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Vip Tires And Service has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 78 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 64th position out of 513 companies.


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24 Harriman Drive, Auburn, Maine, 04210, United States

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Vip Tires And Service Reviews



Very upset - they said theyde call when they found the problem - they did ! When told how much it would cost - I said Im not able to spend that much . That was Monday - on Tuesday , I was on my way up to get it - and they called and said they were in middle of fixing it ! I said Stop and continued on getting ready to leave . He then said hed roll it out in the lot ! I asked for a supervisor - and explained that I drove it there - it needed to be put back to the way it was ! I was g ong to drive it home . When I got there - there was nobody at the desk . I went over to the OReillys part of store - nobody to help me there either . I walked back to the service desk and by luck I saw my key Fob . I went out to the car - Dead ! I had to hire a tow truck ($500.00 ) to get it out of there . Nobody in the garage ever came out .


They messed up and now won’t admit it !

I dropped car off , it was leaking anti freeze ! I told them it was a hose or gasket and go ahead and replace it . Much to my surprise they called Monday and said water pump ! They then said 1400 to fix. At this point I said Id come get it , and was not interested in putting any more $$$$$ into it ! I was heading up today to empty it . They said theyde have to roll it out / they had it all apart - I told them to put it back together . I drove it there and will drive it home Im at hospital right now - so it should be as it left it there - and j same condition. Im sorry for mix up - but blowing up my phone isnt helping the situation thank you for your help James tweedie


Shady Business & Pissed Off Consumer

I would have rated all 0s if I could!! My vehicle was dropped off Monday, 8/7/23 at VIP Tire & Auto Service & I got nothing but attitude problem from Mike at VIP. He even hung up the phone on me. I was also told that I could NOT sit on HIS property!! I was outside on the grass with my dog!!! Extremely rude and unprofessional!!! They were supposed to fix the bearings in my steering column, job never finished & check FRONT brakes, which they said were fine. They took it upon themselves to tear apart my REAR brakes, told me over $1400!! I contacted corporate twice and the district manager said, after two calls to corporate, that instead of just over $1,400 they were only charging my a little over $700. I never ask for them to touch anything in the rear of my vehicle. This price reduction came down from the district manager that said my vehicle was safe to drive. They only did the upper steering column bearing and not the lower bearing, so why charge me for the whole job? I never asked for rear brakes, which they said it needed EVERYTHING in the rear. I picked up my vehicle on 8/11/2023, I wasn't allowed to use my AAA discount even though they are AAA approved!! Going to pick up my vehicle, Mike made me go through the garage and drive my own vehicle out of the bay. I drove approximately 3 miles and had to pull over & call Mike back immediately. My whole front end was shaking, and it felt like I was driving on a never ending rumble strip!! He said, I know exactly what you are describing, and you need tie rod ends!! Not once when I was picking up my vehicle or in the paperwork I received from them did it ever mention tie rod ends!! It did NOT do this when I dropped it off. Also since having my vehicle back the Airbag light flashes & my horn don't work, my front brakes are still rubbing, grinding. My whole steering wheel is still loose as well. My steering is very hard to control. Yet, according to the district manager & Mike, my vehicle is totally safe to drive!?!!?? The claim they did a whole inspection of the vehicle and thats on the paperwork too. This vehicle is NOT SAFE to drive!!


Mechanic broke wheel sensor and denied it.

Went in for a simple brake job and they broke a wheel sensor and then claimed it wasn't their fault after I had taken it to another mechanic for repair. The manager denied any culpability and blamed the other auto shop for overcharging me to fix their mistake. Called the corporate headquarters and they never even had the decency to call me back after leaving a detailed message. I will not only never give them my business again, I will tell all of my family and friends about this terrible experience. VIP doesn't stand behind their work.


We were told our next visit would be getting an oil change free.

They have good customer service, the wait was nice and easy, had a cup of coffee and watched a little t.v. to pass the time...held closely to the time they told us it would take, and made sure we understood what was done on our car. We will definitely return. Ron K.


Had work on vehicle done

Had electric power steering rack and pinion replaced paid truck back yesterday truck is doing what it was before being worked on.called all I get is let my master mechanic look at it they are ase and you need your master mechanic to look at it after you did the work.very irrate.i want my 2000 back I'll take it to a chevy dealer done with vip.they don't know what they are doing.they beat around bush not impressed very angry.if you can't do it right first time leave it alone.


So impressed!

Arumdel, Me. 9/2/21 I came in today for the first time. My dealer said a needed 4 new tires and an alignment. My appointment was at 10:00 this morning. I was so pleased when Cain told me that after he put on the new tires, I did not need an alignment. I just needed tires. If I had listened to the dealer, I would have spent $100 more than I needed! Great job Cain and Ellen!


