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Vip Auto Parts has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 78 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 65th position out of 513 companies.


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Order # 10-0710*-37303

Havent received item as of this day ordered iMay 22 2021 at 4:20 PM. Not showing no delivery date 6 months later!


Brake failure

Whet in to VIPAuto on Oldlin Rd in Bangor for an oil change, while checking the car I was informed by the tech my brake fluid was low and dirty in need of a system flush and new fluid. I said sure do it. I paid my bill upon completion and left to go back to Rangeley. 25 miles south at the Newport exit I am cutoff by a tractor trailer. I hit the brakes and nothing. All I could do was swerve and use the parking brake and downshifting to stop my vehicle. I turn around at the Newport exit and drive back to Bangor 10 mph in the breakdown lane. The tech informs me their was an air pocket in the brake system and thus no brakes. I was pissed and they knew how shook up I was. They tried to appease me with a free alignment and oil change but still charged me 500 bucks. Next day I get a call from Bruce at the Auburn location. Told him what happened also they let me drive out of the bay with no test drive. Bruce agreed I needed restitution and would send this up the ladder. Next day I get a call from Dwight he is appalled and said he was going to the store tommorow to get the details He calls me back Fr iday and agrees I need restitution of 30 Thousand. Said he would get back with me. The number was suggested as fair by a leading Portland personal injury firm. The attorney told me that we a good number considering their was no accident. Sunday I get a Call from Rob. He told me they have an attorney and you do so let them figure it out I just left my attorney a message and we will start the process Monday. What kills me is I told Rob I would sign a non disclosure agreement with the settlement. I have also just filled a complaint with the better business bureau.


VIP AUTO Portland Maine

Updated by user Dec 11, 2013
It is now Dec 11th 2013 and I still have not heard a thing from any VIP Management. I have sent them this link.

. . and spoken with a very concerned manger at a different VIP store (who can only relay my concerns on to the district manager. .

. cannot tell me his/her name).

I can only surmise that they do not care, and that this "pledge" on their website is just bogus:

"6. We go the extra mile!"

Original review Nov 11, 2013
To whom it may concern: I have been a VIP customer since 2008. Overall I have been satisfied with work done on my vehicle in Rockland Maine, Arundel Maine , and in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I have recently moved to Portland Maine and had work done on my car 17th October (Transaction # 0149****) at the Portland store. I had approximately 750 dollars worth of front end and tire work done and inspection prior to a road trip. During our road trip, driving through Portsmouth New Hampshire, I notice a problem with the steering wheel whenever I stepped on the breaks. I stopped at the VIP in Portsmouth and spoke with the manager, Chris. Portsmouth VIP kindly fit me into their schedule unannounced and checked my car, which included re-torquing, According to the technician, and Chris, the manager, the reason why I was having problems with the steering wheel was because the driver’s side front tire was only held on by one lug-nut. Chris, the manager, also had to remove the wheel and inspect for possible damage. Luckily I was told there was no damage after driving 50 miles on the highway. I mentioned to Chris, the manager, that I did not have the tires re-torqued within the 25 mile limit since I was going to travel to Arundel on my road trip and accidentally missed the exit and decided to have the tires re-torqued in Portsmouth. Regardless, Chris, the manager, stated the tire lug-nuts should not have been in the state they were in. Chris was surprised by the degree of looseness and the number of lug-nuts loosened on this one tire. Please note, there was no problem with the other tires that needed re-torqued as well. Clearly, there was a mistake in placing the lug-nuts on in the first place on this one particular tire. My girlfriend was so distraught by this finding, she wanted to personally speak with the manager at the Portland Maine location and share her concerns. She repeatedly mentioned to the Portland store manager this was a concern also of Chris, the manager, at the Portsmouth New Hampshire store. He responded to her, not by showing any concern about our safety and if we were ok, but by blaming me for not having the tires re-torqued within the 25 mile limit. He told her he wanted to “educate” her about the policy and she had to repeatedly tell him she was aware of the policy and was bringing this situation to his attention since it also seemed quite inappropriate to Chris, the manager, at the Portsmouth location. She ended the conversation with the Portsmouth site manager telling him it was the “degree” of looseness of the lug-nuts that was of concern and the number of loose lug-nuts, and only occurred on one of the tires. He then offered to provide a free oil change for my car. When my girlfriend asked the name of the mechanic who worked on the car, the manager stated he could not find out who it was. Not only did the manager at the Portland store seem completely unconcerned about our safety but was condescending to my girlfriend and tried to shift the responsibility to me. I have worked on cars and bikes for many, many years and have never seen anything like this happen to a vehicle because it didn’t get “torqued” within the 25 mile limit, per VIP policy. I assume mechanics are suppose to at least use a pneumatic wrench to tighten lug-nuts, not just “finger” tighten lug-nuts. The degree of looseness of these lug-nuts on this one particular tire suggests they were “finger” tightened.


