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Warranty Direct has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 186 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 12th position out of 499 companies.


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They don’t accept my request to stop my subscription.5

After paying my initial deposit and paying my first monthly payment I havent received a documentation of the contract and policy so I requested to cancel my subscription but they kept talking and wont listen to my request.


Failure to Pay Claim

I have an aftermarket warranty on my 2006 Buick Lucerne and made a claim because my alternator gave out. This would have been an easy enough fix for me however since I had the warranty with a $100 deductible and free towing, I chose to have it taken to a local shop who has been in business locally for about 30 years. Not the cheapest guy in town but does good work and stands behind. The fix came to $417.60. However, Warranty Direct only paid the shop $184.00 leaving my portion at $233.06. More than twice my deductible. And actually more than Warranty Direct paid for the repair. I spoke to Warranty Direct and the said that they only pay reasonable charges for repairs. That language is in the contract and however the term reasonable is never expounded upon anywhere in the contract and one would assume that reasonable would apply to whatever the norm is in the area in which the customer resides or where the breakdown occurs. This is not the case with Warranty Direct as they choose to decide what is reasonable. This would have really been a problem for us if we took our vehicle to a Buick dealership who would have charged $1400 for the same repair. I know this as I called the dealership where I purchased the car and asked for a quote to install an alternator. Furthermore, nowhere in the contract does it explain that Warranty Direct may not pay for the entire repair and that the deductible may actually be much more than stated in terms of having to actually contribute to the repair cost. Understand that I never received a phone call from Warranty Direct informing me that they would not pay the shop. I did however receive a call from the shop saying that they would not pay the entire repair bill. I opted to have them proceed with the repair and then I would take the matter up with Warranty Direct. I figured at that point I was stuck and if I didn't approve the repair I would have to tow it somewhere else, be in the same situation and then have an additional tow charge as well. I understand the company not wanting to get overcharged however nothing in any of this regard was explained to me or is outlined in the service agreement. I believe it is just one of those ambiguous catch words or phrases that allow this company to not pay out entirely or at all after reading some of the other reviews.


No Refunds

Warranty Direct is a Scam. I’ve tried to cancel but continue getting billed. There employees work for several different companies and are nothing more than nasty telemarketers!!!!! I am going to create a website today and record conversations I have with them, post them, with the scums names that work there until they shut down... Do not buy a warranty with them!!!!!!!!


Buyer beware! They misinterpret the language of the warranty!

We have a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox with 135,000 miles on it. We bought it with 82,000 miles on it. Warranty Direct knew the mileage when we purchased the vehicle. One day it quit running, so we had it towed to a certified mechanic. The problem was the high pressure fuel pump and timing chain. The pump failed and the timing chain was stretched. They agreed to cover the pump, not the chain. I argued with a CSR, Supervisor and a Manager that the metal failed, that's why the chain stretched. They stated that it was excessive wear. Even the certified GM mechanics said it was a failure of the metal. In asking the CSR, Supervisor and Manager what their credentials were to say that it was not a mechanical failure, there was silence. I am paying for it out of pocket and hope to get this resolved as the certified GM mechanics stated that this should be covered.


Bad bad lies

They lied to get u to buy n then when u need repairs they cover a portion of repairs n not all parts They told me they will auto renew my warranty but now they are not renewing any customers so they did not hold up Their end of contract I will be cancelling after my repairs r done


Not happy at all

I'm so pissed with this damn warranty, my car broke down then took it to the workshop where they found the faults and they submit everything to this damn warranty.This damn warranty after sending their assessor they told me that they cover only cover the cause of the damage, what about the damn things that where caused by that?Its useless for having this damn warranty


Was on hold for 25 minutes so I hung up

Was on hold for over 25 minutes so I just hung up waiting that long for someone to pick up is just crazy


Bend over no lube

Company is a scam. Stay away. They denied my transmission claim for normal wear and tear. I m out 3,500 for a tranny and 2,400 on a useless warranty. Mother fvckers


