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WeatherTech has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 640 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 11th position out of 513 companies.


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Unable to release mats from plastic hangar

I purchased the mats which were encompassed with a plastic hanger that had clips at the top When I arrived home, I was unable to release the clips and asked my husband for assistance. He was unable to do it just by hand so he used heavy duty plyers to pull the clips off so we were able to get the mats away from the packaging. Quite annoying!


Bad service

Hard to get help no follow through from customer service and to many steps just to get through not happy with customer service


Mats and not staying in place

Mats no longer stay in place . They slide when driving. Very dangerous. I bought them maybe 8 years ago. I no longer have recipes. Records lost in house basement flood from upstairs bathtub .


I'm trying to place order



Question about product. Door guards

I was having trouble with my door guards. With the windows open 1/2 way, and going down the road, they fly out the windows. I suggested a something heavy in the bottom of them, so they would not fly out. Hopefully someone will take my suggestion, and try to improve the product. If it wont for that problem they would be perfect.



I ordered the wrong part. An under seat storage container. The customer service was fast and easy thank you


Gas pedal got stuck wide open almost making me crash several times

As if it wasn't bad enough that these mats were my Christmas gift, I was driving and had a truck with a trailer coming on the road and had to speed up to get over in the other lane. The gas pedal got stuck under the mat, making my gas keep going full blast. I had to stand on my breaks almost constantly to get to an area where I could safely get off the Freeway. My brakes and engine were smoking like crazy. The semi truck behind me realized I was having issues and tried to keep other vehicles at a distance, I will need to go through his bank account to get the proof of purchase. but you need to know your 2013 Subaru mats are dangerous


Missing part

Part was missing. It was taken care of and expedited with one phone call. The separated for cupfone holder was not in the package



Have used weather truck window weather guards for 20 years. Years ago one of the back guards came loose and blew away wx tech sent a replacement no problem, now ordered 2016 ford explorer sport guards, none fit correctly, they are sending a replacement for drivers side but I discovered none fit correctly. Will return and try AVS.


Items ordered did not fit and rude customer service.

Sunroof deflector didn't fit, Called CS Explained that it did not fit. Debbie said, "Yes, it does fit!", rudely. I had to repeat that it does not fit, "The Clips are too short, and it does not clip to anything, I have to hold them in place with my finger, and it cannot possibly fit properly." I have worked in a detail/body shop doing installations of much more complex accessories than this. I was again told rudely to wait while she processed my request. Was put on hold for several minutes, and a much more pleasant sounding rep said she would email me a return label and other information regarding the return/refund. I wonder if Debbie is okay?


Excellent product and service

I needed information on what all cars the mats fit. Did not take representative moments to retrieve and give to me.


Attaching problem

I am disappointed that WeatherTech had adhesive tape to solve my problem and because I bought an item on eBay which is you manufactured ,for some reason you could not honor it the request to get replacement tape. I owned a business for 37 years and I gave service no matter what. It is clear that I bought the product it is a good product but I am disappointed is that a few dollars of tape leaves me a bit soured on WeatherTech


Resolved: Long time to receive product

Updated by user May 08, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund.

Original review May 08, 2023
I ordered window deflectors and its been three weeks with no product. I should have at least received an email stating reason for delay. The whole purpose for a customer giving their email is for response.


Ordered some stuff from you guys and something was damage and mounting clips were missing

My package came hairline fracture in the box during shipping and when I went to put it on my car is broken pieces


Don't waste your money. Terrible experience cheap product

I purchased front and rear mats for my Tundra, had to return them because received the wrong mats, then it took over a month to get the right mats shipped to me. Once I received the "correct" mats I only received the rear mats and they were delivered to the wrong address a mile down the road and had to have a neighbor find me to give me the rear mats, called weathertech to get the front mats which are being shipped now still over a month later. Opened the rear floor mat box and put them in the truck and they hang over the edge about 2 inches to far on both sides. "LASER CUT" I don't think so. These are just plastic mats cut to fit any truck just like the cheap old plastic mats used to be in Walmart. They are thin and useless. I'll end up having to put regular cheap mats back in the truck to protect the carpet. Weathertech mats are a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY... I purchased them because they say they are an American product and wanted to support USA products, but this is NOT what I signed up for. Just a total useless piece of plastic that will not protect anything, does not fit, will not last and shipped to the wrong address, plus I only received half of my order but paid full price. SO you order at your own risk. I have told you the truth on here and when you end up with this same mess the rest of on here half had, its your own fault. You can get a much better product for this price... I paid $240 for front and rear mats that are worth $20 and NOT LASER cut. Good luck.


Was sent the wrong floor mats

I was ordered a gift for my birthday a set of weather tech floor mats for my 2015 Toyota tundra crew Max however they sent me weather tech floor mats for a 2022 Ford Explorer three rows not what ordered. I will continue to leave bad reviews until they make it right They are sitting in an open boxes oh and will not work nor are compatible with my Toyota Tundra,customer service agent said nothing they could do for me

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