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Volusion has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 106 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 4th position out of 236 companies.


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My money stuck in volution

I want My money back pls go to check volution Or I going to report balai polis ur volution centre now settle my money pls contact 0113173**** Laheswari


Terrible Customer Service. Cannot even change my password.

I have been with Volusion for many years and have begged them to fix a software problem they have, that I cannot even change my own password without contacting them. I have waited for over 24 hours just to be able to change my password, so I can process a few orders that came it, but Volusion will not help. I have had it - and looking for other options. They used to at least offer customer service - now NOTHING. They also change the rules, after you sign up. So much for Dive Patches International being a loyal customer for all these years.


I haven't received my funds in my Binance account

When I try to withdraw my money from my account it then reverse back into my volusion account which is making me lost hope in volusion But with this media I have add to the space required I have done withdrawal again but you guys should get us a number so we can contact you guys straight or an active whats number so when we find issues we can contact you guys.


Pissed off

I have been trying to call for weeks, no way to reach a live person.. we closed our business and no longer need your service. So we canceled our credit card. Done!!


Emails appear and disappear within seconds

Hello, We encountered a problem with one of our Email accounts. I'm sending emails to this recepient and all emails immediately disappear. The inbox is empty, the trash is empty, the spam is empty. The Sent box is the only one that seems fine. Otherwise, the email account has been wiped clean and is not receiving any new updates. Please help.


Grew to fast!

I was getting great service for 7 months, and then they changed all of their programs and left me with zero customer support on the phone. Total BS. They were a great company, like GoDaddy, and then they grew too fast. Wait times for chat are horrible. Too bad.


Volusion Email

When I closed my business I requested to keep my email but never received any guidance one what to do and now I can no longer get into the email. Can someone please get back with me ASAP please. It is really frustration not being able to talk or get a hold of a person for volusion anymore. You have no phone support and it takes days to get a answer once you close a account.


Account Held Hostage - Monthly Rate Raised 600%

I have been with Volusion over 16 years and have two websites with them. I was one of the grandfathered companies who had the choice to stay on a bandwidth model vs revenue. So we used Volusion as a central order manager running all Amazon, phone, fax, etc orders through the portal. Then one day I receive a notice that our rates were going up 600% in 3 weeks based on their revenue model. I protested and showed the email of our grandfathered agreement. I had to elevate my disgust to upper management with no empathy at all. No one cared, except they offered me a sweet deal. Sign a 3-year contract and get 40% off. Right. No thanks. Oh, how about 1 year for 10% off. No thanks. They had me by the %*!!s. When a company loses it morals and dedication to customer satisfaction, the writing is on the wall. With the recent bankruptcy and customer fleeing in droves, I don't hold much hope of this company ever surviving.


Volusion stole $80,000 + all future revenue.

Volusion stole $80,000 and put my small business out of business (we were thriving before the heist) after freezing our sales revenue for six months in a targeted attack against a company Volusion realized didnt have a bottomless pit of money to fight them in court. They just started keeping the money my customers were paying to my business, allowing the customer to believe their purchase was successful, telling me that they might give me some of my own money in six months. I had to fill orders and buy merchandise. Volusion and their child company in payment processing are criminal enterprises and every employee who worked for Volusion in 2014 belongs in prison for life.


Avoid at all costs! Worst company I've ever dealt with!

Volusion and their subsidiary credit card processor defrauded my business out of over $40,000 USD. They had identified us as a smaller company that was dependent upon monthly revenue in order to make payroll and purchase inventory. They literally stole the money right from my company bank account using fraudulent chargebacks, then started to withhold all sales revenue until I had no choice but to close the business. All the while following the theft and during the time after Volusion had begun keeping our sales revenue (instead of depositing it to our bank account like they were supposed to), I continued fulfilling orders in a timely manner (shipped within 1-2 business days of purchase), assuming that since we were in the right and there was no justification for what Volusion did to my business, eventually the mistake would be cleared up and the business would eventually receive the stolen funds and withheld sales revenue. Well, that never happened. After several months of having literally zero revenue thanks to Volusion withholding it and keeping it for themselves, I was left with no other choice but to lay off all employees and close the business. The only money we had to pay attorneys to fight them, they had already stolen and/or withheld. By cutting off our revenue stream, they ensured that there would be no legal recourse for their criminal activities. Volusion is a company with a sleazy culture, that is willing to defraud and steal from its own customers in order to make their own ends meet when hard-up for cash, and/or satisfy their own unbridled greed. Their chargebacks were entirely without merit or basis of any kind, as was their theft of all sales revenue following their chargeback fraud. All of our bills owed to Volusion were paid on-time and in-full. They had no justification for what they did to my company that I spent half a decade building and was dependent upon to support myself and my family, not to mention employees. For proof of the validity of this review, please visit the Wayback Machine at Archive.org and search for eganmedical.com. The business existed from early 2011 through late 2014. At the bottom of the second screenshot is proof that the online store was purchased from Volusion and used Volusion's software and payment processing services.


Terrible support service

They make you change your password every 3 months - that is ok, but their automated email link to change the password does not ever get to me, so I have to either call support or put in a ticket. This sometimes takes DAYS to get resolved, when I need to update my website immediately, Once I get a live person, the support is good. Just takes a while


Absolute scammers! be aware of this company

Been a customer of Volusion for 10 years now and I have been adjusting to their policies even that their service and technology is far from perfect but the latest action from them was very abusive. I have two websites with them. Suddenly without CONSENT notice, option, email or dashboard message increased they cost and upgraded my plan to the same level service from $124.24 to $323.69 since October 2018. I believed they felt the scam so they gave us $100 discount so it doesn't look excessive. I contacted someone at customer service by phone and he told me that will be resolved so he transfer us to the Financing Manager Reba G ( reba.g@***.com ) and she REFUSED to refund the extra charges. She said that our website fails in the category of "Buisiness". How that can be when we just use historically 7.5GB out of the 25GB included in our plan. Besides the "upgrade" they kept charging us the extra services we had before to ugrade a few features we needed (like 2 extra email accounts and PCI Service fee). Every year we pay extra for the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and we get a message in the dashboard and email notifying to renew the yearly contract; but for service change or upgrade there was NO notification, they just did it to us and thousands of users that are busy running their business instead of checking their backs for companies they should trust. Volusion is loosing force in the market so the only thing they need to do to survive is to scam their current clients, let see how far they go


RUN from Volusion

Scam artists on multiple levels, no one cares about the customer. Lies to get payments and the design team is joke. please run.


Will not take responsibility

We are a small retail store. We explained to Volusion that we had no experience in website development. They suggested MAK Digital. Its been nothing but a disaster. We wasted thousands and no one will take responsibility. Please stay away from Volusion and MAK Digital.


Deception with billing Scammers

I have been a customer with volusion since 2014 paying 79 a month. They raised my payment to 215 a month without my permission. I did not sign anything or press an authorization button. They just charged my credit card the higher price. I have been on the phone and they said they would credit my account for one month. These people plainly stole my money. There email states that Volusion predicted that customers would call them in October of 2018 to change their plans. Predicted. I think a class action lawsuit should be started against these common criminal. I am currently been on hold with the company for hours. Delays and not on willing to return my money. Please email Hoganpond@***.com if you are interested in a class action lawsuit against Volusion. I can file the lawsuit online and turn it over to some Austin Attorneys.

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