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Walmart has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 14200 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 1th position out of 289 companies.


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Wrong order delivered.

Good afternoon, I made an order with 2 items, one of them arrived correct and the other arrived another product, there were 2 identical orders, as they sent a different one. Now I need 2 chairs and I don't have them, do I need to wait for you to receive my money back? I need it to be able to buy the chairs, the mistake was yours and not mine.


It doesn't last long

Frame bend to easily with the winds we get in this area now it just falls over with the slightest touch.


Walmart platform

Dear Sir My name chandrakumar and i use walmart platform from online money earning Let me know is this real or not I have all of screen shot How can i send you


Why play roulette when you can order for delivery from Walmart and face the same odds of failure?

This is not my first review of Walmart. My only reason for posting so often is because Walmart keeps failing me over and over, sometimes by not delivering orders, sometimes by having a website that malfunctions and rejects charges for no justified reasons, other times because items ordered are not in stock and unwanted replacements are made without clearing them with the customer. It is why I say that placing orders from Walmart is no different than throwing a penny in a wishing well and hoping that the wish will come true; the chances are VERY remote!!! What I have endured in the past two months defies description. In June, TWICE I tried to order items from Walmart to be delivered to my home. TWICE the purchases were "not authorized," but the reason that Walmart gave to me was that the bank denied the charges. They told me to contact the bank. I did exactly as they said, but the bank confirmed that no charges from Walmart had been placed with them. The first time was June 5; the second was June 12. I must add that in the June 12 order, I used a different debit card from another banking institution; I had checked the balances of both bank accounts and there were adequate funds in both, so the reason that the charges were being "not authorized" was truly a mystery. The first bank even sent me an email denying that any charges had not been honored because none were placed. The bizarre part was that on June 7, I actually went to the Walmart store nearest to me here in the city and used EXACTLY THE SAME DEBIT CARD AND EBT CARD AS I HAD USED IN THE JUNE 5 ORDER ONLINE, and lo and behold, both made the payments with no problems at all!!! What could I understand from that? Nothing, of course; it made no sense, and I just assumed that I was on some kind of blacklist. On July 2, again I tried to order an item, this time an electric can opener, using a debit card again from the same bank that allegedly declined the purchase on June 5. However, this time, there was another failed purchase as the delivery never reached my home! I made contact with Walmart's Help Center and I was told that I should wait for 48 hours. If the item would not arrive within 48 hours, then I should contact Walmart to get my money refunded. Nice to know that placing an order for delivery has about the same chances as playing a game of roulette! When the next day I had heard nothing about the purchase, I made contact with the Help Center, and I learned that Walmart had not discovered what became of the ordered item. Not wanting to wait interminably and already having lost all faith in Walmart's ability to deliver merchandise purchased online, I made contact with the help Center. They could not locate the ordered item. I gave up; I found the item that I wanted on and ordered it there. I told Walmart to cancel the order and refund my money. Of course, the catch was that the refund would enter my account only after waiting 7-10 business days; hardly a consolation, but could I expect any better? Obviously not; like it or not, the customer is the lowest priority. At least Amazon will deliver to me; they have never put me through this kind of ordeal before, and I tend to believe they will actually deliver without problems simply because they've always done so for me. I know that Walmart will do its best to say that I am being unfair. Yes, me being unfair because I purchase something for delivery and have the nerve to complain when it is never delivered. Silly me, what was I thinking? So I placed an order for delivery; could Walmart be bothered with something as trivial as a customer's order for delivery? Obviously not! That is sufficient reason for me to shop elsewhere for a while, and I have already begun doing so. I want to hear NOTHING from people who say I'm "not being fair" with my criticisms. Of course I'm very unfair to expect a merchant to deliver the item that is ordered to the address ordering the item; did I think that just because I paid money for the item, I deserved consideration? My demands are so excessive that I actually write and post complaints such as this one because I have the silly Western notion that service to the customer is the responsibility of the merchant!


Walmart delivery is a joke.

Several disasters but this one the driver never bothered to enter the building. They just dumped my order on the sidewalk outside of the building. They didnt deliver to my door as I was promised by Walmart. Every other store delivers to my door without fail. Walmart drivers drop orders wherever they feel like. After calling customer service and arguing about the situation I was able to get a refund.