*** Company

What's my drive shaft snapped at the yolk, I filed a claim and they told me that my drive shaft was not covered, but the drivetrain is covered, I've been working on cars for years and I have always thought that the drive shaft was a part of the drivetrain I informed them that without the drive shaft the drivetrain is not complete, I was told that the engine was covered and all its internal parts the rear end was covered the transmission was covered and the drive axles were covered, but the drive shaft was not covered which none of the rest of the stuff move the vehicle without the drive shaft. My second issue is with the same vehicle my supercharger has a problem on my 2007 Harley Davidson truck when I purchase the contract I purchased the good one that covered all of that and it says in the contract that superchargers are covered but when I filed a claim now they're trying to tell me that the VIN# Doesn't show THE Supercharger, I fax them a copy of the original Dealer window sticker showing all the upgrades that it had on the vehicle when it was first sold and a Note that the manufacturer had on the window sticker that says all vehicles are considered standard in spite of upgrades. And they still say oh that it was not put on there when the vehicle was produced and it was aftermarket, so I gave them all documentation showing that the vehicle was sold with the supercharger on it show them the date that it was put in the vehicle which was 6/07 and the vehicle's date of first being sold as February 2008 so it was with the dealer when it was put on the Vehicle next thet came back and told me oh no when the vehicle was manufactured they did not put the supercharger on there and it was an after-market part but Saleen is a part of the supercharger package for the Harley Davidson F-150 truck, I told them that since ford does not Make their own Parts all parts are cinsidered OEM Aftermarket. I also told them that the VIN number doesn't show that the vehicle has a starter but you know it has a starter nor does it show that it has headlights but you know they don't sell them without lights. Warranty direct is a bunch of ***, and I discourage anyone from getting warranty from them


Excludes everything by just two phrases in their contract

Beware they will use two phrases in their contract , one will have to do with parts wearing out and secondly hitting a pothole is considered a collision, neither of which will they pay for . so why have an extended warranty , parts don't just stop working for no reason, unless they are faulty in which case most of the time the dealer will take care of it. Tell your mechanic be careful as to how he words the problem as they will try to push him to say the part wore out , even if the part was missing as it was in my case.



Ive purchased 2 separate Extended Car Warranties for the same vehicle from this company. I purchased the first warranty in 2009 when my vehicle (2007 Nissan Frontier NISMO) had 30,000 miles for $1,500. The coverage on this warranty has in force for 5 yrs or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first. I had a few repairs under this warranty and was generally happy with the company. The cost of the repairs would have been slightly higher than the cost of the warranty, it turned out to be a financial wash but I enjoyed the peace of mind. When that contract expired, I was contacted by the company and asked if I would like to purchase another Warranty to cover the vehicle for another 5 years or 100,000 miles. We reviewed the cost of the repairs from the previous warranty and what I had paid for the coverage after some discussion I decided that purchasing another warranty would be wise. My vehicle is getting older and I did plan on keeping it for some time. The second warranty was purchased in 2014 and the vehicle now had 99,000 miles. Purchase price was $1,900. Again, I had no complaints about the company at this time, but that was about to change. I submitted my first claim in March of 2015. The issue was related to my AC. The covered items are listed in the contract and I was told the failed part in question was not a covered component. I didnt dispute - my experience with the company had been positive up to this point. (I am asking for additional detail as to what had failed so I can double check against the contract). My next claim occurred in November of 2016 (mileage was at 133,000 well within the warranty parameters). Two separate issues this time. The first issue was the secondary timing chain tensioners (sometimes called guides or shoes). The issue is the component (guide) has worn thru and the timing chain is in direct contact with the tensioner shaft. After some research, it appears this is a somewhat common failure on VQ40 Engines and other Nissan vehicles. The timing chain systems are prone to premature failure, before the end of the useful life of the vehicles, and well before consumers reasonably expect any such failure to occur. This presents a serious safety issue and places the driver and passengers at a risk of harm. The Timing Chain Systems form an integral component of the Subject Nissan Vehicles engines. When they fail, they can cause a variety of problems, including the inability of the vehicles to accelerate and maintain speed, as well as catastrophic engine failure, among other issues. The second issue was a split engine mount. The engine mount is the part that holds the engine to the body of the vehicle. This is usually comprised of heavy duty rubber and in the Arizona heat, they are prone to failure. The covered components for the Engine are listed as ENGINE. (a) The following lubricated internal parts: pistons, pins & rings, connecting rods & bearings; crankshaft & main bearings; camshaft, followers & cam bearings; push rods, valves, springs, replaceable guides, seats & lifters; rocker arms, shafts & bushings; timing gear, chain, tensioners & retainers; eccentric shaft; oil pump. (b) Timing belt; serpentine belt; Water pump: Impeller shaft, bearings, bushings & housing; intake & exhaust manifolds; engine mounts & cushions; engine torque strut; harmonic balancer; flywheel (flex plate) & flywheel ring gear; mechanical fuel pump; fuel sending unit; dipstick & tube; all pulleys. (c) All lubricated internal parts of the vehicle manufacturer installed turbocharger or supercharger. The housing is covered ONLY if damaged by the Failure of a lubricated internal part. (d) Engine head(s); engine block; cylinder barrels; timing cover; valve cover(s); oil pan; dipstick & tube, ONLY if damaged by the Failure of a lubricated internal part. I was informed that the claim was denied due to wear or tear (I take this to mean that the failed parts are considered a covered part and they are explicitly listed in the components above). The applicable clause in the contract is listed below Failure is defined as a Failure of a defective part or faulty workmanship as supplied by the Manufacturer or Dealer, but does not include gradual reduction in operating performance due to wear or tear or damage resulting from Failure of non-covered parts. Remember, I purchased this Warranty when my vehicle was 7 yrs old and 100,000 miles. Every single component on this vehicle will have some wear or tear on it. To deny a claim based upon is simply wrong in every aspect of honesty and trustworthiness. Neither component I submitted for coverage was a wearable part where one would expect to replace during the life of the vehicle. The fact that the part has worn (or split) is indicative of failure. I have called the company on several occasions asking for another review of the determination. The Service Department at the dealership has also called several times asking to speak to someone in authority. My attempts always end up with the Customer Service Reps who are only capable of reading notes to me from the inspector but they have no authority to escalate or resolve an issue. Im told by the Service Department this type of repair is routinely authorized by other warranty companies. Id appreciate any thoughts you have on this and I would appreciate you sharing this post. Let my mistake help prevent someone else from purchasing a worthless warranty from an unabashed dishonest company.


