to you. JERKS that's what they are . As you can see below that's all the calls we receive was Bad leads.


They ADD more work!

I have been with Web.com for a month now and I am NOT happy. The posts are just thrown together. Like posting verbiage about a t-shirt, but have an image of a coffee mug. I send messages to have them correct it and it goes IGNORED - so I have to call. Every single week! Even after a full interview with me they still post whatever they want so now every Monday and Thursday on my to-do list now is to call Web.com and have them correct the post, that is IF they have it in my account on Monday like they say. I expect WAY MORE for $150 a month. I'm just sick of the added steps of calling and every week they get it WRONG! Looking for a replacement!!


Customer service puss poor

I had web.com build me a web site for my small plumbing bussiness. First thing when i opened the site my contact imfo. is incorrect. I edited it and put the right phone number. Didnt work called to get it staoghtened out and sat on the phone for almost an hour before i finally hung up not cool. I work 12 hours a day most of the time and for a company im paying makes me waste my time unacceptable. So i call to cancel and person on the phone was rude i asked to be transferred to a manager he refused. I asked to talk to anyone else but him and he refused. This is not the kind of company i want to do business with. This is within a 5 day period they lost my business and any future business i may have brought them.


Web.com just trashed all our business e-mail during a migration

Web.com trashed 2 years worth of our business e-mail during a migration! ----------------------------------------------- I have used Web.com to design a custom website for my IT consulting business. I paid $1500 in agreed installments for the a year 2015. I have then been paying $144/month their bundle (domain hosting, e-mail hosting, and marketing bundle -- which is really not doing anything for my business!). Lately, we decided to save money, definitely because the expensive marketing package (SEO) they tout, did not bring a single visitor to our website for more than a year! We decided to move from custom to do-it yourself package $15/month which includes domain hosting and e-mail hosting. As a business we discussed our need to migrate our business content (e-mail, domain) to the do-it-yourself side. 1. The migration was simply botched to say the least 2. They gave us instructions how to migrate our website content, which we did 3. As a for the e-mail, their sloppy engineers, failed to migrate our existing e-mail content to new inbox on the new deployment. As a result of this our business is in a dire situation, where we do no longer have continuity of 2 years worth of customer e-mail. Talking to their staff, we seem to hear that it is ok 'because you are being migrated to a do-it-yourself'. Very alarming... and we replied 'how about our business e-mail content'. Why do you tout yourself to be #1 blaa blaa for small businesses? Who in the IT world would trash a business e-mail, let alone a personal e-mail inbox during a migration? What if the Feds or Gov, or other authorities came to investigate the small business and ask your company access to their e-mail? What is your darn retention policy? The answer was not forthcoming? This is really embarrassing and irresponsible. I am hoping they resolve the issue by giving us back our business e-mail, or else we are going to sue!


Web.com, they are not designers

I paid $999.95 for a website design. All I received was a cut and paste from my old website. They used a template. I paid for design because I'm not a designer. As it turned I had to become the designer and could not do so. That's why I paid them to do the design. I also could never speak with the right person. I seams they have too many layers of communication. By the time your communication gets to the right person most of the communication is lost. As a result I asked for my money back and they said they do not reimburse for their services. Now I'm in the middle of a dispute. Good luck to anyone using web.com


Deliberate misrepresentation of who they are and what they do. web.com?

Deliberate misrepresentation of who they are and what they do. web.com? 9/2017 I got a call from web.com representatives linking me to a presentation screen saying web.com and pushing their services as a billion dollar web company to help with online advertising. I asked them how they would address specific challenges and their response was 'if we dole you that then you wouldn't need to hire us. We are a billion dollar know it all online marketing company. So we know....' Frankly they lied to me outright. So after getting my credit card number and charging it, an email came thanking me for joining Yodel. Yodel was never mentioned during the presentation. Of course! Because their reputation is ***! Replied back cancelling and they won't cancel. Today I noticed that they put a google ad directly over mine to divert business away from my ad. When one caller came through their ad they sent a congratulations email and i replied back with cancel. Looking online i googled my keywords and found a fake website with my companies name on it and a fake diversion phone number. These people are just plain criminals. BTW the google ad is exactly the same as what we have already. So the misrepresentation that they could do better was an outright lie also. However the main problem is that I checked out web.com while talking to them and of course this lie about who they are covered their tracks.


Former Employee

I can tell you, from the inside, they do not care about their customers at all. They will build you a "website" and they DO charge you as soon as you give them your credit card number. They lie, even on their television commercials, by saying they will build you a site for free. This is false, they charge your credit card without you seeing it and without your approval. When you call for support, you are speaking to a kid, 18-23 years old, who is reading from a script. Even if you are not familiar with site building, you're better off using wix, weebly, or any of the other free site building services. They encourage their reps to lie, just to get them off the phone. As far as pricing, it used to be $99.99/mnh, it has increased a few times over the years to $149.99, without ANY improvements. Their SEO/marketing DOES NOT WORK!!


Don't Risk Your Business!

Please read this before you risk your business by using Web.com. Right now, I have a pretty website that is completely non-functional, can't receive any email messages, and the site is intermittently down for periods of 3-25 minutes, round the clock. Keep reading for the details if you're not convinced. I opened a new business with Web.com in October and I've spent more time trying to resolve issues with them than doing anything else. I use Jetpack to track system down time and it's been up and down like a roller-coaster between 25-3 minutes at a clip. The techs tell me that some issues are "known" (great- they knew, but no one told me my business was down!). Worse-- access to the back end of my site shut down over the weekend and my business email address was wiped from the system. It's been a day now on an email-driven business with NO ACCESS TO EMAIL at all. My customers are receiving a "Relaying Denied" error message. Best part? If you try to use their very own online support ticket system, you can't. It hasn't worked in two weeks- What does that say about the company? Week 1 - you couldn't pick an issue from the dropdown list, week 2 (presently) the pick list item highlights but you can't select it. When I finally got a rep on the phone (it's no 12:14 on day three of the epic tragedy of finding out what's wrong with my website) and they claim someone called and told them "I couldn't afford email." The entire package is $30 a month, so I don't know how that's possible. And who called to leave this mysterious message? No one seems to know. Here's where the final warning comes in- if you are on the phone with them, don't let them say they'll work on the issue and resolve it off-line. I'm pretty sure that's how the above happened. As soon as you hang up, your issue is not the priority - and if they're distracted - your business will suffer. If you don't want to seem like an inept business owner or lose business during downtimes, run from web.com. Tip for consumers: If you feel you must go with this company, don't bother buying a domain through them. It's more expensive and they do a terrible job of managing multiple domains that you connect through their web manager. Mistakes they make on one domain name may impact others. If you do go with them, keep it simple. If you build your own site, use WordPress or have complicated setups, this is going to be a very unstable option for you. Finally, if you have an issue, stay on the phone until it is resolved.



This company is the worst provider possible and holds clients hostage to their products and services. It must be ILLEGAL to do this. As a web design professional my experience with multiple clients has been that they consistently: • Will not allow website products to be cancelled • Will not allow domain names to point away from their servers to other hosting providers • Will not allow you to transfer domains even after all of the ICANN required steps have been done. THEY ARE HOLDING CUSTOMERS HOSTAGE THAT NO LONGER WANT THEIR SERVICES You stay on hold for hours at a time, finally get advisers that continually place you on hold, complete the required steps, have ticket numbers and all settings default to what they were previously--LOCKED TO THEIR SERVERS IN THEIR ACCOUNTS.

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