I went to the walmart in northlake ill after 2pm-4pm, and I was told that the check cashing system was down but I knew that wasn't true because I used to work at the walmart location on the west side of aurora ill that is now shut down. Then the black girl with black and red hair that shooed me a way told me that I was homeless and a victim and she didn't want to cash my check because I knew how to unvictim on my own. Her name was passion. I went to talk to the manager and his name is brett, I asked him for the store manager & he said I'm not calling anyone for you & I'm not calling you a *** but I can use that word if I want to. The black girl who refused me services was approached by a latin female worker, lorena, who claimed to be a manager & she looked at my checks & said we don't accept checks from po boxes, I said call the 1-800 number listed on it since its a week day its early because the check was from 5th third bank. She said we trust them and we trust facebook because I won a lawsuit against facebook. She took my checks away from me then walked away to the cash registers and just stood there. Then she came back after I had to chase her down & tell her to give me my checks back, I asked her what are you doing because when I worked at walmart we don't snatch clients checks & storm away, she said give me your state id, I told her I don't need 1 because I've been in the system since 2008, but I gave it to her anyway. She then said we don't want to cash it so stop coming here. Then the black girl said why are you not crying because your already a victim to the system and all we are doing is making you our victim. Then brett got on the intercom and embarrassed me in front of all the other customers by loudly saying if you don't leave then I can call the cops on you and trespass you & make up something. I then went to another walmart. I went to the forest park location and this was an all black team. It was 2 black women and 2 black men, they all told me I was a victim and I don't need my checks cashed because I have family that can help me. The cashier moniquie cashed my $30 check but illegally placed fraud on my $400 check. She said I'm not allowing you to cash your $400 check because we want you to be a victim and unvictim by yourself. I then went to 2 men aaron, and jamal and they told me we heard domiquie tell her to fraud your check & we don't care. Aaron said when you print the proof or file a complaint, she doesn't care about being arrested, she also said the same thing, just go to the police station & call walmart. Another lady, domiquie told monqiue to place fraud on my check while aaron & jamal stood in the background listening and siding with them. Now I can't cash my check anywhere & when I contacted the fraud dept. they said that someone at walmart placed a fraud on my check & that that location has to remove the fraud so that I can cash my check. Aaron also told me non of us are not going to help you when you come back.



Updated by user Jul 02, 2023
I've had three updates of pure lies on walmarts end.

Original review Jul 02, 2023
I placed an order for walmart delivery on 7/2/23 for $73.76. The order was swiftly cancelled about 15 minutes afterwards. My bank account was charged 2 times, once for $73.76 and another charge for $1.42. According to the supervisor I spoke with, the order was canceled due to suspicious account activity, more specifically, my phone number was not verified. This is not the first delivery I order I've placed, mind you. I didn't place another order after the first order, only placed the 1 for $73 (about $60 worth of products). Why would there be any charges allowed to go through my account, if my account seemed like it had unusual activity going on? And why was there even a second charge? Additional money was debited once for pricing differences. Whats the 1.42 charge for. Furthermore, the amount reversed (which I still do not have access to and the supervisor kept telling me it's out of his hands and the problem is not walmart) is not the full amount that was debited from my bank account to begin with. Only $68. Why not just refund me the entirety of both charges in 1 refund. Or two refunds for cleaner bookkeeping. It looks like I'll be receiving 3 refunds because the first two weren't combined, why would the other refunds be. $75.18 the amount you've debited me account and I'm only being refunded 1 time for $68. I should expect the additional refunds shortly after I get the first one? Absolutely not okay. After the first conversation with Edgar and his supervisor this moning, I contact my bank upon the supervisors instructions with pre Authorization codes because there was absolutely nothing Edgar's supervisor could do. According to my bank, they have no idea what I'm talking about as far as these codes are concerned and they're waiting on an ACH file from walmart. So I call Walmart again and spoke to someone. He is somehow assuring me it has to do with the bank and its not walmart holding it up. yet we ended the conversation with him telling me he was going to speak with someone from the billing department to see if he could expedite the process and gave me a ten dollar off coupon. A couple hours later, I spoke to a representative from my bank regarding an unrelated situation but the subject of the refund was brought up. He informed me that the refund status/speed is not up to fifth third. It lies solely with the merchant. If i was able, i would attach a screenshot of the conversation. So I call Walmart customer service again. I told the woman with calmness and haste my situation and she tells me I'm going to be put on a brief hold. I look at my phone to see how long ive been on hold for. Almost 20 minutes. Then my phone said call has been ended. If I was disconnected she would've called back, surely. No call back from her or anyone. She knew the importance of my call but I guess it didn't matter to her. I wasn't able to call back right away. I called back about an hour and a half later. She told me the exact same thing the last person, Hussein, i think, said to me. Which there is absolutely nothing walmart can do but he's going to talk to the billing department. Why talk to the billing department if there's nothing that can be done? She told me new information. Only one refund has been issued for the card for $75 and change. Now surely, this makes absolutely no sense. Is the $68 refund just made up? Why did three representatives from walmart all tell me this had been issued and they were waiting on my bank. Because that is bull and I am incredibly angry...and now...what i cant eat for 7 to 10 business or my next paycheck? I guess i may die and hope my money is released back to me before that happens.


Unhappy as no one at Walmart is helping me to solve this problem.