Dissatisfied with service and treatment by employees

On 9/5 I went to your Concord NH location for 4 tires and a alignment. Because I had spacer I was told to drive the car for 25 miles and come back to have the wheels retorqued. While put on the 25 miles I felt a vibration which wasn't there before the new tires. I went back to have the wheels retorqued and mentioned the vibration but not much was said. I had to leave because of other obligations. I went back yesterday and the tires were rebalanced and they finally but the spare back where it belongs. When the job was completed the gentleman who checked me said I had a couple of wheels that were bad, I asked why wasn't I told that when the new tires were installed, his answer was well your car is a 2007 I said so, he then said, very rudely I'm not going to argue with you. I left before I said any else. I spent 30 years in the auto repair business and never treated customers this way. This was my 1st and last visit to a VIP store for anything.


Absolutely not

brought car in for inspection and was brought out to see mechanic and was told i have bad tire rods. brought to my bechanic and he said they were absolutely fine. mechanics name was brian or ryan who scammed me



Don't ever ever ever bring your vehicle there. Manager places all calls on speaker phone while serving other customers so everyone gets to hear your issues. He is more interested in playing games and "coloring" on his phone to actually look you in the eyes and accurately assist you. The techs are completely incompetent and neglect to complete their work accurately not to mention there clearly isn't anyone double checking work to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive away with. When there is an issue they state they will fix it and then you get the run around on why it can't be fixed or what is or is not their fault. you the customer are ALWAYS wrong in their eyes and they will do everything they can to get away with the cheapest fix even if it means you are screwed out of a reliable vehicle or money


Treat customers better and give proper reasons

I went to Yarmouth Maine and had a tire on rim of p225 75r15 and had a tire spare that was p195 65r15 and wanted that on it as a spare for my garage and the guy at the store was rude saying it would fit but was smaller and I told Him I knew that I just wanted it on the rim as spare in case I needed to move car with or a trailer, but he refused to install it I went to Exxon down street had no issues and gave him the job! Your manager fought with me about it saying he wouldn't do it because he would be liable but it was only a tire on rim not onto a car by them. My dad and I have used you guys for three years spending well over 10,000 dollars in just past year, but we are going to go to a different company we have had repeated problems with l!! This manager should treat every customer with respect, and he clearly did not and I'm still blown away with the way I was treated, and he should not b a manager and if tire would go on why would he refuse !!!! I'm extremely upset about way I was treated


I don’t recommend

I am very unhappy with my visit today at VIP in Augusta maine I went in for a inspection and they gave me a entire list of things I have already replaced recently because I took it to another VIP in Farmingdale maine and fixed everything they failed me for before I went to the Augusta VIP so moral of this is they try and take advantage of us younger generation


It seems like it never ends

First off wheel on my vehicle was left loose made the complaint went back had an argument with the man when all is said and done customer service give me a free oil change and I thought it was over until one year later the same wheel that was loose was so over tightened the wheel studs was stretched and lugs and studs are breaking off


Are your technicians pocketing money?

Took my car, which only has 36000 miles on it for an inspection. The guy came out and said we cant inspect your vehicle today, you need rear brakes. I said ok, please take care of that & how much will it be? He stated, " it will be $502". I asked if the wrre made of gold & stated thats not possible today. The guy then asked, " well how much do you have"? Um....if there was a lower price available why didnt he start with that? VIP has DEFINATELY lost my business. Feels like they are rip offs!


Most unprofessional mechanic service

My mother had a tire mounted and balanced in sanford store. Tech did not bead the tire correctly so it wont hold air and went flat. I brought the tire back into the store today with the reciept to have it fixed. After explaining to the gentleman at the counter the issue i was told they had things to do tonight and it wouldnt be done until tomorrow. I expressed concern to have it completed tonight as it takes 10 minutes and is THEIR mistake and was told that didnt matter to them. That their tech was almost done and then he was leaving. The man at the counter became snippy in tone and persisted that its not a pressing issue and we will have to wait. Now my 51 year old DISABLED mother is stuck paying for handicapable van for her ride tonight and in the morning. It is 65 dollars per trip. Which is double the cost of the mount and balance. This is the most unprofessional expirience ive had in 10 years dealing with your company. So, i look up customer service number to call in my complaint to find out that it just calls another location of the store with no associate who actually handled these matters. I had to leave a message with them to have their district manager reach out to me with no time given as to when i would here. I am beyond unimpressed with the service and customer service VIP has provided.


I loved my experience

I went in to have my car inspected, being new to Maine i wasn't sure what to expect. The employees were patient and helpful. The work that needed to be done was done in a timely maner at a fair price.

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