Warranty Direct Auto Claim Review

This is the worst company ever they give you the runaround lie and try to find a way to get out of paying a claim my truck in shop for 6 weeks they kept having them tear down parts which ran the coast up long story short bill was 3500 they only paid 1600 of bill i was only to pay 100 deductable be aware im filling law suit aganist them now


Warranty Direct is a RIPOFF!

"Warranty Direct" has been a thief in the extended auto warranty industry for over 30 years. Their unique approach of "customers LAST" is what makes their business so successful and has earned them millions of dollars by denying auto warranty claims. Their claimed philosophy of "customers first" is a LIE! Never call this company! They will steal your money. It is how they make their money. In February 2016 I purchased their warranty (5 years + 100,000 additional miles) during the sale of my truck to provide to the buyer so she could have some security in the event something ever went wrong. It already had like 117,000 when I sold it. Of course, the truck operated without defect for a solid year. In February 2017, the engine in the truck had the engine warning come on and some vibrations. So she had the truck taken to a mechanic to find that there was some major issues internal to the engine. Something about rings and lifters damaged causing warning and some vibrations in the engine. Of course, she contacted the warranty company and guess what. They dont cover engine damage because they say it is wear and tear. What a crock of Sh.. What is the purpose of a warranty purchased outside of the normal dealer warranty, if not in case of some type of wear and tear. The buyer then cannot afford to finish paying for the truck since it isnt operational and returns it to me. I advised her to get a refund from warranty direct since they wont cover the damage and she could use the money to repair the engine herself. Now - guess what.... Warranty Direct is happy to refund (a portion)... you know why? Because they only return 78% of the amount they originally charged for the warranty. Their claim is that the truck was under warranty for the duration up until the repairs were needed. So they kept $650 of the original $2500 which was paid for the warranty. (Nice little investment they got there - no out of pocket money from them and they earn $650 a year.) Add that up for the thousands of people they screw over ever year. But wait - these people arent satisfied just screwing people over. They want to prove themselves even better thieves than the government. How you ask??? Well they decided to include in their documentation that they would also charge an additional amount of $95 from refunds in the event any claims were made. So yeah, they did. They kept an additional $95 from the refund just because they could. Even though the claim was made, and of course not accepted or paid, they still kept $95 more dollars. I can only hope many people will read this post before they buy from this corrupt company. Dont let them steal your money!!!!


