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Vitacost has a 3.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 269 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 11th position out of 315 companies.


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Received Items Destroyed During Shipping - No Picture, No Refund

I have been a loyal Vitacost customer for at least 15 years. Today was the final straw -- I received an order with two liquid items (coconut milk) completely demolished, soaking the package and destroying everything else in the order. After spending an hour cleaning up this mess, I tossed everything that was destroyed out and contacted Vitacost for a whopping refund of $5.00. Get this: no picture, no refund. I explained to the customer service person that everything was in the dumpster, and she said 'no photo, no refund.' My response was: after spending thousands of dollars with your company, you want me to go to the dumpster to take a photo?' No thanks. I'll never order anything from them again. I hope this review steers any potential customers away from this company. They do not value their loyal customers.


No discount

I placed an order with Vitacost. I was checking out looking where the discount area was,couldnt find it so I continued thought maybe the option would be at the end. It wasnt, it said thank you for your purchase so I never got my 20%off.


Dealt with issue that was resolved

Missed an item in my order, so I called Customer Service. I got to talk to live person who solved my issue


I never received my order. The company never notified that it hadn't been shipped. When I went to my account page to click on tracking - I wouldn't get any tracking info. Then I called the chat line a

When I went on Chat line, I told the rep that I wasn't able to track my order! She learned that my order was never shipped! She said it was being processed now. She apologized and offered me a 10% code. I told her that Vitacost should do an overnight delivery. I got no for an answer. I asked her how am I going to know it really got shipped? At last, I cancelled my order which they did do, they did do, and they did not charge me and I received a cancellation email. I wasted a lot of time and energy and won't do business with this company. I rather pay ful lprice than go through this again! I guess I will go back to Amazon - at least they notify you if there will be a delay!


I have been delighted until I tried to place my third order and found your website would not allow me to complete my purchase. I need to speak with a person. Your customer service message says your bu

I just want to place my order and pay for it. Please help. Person please! The customer service message gives times to call, but no one is available.


Do you use Veho for your delivery messages?

I havent used it yet, but Im trying to. With a delivery on Sunday, I may be in church when it is delivered. If that is the case, I need to leave the code for the garage door, which is 9183.


Here's my concern: They changed their refund policy yet again.

Consumers who receive damaged items, either broken glass or crushed packaging should be allowed to call, set the complaint, either have the products replaced or give us our money back. I received a badly packed package with their packers placing two glass objects packed together (bad idea anyway, glass against glass can break easily in transit), then placed ON TOP of a package of gluten free cookies. What on Earth did they think would happen? The box was crushed. They wanted PICTURES to PROVE it happened. We did not receive an email, a physical letter of any kind that indicated they changed their return policy, only on the phone was I told that I was going to have to produce a picture of said crushed box. I tried to explain that both my husband and I have cerebral palsy, which means whatever photo we could get with a substandard phone picture wasn't going to be clear: why not just ask us to drive down to Kroger and have them confirm the box? So in the end, we may have to leave vitacost simply because this change in policy (not in writing), and their inability to check their packing before sending the boxes out, IS NOT OUR PROBLEM>


They fixed it and gave me a full refund

I am not trying to give them a bad name as I thought my concern was going to them. They made it right which is what is important.


Food sent expired

You sent me 31 Vitacost Shirataki Konjac pasta that will all expire in a few weeks!!! This is awful! I want a refund for these.



Using your website to order has always been a great difficulty! Fortunately, you had a thoughtful customer service agent ready to take my order.


Problem with delivery of shipment

Have you improved your packaging? I doubt it... Vitacost is clearly interested in keeping cost as low as possible. Go back to boxes!!!


Want to make order

Too many hoops to jump through. Trying to order on line and making make new password. Final price keeps changing. Frustrated pissedconsumer. Dan Malone


Awful delivery

I have been a long time customer and have always had great delivery service until today. The products were delivered to the main office rather than my apt. The delivery service was given my bldg number and apt number yet didn't deliver it to me. If I wanted to carry heavy boxes of product I would buy locally. I let the delivery service know their mistake, they responded but didn't offer to p/u boxes and deliver to me. I am 74 years old and just had back surgery this week. The office doesn't deliver to apts. Please correct this mistake. Thanks, Kathy Sharp.