Patio set wicker was broke at front of seating and was damaged when arrivedNot happy called customer service immediately yesterday while assembler was here assembling and was told its not Walmarts issue snd the phone was out down


I was at one of te walmart located at 3209 Pineville Matthews Rad Charlotte, NC 28277 on June 28th, 2023 at 18:05:42 to purchase a Master gift cards to donate to a non profit orgarnization.

They said that I look suspicious because I am purchasing $500 master cards 100 of them only because I was Asian and the assistance of mine had rashes from the sun allergy, and he was walking a little tilted due to his injury. I was at the Wells Fargo same day to wire the money to the organization needs emergency funds same day, but the bank said that it will be delivered next day or two days. I went to Walmart only because my assistant told me that they have gift cards people can use at the ATM. The staffs at the Walmart even though I've told them It is for helping the nonprofit organization and I need to send the funds that same day to save people's lives, but they throw me out of the store and embarrassed me in front of their customers and top of that, They lie to the police who came because I was threatened by a huge black guy and a couple of other employees that I was yelling at the other customer not to shop there. I was simply asking the other patriots to call the police for me. I didn't know how to use my new phone, I just got it the same day, and I needed some help to call the police. The Walmart and other stores has been discriminated people by how they dressed up or the color of skins as long as I remember. This is a wrong way to treat the customer who came to shopping what I needed at the moment. I will be seeing them in the court with my civil right's attorney. PS: do you know that Shaquille Oneal spent 700k one night at the Walmart, but no one thought he was doing wrong? So What was the reason that I am running a scam with my own money? It is all because of my skin and how my assistance was walking that day. I am running for the mayor of Charlotte, NC on this November and No one should treat different because of their color, dress, physical condition. We all are equal under the god and The Walmart with pay for what they have been wrong doing for ages


Damaged items

My gazebo is stripping apart and I just got this item 3 months ago It stripping It stripping It ha dents on the poles The tiers didnt fit the holes in the curtains I just had this only been 3 months not a full year yet I am so afraid whats going to look like in the next six months. I hope you support this material you manufactured


Return issue I was called a liar and basically a theif

On on like the 3rd of June I purchased a scooter for my son an electric scooter at Walmart in brimfield Ohio I didn't realize the scooter was only 220 lb weight limit my son weighs about 280 so after being bitched at my by my wife for hours I took it back to the store unopened and tried to get my money back and the lady at customer service go and cuts The box open and there are two pieces of scooter parts in this box there's not even a whole scooter and I'm like look I never I never open this box just the tape was sealed the box was unbreached and she calls over management and they they begin to tell me how that's going to have to be the scooter company that returns it to me they didn't do it I must have done it they just they can't miss out they can't just give me $300 but I had just paid $300 for it like four or five hours prior to this so I've contacted the company they aren't going to do anything about it and I just want to know how it is your store so big and you know I I'm just I'm just a disabled veteran my son's scooter was stolen at college so I go out to buy him a new one with all the extra money I have and I get it I get I get this you know I get this issue my name is Jason Nelson my phone number is 330-217-**** I would appreciate it if somebody that's in charge of something could handle this for me because it's it's pretty it's pretty messed up you know I just feel like I basically got robbed but yet I was called the thief thank you


Return policy

Updated by user Jun 10, 2023
I shop Wal-Mart frequently. This is an improvement for their already liberal return policy.

Original review Jun 09, 2023
I purchased a bb rifle at one store. I later went to a different store to get the bb's I forgot to get. I saw a different rifles and purchased it with the intention of returning the first one. When I went to return the first one I was told it would not be possible. There was no information regarding the retun policy any where to be seen by the shoppers. One manager went back to his offand brought a binder with information stating the return policy. I politely pointed out that I would not have access to that binder.After talking to many managers and walmart customer service many times and spending several visits over many days, I was told "no". The store manager Mr Boban was friendly the first time we talked. He said he wished he could help but short of pulling the money out of his pocket he had no options. I talked to customer service and they told me the manager could do a one time courtesy gift card. I offered this information to Mr Boban, he said he didn't know how to do that.After 3 visits to the store and Mr Boban dodging me he would not talk to his own customer service agent on my phone. He said have them call me. When their own customer service called the store they could not get the phone answered. Upon a second attempt they spoke to Mr Boban while I waited. After 45 minutes of waiting Mr Boban sent word "no". In every of the many conversations I had with customer service, I offered a simple solution to avoid this situation with any customers in the future. At the register when the item is scanned, a pop up question could ask "this item is not returnable, do you want to purchase it". Walmart already has pop up questions regarding the purchase of extended warranties. I never have purchased a weapon before. I don't consider a bb gun a weapon (a kitchen knife is more of a weapon). It does not use gun powder or real bullets. In my 65 years, I never even bought a bb gun... my dad bought one for me when I was a kid (and I still have it). I was purchasing this bb gun for my grandson. Shame on walmart for not resolving this issue. Hopefully in the future they will have their IT programmers build a pop up for any of their non-returnable items. They actually have a very liberal return policy on most everything else.