Lies Lies Lies

On February 14, 2017, I contacted Warranty Direct and spoke with Scott Wenzel. Scott was apparently an amazing salesman, answered all the questions that I had to my satisfaction and got me to commit to them. The problems started on March 23, when the AC started acting up then completely quit on the 25th. I got the vehicle into the Buick dealer on March 28th and they began diagnosing the issues. Warranty Direct so far has flat refused to cover parts that they say are covered. They refuse to cover the evaporator because the blower motor (uncovered part) caused the evaporator to fail. On top of this, the dealer found that I had a small leak around the oil pan (I have seen no evidence of this on my driveway) and Warranty Direct has refused to cover this because "it started leaking on it's own" their exact words. What in the *** am I paying $3446 for on this. Their customer service is entirely useless and they take 3 days to respond to any dispute of the claim denial.


Ripped off by Warranty Direct

BUYER BEWARE: I researched many different warranty companies and finally decided to go with Warranty Direct for two particular reasons: (1) they warranty the vehicle for repairs up to $12,000 rather than simply the value of the vehicle. In other words, if the vehicle is only worth $2000 they will still pay up to $12,000 in repairs;(2) they were considered by their competitors as a recognizable company. I decided to sign up and I understood that there was a 30 day/1000 mile waiting period, which seemed reasonable to me. At the end of that waiting period I took my car in to the Nissan dealership for a diagnostic. The dealership discovered that I had a transmission problem that needed to be addressed immediately. They recommended replacement to the tune of nearly $4100. They contacted warranty direct to authorize repair and to my surprise Warranty Direct rejected/denied the claim. When I called them to find out why they did so they first told me that I had fallen behind on my payments. When I disputed this they finally figured out my account was up to date. Next they told me that my claim could not be paid because I had a pre-existing condition. I explained to them that I completed the waiting period and then I took my car in for a diagnostic. I refuted and explained that Warranty Direct should pay for the claim because I did my part as a paying client; furthermore there is no proof that my car had a pre-existing condition. They told me the claim decision was irreversible and then the customer service agent hung up on me mid-sentence as I was trying to explain to her how unfair this was. I now have a lawyer who has sent a formal letter directly to the company. It is frustrating to me that I not only have to pay for a warranty but now I have to also pay for a lawyer, and apparently for my transmission as well. This is a direct breach of the warranty contract I signed. I highly recommend that anyone considering going with Warranty Direct run the other direction. You'll likely be scammed like me!


Warranty Direct LIES.

My wife and I entered into a contract for extended service on my 2009, Mercedes Benz GL450 vehicle on August 16, 2016. On December 2, 2016, we delivered this vehicle to Mercedes-Benz of Sugarland, 15625 SW FRWY, Sugarland, Texas 77478. We dropped it off for regular maintenance and a problem with the radio volume and cruise control. It was discovered during the maintenance that the vehicle had numerous other problems of which, contrary to what we were led to believe were not covered. However, there were items that were covered; intake manifold runner, radio console, and a right front seat switch. The repair facility repaired the seat switch, manifold runner but did not repair or replace the radio console. Warranty Direct stated that they were “Not sending a new, refurbished part to replace the radio console, but rather a used part.” This is not what I expected when purchasing the Warranty Direct extended warranty. Who replaces a part on a Mercedes Benz with a junk yard used part? When the repair facility received the used part it was locked and no password was provided. I called Warranty Direct claims and spoke with a person who said that they sent a new part, unlocked and with a password attached. I know from my previous conversations with my repair facility that they contacted the supplier of the used part. That supplier stated that “they did not have the password because it was a used part.” They advised the repair facility to contact Mercedes Benz to see if they could get the password. The repair facility contacted Mercedes Benz which refused to give them the password “because we don’t know where that unit (radio console) came from and could be stolen.” Warranty Direct then stated again that they had sent a new part, which I know is not true. They told me they were NOT sending a new or refurbished part, but a used part. And that the unit was sent unlocked and password was attached, which was also not true. So the repair facility took the used, locked and no password unit out of my vehicle, and replaced it with the unit I had in it before. My repair facility gave me daily updates and their progress or lack of progress with the company. My vehicle went into the shop on December 2, 2016, and was not recovered by me until January 3, 2017. All that time was spent waiting for parts, arguing with Warranty Direct over coverage and the radio unit.

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