Customer Service is now a laugh

I have been a Vitacost customer for many years (I even got my mom ordering to them!) and have always been happy with them. They have made mistakes or had things go wrong, like all companies do, but they have always leapt at making things right for their customers. Not anymore! I ordered a bottle of floor cleaner for my business. (I'm a house cleaner and use natural products where possible.) The lid was obviously not secure when the bottle of liquid was packaged, there was no tape put over the lid and, naturally, by the time I got the box, the bottle had leaked all over the bag it was packed in and onto the box. I contacted them on the 3rd when I got the package, telling them what happened. They canceled my replacement request on the 11th via email with no contact from them between the dates. I contacted them again on the 13th and asked why. Heard back from them on the 18th that it 'might have been canceled by mistake' and that they would ask for photos in the next 2-3 business days. (New policy? They never did this before when I had problems with them, nor do ANY of the other companies I deal with.) Finally received said photo request on the 27th. I emailed the photos this morning (28th) and now they say that they will get back to me in 5-7 business days. I guess, if I'm lucky, I might hear back from them next month!


Quality control has gone down - and so has their customer service!

Original review Apr 20, 2023
I have been a long-time customer with Vitacost, spending at least a few thousand dollars over the last several years. On the rare occasional that something went wrong with my order, it WAS rectified IMMEDIATELY. But that has changed! NOW? In 2023? Ha! THIS IS NOT THE CASE at all. From my recent experience, they no longer VALUE or TRUST THEIR LONG-TIME CUSTOMERS, even AFTER I suggested to look at my purchase history. Over the last several months, there have been noticeable patterns of sending damaged products (dented cans, opened and leaking bottles, etc.). The attention to detail in how they pack their products for shipping is non-existent. But customer service refunded me quickly for these items, as they should. They trusted that I was telling them the truth. UNTIL NOW. I received a large order for my household on April 6th. One of the items was a bottle of Zum Room and Body Spray. That arrived with the bottle top opened and leaking all over the bag it was in. It also didn't smell right; a bit moldy. (*I've ordered this item MANY times before, without any issues.) I immediately called customer service and I was told that a refund will be issued. ***I was NOT asked for any photographic proof of damage at that time.*** After a few days (on April 10th) I checked my account at Vitacost and it indicated that the refund was issued. So I then checked my payment accounts and there were no credits issued. I then called customer service on April 10th and they said it takes a 3-5 business days for the request to be reviewed. I have the transcript of that phone call. So it is now 11 business days AFTER my first phone call and just now received an email from Vitacost, requesting that I send pictures of the shipping box with the tracking number on it (which was discarded a long time ago!) I sent in the photograph of the leaking bottle in the bag and the document from FedEx that the order was delivered, but as of now this process has been RIDICULOUSLY DELAYED and I will NEVER order from this company again, as they apparently DO NOT VALUE their long-time customers. This company was my favorite - for all my vitamins, supplements, coffee, snacks, etc. NOT ANY MORE. I'm DONE! Really bad prepping/packing on certain items + horrible customer support


Customer "disservice"!

Original review Mar 21, 2023
Ive been doing business with Vitacost for many years now and am sad to report that I may not be doing so for much longer. I made a one time, routine request for my 2022 invoices from the company two weeks ago to validate medical expenses for accounting purposes. I was unable to use online order information as my orders need to be shipped to another address, and so my name, address and billing information do not appear on the orders as they appear online. I have corrected this for 2023 and explained as much to customer service. It took several calls to receive about half of my invoices, after which time the invoices simply stopped coming, with no explanation. For the record, I had no such problem with other supplement companies (Swanson, IHerb) who responded to my concerns right away. When I called Vitacost a fourth time and explained to a customer service associate that I was still waiting for eight invoices, she asked for the remaining order numbers and dates which I promptly provided. I was assured (as I had been on previous calls) that I would receive the invoices in 24-48 hours. I did not. And so, I contacted customer service a fifth time, and asked to speak to a customer service supervisor. I was connected to Crystal who said that invoice copies might take as long as 72 hours. I said I would wait, then, and recontact customer service if I did not get the invoices. I did not get the invoices. I contacted customer service one final time and attempted to reach Crystal to see if, at very least, I could get some explanation for the missing invoices. I was told that Crystal was on a call with another customer and would return my call within an hour. I did not receive a return call. I honestly don't think I've ever been treated this badly by any customer service department anywhere. This is especially puzzling in light of the fact that I've spent a lot of money at Vitacost over the years. I don't know what's happened to Vitacost, but Im swearing off this company, and I suggest that you heed my warning and do the same.

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