Order placed yesterday which took 4 hours of time due to a "glitch in Walmart system"

Updated by user Mar 22, 2023
3-22-23 @8:50am. I called Walmart customer service and spoke with Monica.

She saw the error on their end for the charge of $291.69.

It was put in under same authorization code as the correct charge of $291.67. That is why Capitol One cannot remove the wrong pending...

Updated by user Mar 22, 2023
As of today, 3-22-23 @ 7.:52am, unfortunately I've not gotten a response from WalMart. I have gotten an additional charge on my credit card in the amount of $291.69 that is pending, I did not make this charge. I spoke with my Credit card company and they called WalMart...

Updated by user Mar 21, 2023
I emailed a complaint to Corporate office in regards to this matter. I've also called customer service. I have still not gotten a response.

Original review Mar 19, 2023
Very long story short. I placed a large order yesterday morning which was 10 minutes later deleted by Walmart due to what I was told was a glitch in their system. All in all it took me 4 hours to get the order put through again & customer service was not nice. I was supposed to get 2 deliveries yesterday, I only got one. This morning it still say's 2nd one delayed. Went back on chat. I was told it was because they have no drivers. Keep in mind when I ordered this, I only chose items that could be shipped due to recent back surgery. I was told that I should get the other delivery today and the rest of my order throughout the week. I was basically told via live chat with a "supervisor" that I could shop elsewhere. I will provide 25 screenshots of the conversation. Is it just me? How many other people have to be subjected to what I've gone through? I am only allowed to upload 10 screenshots but I have the rest of the conversation it's 14 more


Merchandise was broken

Brought my tv home. Plugged it up and the screen was broken. Tried to take it back to Walmart with no prevail. Now I might have to pay for broken merchandise. Why? I dont want the money back. I want a tv. That works.


Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!

Updated by user Nov 20, 2019
No the claims department acted like I was a liar!

Original review Nov 20, 2019
I had my oil changed and they put my oil filter in wrong, my engine light came on it was running rough and had lower power than normal. I went back to the store it was done at in burleson and the supervisor of the service department knew exactly what was wrong he said they placed the oil filter in wrong so he placed it back in right. Engine light went off quit running so rough but I now have a ticking and a clatter in my motor on top and a tapping on the lower part of the motor . Made a claim I did everything they said to do took pictures of my motor with oil on it after they cleaned it off . The claims department denied it being there fault. Which is a lie! So now I have to hire a lawyer to take care of something that should have been resolved without one. I am not happy at all the claims lady acted like I was a liar! I am a hard working Christian woman who trusted Walmart to do a simple task and ended up needed a new motor some one is going to pay for this and it is not going to be me!


Empty shelves

Walmart for the last year or so has consistently had empty shelves. And no one in any of the isles to ask if they are out or to get something off the top shelf. This makes me go to other grocery stores when i leave Walmart to finish my grocery list. Its not one or two items every time i go, its multiple things they are out of. Ive attached these photos for others to see and that is not all if the pictures I took. I took 16 pictures througjout the store today but cant upload all if them. I have complained to employees there but it does no good cause evidently Walmart is not listening to their employees. Walmart cannot say well, this was due to the weekend, no this is anyday if the week. Been shopping there for 17 years and now Im done. You will not see empty shelves in other grocery stores. Cant wait till the new Publics is finished being built. Does anyone else have this problem with the Walmart they go to?.


NEVER EVER AGAIN- If item sold by "Tasharina Corp" stay far AWAY! Walmart reveiw

Not only did it take 26 days to receive, the "night vision binoculars" were cheap cheezy with a little flashlight! No night vision capability AT ALL. Then I received the ladies black shirt.... it is the crapiest, see-through, wouldn't even use it to wipe bird *** off of my windshield garbage I have ever touched. Return: HAAAA!!!! NOPE! These bastards have this so locked down. When you think you are ordering from Walmart with the typical, return to store or send back you get a BIG SURPRISE. Firstly you have to find the "return" policy on THOSE ITEMS on your receipt. Then you have to read some fine print that says you must get an RMA from Tasharina Corp., HOWEVER... THERE IS NO CONTACT INFO. When you finally get to the "about us" tab there is an email address. REMEMBER: YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS AND IT TOOK 26 DAYS TO GET THE GARBAGE! EVEN BETTER: In order to return you MUST send with original packaging, (which is a white garbage bag) with RMA #... and YOU MUST PAY SHIPPING AND INSURANCE! BWHAAAHAAAHAAAAAAA!!!!! SERIOUSLY??????? OMG Never EVER EVER AGAIN WALMART.... NEVER AGAIN....

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