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Warrantech has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 410 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 10th position out of 1094 companies.


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Refrigerator ice maker broken

Ice maker is not working on the refrigerator I also have shelves on the refrigerator that are broken I need someone to come out and check my refrigerator


Will not resolve the repair of my LG refrigerator after 4 weeks.

I have been trying for the past 4 weeks to get my LG refrigerator repaired. Claim number is 769****. The claim and parts have been approved, but you will not send the parts to the repair company, Mikes Appliance Service, so they can do the repair. Please get someone to help get this repair completed. Thank you. Tim Doiron 7932 Windermere Dr. Boerne, TX 210-698-****


Warranty information

Absolutely no help!! Told me even tho I purchased the 3 year warranty - less than 3 years ago - I am out of luck and I will not get any help! Do not ever use! Horrible customer service from this company and their management!


Awful. Fraud. Can't reach anyone competent and service companies never show up. It's a fraud and called applicance company who sold three appliances to me with this company and probably get commission

Covered appliance under warranty, referred to fake or nonresponsive companies for a freezer, no follow through, no competent customer service. Ended up after 10 days calling a private company for a service call for $75. These warranties are a FRAUD. Do not buy them. Ask the company who sells you warranty from them about their commission. Once sold to you, originating company who sells you appliance does not support anything.


Bad appliance

If I could give warrantech a 0 star I would this is the worst warranty place ever. STAY AWAY. I bought a fridge in 2017 with a 5 year warranty I have called warrentech about 8 times they tell you what you want to hear "Oh we will be issuing your store a check so you can get a new fridge"." we sent the check to the store." You wait your food goes bad again. I call again they give another story, not once have they followed through with what they told me. Still waiting for them to write the check to the store so I can get the fridge they promised these guys are a JOKE. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. THEY ARE IGNORANT THEY LIE AND SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN BUSINESS.


Return receipt

I have not received my return receipt for this years mileage update. Please check to see if there is any problem. Thank you. Charles Mangone Birmingham, Alabama 35243 2004 Ford F-150



Are you kidding? I'm still waiting for someone from upper management to call me in regard to my warrantied refrigerator. 3-5 days has become a week later and still no call. If someone doesn't call me soon I'm filing a report with the PA State Attorney General.


Ripped off Refrigerator.

Took awhile to hear from them after the time I started trying to reach them. They finally got tech out told me it was Motherboard.. Told me if approved WARRANTECH would be in touch. After waiting I began to try and reach Them on fixing my MY GE REFRIGERATOR. A FARCE. I WAS told a ROACH INFESTATION. I Was totally blown away. Purchased from Wayfair. Explain the condition of the delivery truck and contents I saw. They said I don't care. I've had to have service out last year for same problem 1.400 GE REFRIGERATOR....READ.. I got up..... they had a problem with Motherboard going bad. Help...


Had nothing but troubles with this company. i will never reccomend them and am in fact going to sue

*** poor service that is totally misleading in everyway. this company will do all they can to avoid replacing a tranny. was told have to either get one they supply with a 4500 mile warranty. yes 4500 miles. or i have to pay 1200.00 dollar difference to get a trany from dealer wiyh 3 year 100000 thousand mile warranty


Matter is not good

Mattress wasnt good I cant sleep its very uncomfortable my back be hurting Im just unhappy with mattress.I will pay a difference in a new mattress.


Refrigerator Warranty

It was checked by a servicer... Determine to be MOTHERBOARD. I was told if approved the servicer would call and set up time to fix. I've lost tons of food over the course of First time tore up till now. Waiting to hear....answer...


Unsatisfied Customer

We experienced a failed transmission on a vehicle covered under warranty. In my haste to get the vehicle repaired before a family road trip, we failed to get the repair work preapproved by Warrantech. The claim was denied with no empathy or negotiation. I made two mistakes - one not getting the work preapproved and two - buying a $1500 warranty from Warrantech. Stand behind your project and you'll get loyalty, not upset former customers who will make sure that their friends and family don't buy from Warrantech.


Only had this recliner for a year. Cheaply made.

My recliner that I had for year is broken, springs and wood in the seat have broken in half , i would like a gift card for Big lots


File claim

My chair is broken the arm is broken the back is broken when I reclin the get stuck or I have to slid off the chair to close it


Horrible replacments

I bought a camera in April 2018 from Amazon. I have had nothing but problems with it. I also bought the insurance if anything was to go wrong with it thru SmartGuard. I sent in the camera multiple times for the same problem and they could not fix it right. I sent it back again and they still didn't fix it. So they said to resend it back. I again sent in the camera. About a little more than a month later, I never heard anything about the camera. I finally called the insurance company and they said they gave me an amazon gift card for much less than what I paid for the camera. I was then expecting the camera to be returned. I called three more times and they said they would get the camera returned, so I finally spoke to Desmond #6336 and he said he couldn't send it to me because the repair company didn't have it. I said that was a lie because I just spoke to them. I told him to call them again and he wouldn't let me in the conversation. They refuse to get my camera. They lie in all the conversations. Speaking with the repair company, they have the camera and they need a shipping label and a payment to return the camera but the company refuses to do so.


Oven repair

Updated by user Sep 09, 2021
nothing has happened, still calling everyday

Original review Sep 08, 2021
Frigidaire's convection oven that I purchased from Brandsmart. I paid for a 5-year warranty. On July 1st the oven would not heat, I had a repair tech order my parts on July 6th and I have still not received a call or repair. 3 months for a warranty repair is ridiculous. When I call the warranty department, they disconnected several times and will not let me speak to a supervisor. Worst service ever!

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