Lifetime tire and alignment is a scam

Bought four new 15" tires for my VW last November for $768 including a "Lifetime Tire and Alignment Warranty." Nice tires but one of the four has a slow leak so I returned today for the first time in a year to have the tire fixed. Thirty minutes after dropping it off they give me a call - the affected tire is supposedly so worn (BS) that it can't be fix per company policy. The tire has a little over 10,000 miles on it and appears to be in good shape. But it got better - because the tire can't be fixed, it also can't be replaced without voiding the warranty for the other three tires - so no free alignments as promised and no tire rotations as promised. The good news? Oh, Brian was able to find me a "good" deal on four new tires... Fool me once, shame on you... Did they really think I'd buy four new tires because I have a small air leak? I'll never set foot in that VIP again.


Closed early after telling me to come on down.

I went to the Biddeford VIP, after having called to check what time they close and the lady told me to head on over. We get there 15 minutes of closing, the lady should have been expecting me, and they had send their technician home and the only lady working the store was out back counting her drawer. How are you open until 6 if you have no technician and you're counting the only drawer down? I needed a simple 2 tire mounting! I drove almost an hour to get there and waited in line for over 5 minutes for the guy to tell me "we're two different parts of the store, VIP is closed." CLOSED AT 5:48?!! Don't tell me to head over if you plan on closing before the time you told me to come in!!!!


They put our lives at RISK!

I went to VIP in Augusta Maine! It was horrid! They had no idea what they were doing and didnt do things right. Despite the fact that they knew I was relocating cross country with children in my vehicle! So the day came to leave mind you I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at this VIP location. I got on the Highway and made it to new hampshire. My car was in worse driving condition than before they worked on it. SO naturally I went to another VIP location and according to them they would take care of it. The mechanic say "wow your lucky you made it, your ball joints are in bad condition". So to make it safe I purchased ball joints, new tires, and an alignment! Well I made it cross country, and a month has gone by and something wasnt right. So i found a mechanic and made an appointment. VIP did not even tighten down the ball joint, so in turn this ruined the alignment and also my brand new tires (60,000 mile tires a month old!). I was lucky I went to this new mechanic as my tire was getting ready to fold in underneath my vehicle and the ball joint ready to let go. They put my families lives in sever danger. They are not trustworthy. LACK OF CONCERN FOR SAFETY, AS WELL AS KNOWLEDGE. HANDS DOWN WORST ESTABLISHMENTS I HAVE EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH!


Oil Change Cost Too Much

I used to be a regular at VIP but recently they've just gotten money hungry! I had an oil change and filter on a 2007 Toyota that cost me $70.49! I asked for GTX Castrol high mileage which sells in their store for 6.99/quart. They charged me 9.99/quart plus other extras like a 12.00 "oil change specialty" charge which I'm not sure what that is, plus other misc. add-ons. I usually get this same exact oil change and filter at Wal-mart for about 46.00 total, so you can be sure I'm not going back to VIP again!


Regarding air conditioner

I am sending this to let in hopes that you can help me my air condition stop blowing cool air for a couple days, at that time I stopped at VIP I asked them if they could charge my air condition he told me that it would cost me $70.00 for checking the system and they told me that the system was okay so I said could you charge the system they said yes, I waited over an hour finally they came out and said that I could charge it myself and save money and they would help me do it I didn't not want to do it, and asked them to do it and finally they went back in the garage and they came out and told me that my compressor was no good after all that, when I brought the car over my compressor was not making noise when I left the compressor was houling like ***, no one knew what happened, I went back in three days to talk to the manager, and came out and checked he did not know what to think or what happened and that's the way it stayed, I don't know what to think, but something happened. Thank you



I made an appointment to get two tires for my 2010 Honda fit. I had had a blowout so I was on the spare. The appointment was set for two days away so when I got there at 2 o'clock i expected to be in and out in 20 minutes. I waited in their waiting room for two hours. Finally the guy came out and told me they didn't have the tires. This is the last time. I've been screwed over by VIP auto parts More times than I care to remember. Next time, I'll stick with my local mechanic.


John Consumer

VIP Stillwater Ave My wife took our car to get an inspection on our 2012 Toyota, Pruis, and VIP tried to sell her new tires, an air filter and brakes. What a rip off place. She told VIP thank you, but take it off the rack and paid the bill and walked out of there. We still had to pay $12.50 for the inspection. I will not take anything to them or recommend the business to my friends. We took our car to Sullivan Tire and the car passed inspection with no issues. My advise is Beware of VIP. Pissed off customer!


Inspection upscale

Took an older vehicle in on 5/31/13 at 4:00 hense last day of month for thick to try and make his upscale quota. I just had truck in the local vocational school for 8 months being completely restored. All new parts, new paint job and freshly under coated. Walked in with a special of 6.95 inspection sticker expired being in garage so long. He tried to tell me I needed a few things that I didn't already replaced. Have receipts for he stood by his inspection. They tried to rip me off for a lot of money. I drove the truck a total of two miles from the school to the shop to be told this will be making complaint with attorney generals office.


Unsatisfied with service/vip broke stud during tire rotation wanted to charge 150.00

My wife brought her car in for a tire rotation (bought tires from VIP) the tech doing the work broke the stud. VIP rep said that you don't have the part and would have to order it for only a few dollars. He proceeded to tell my wife that there would be a fee of $70.00 hr. to fix it and the total would be about $ 150.00. I have changed studs many times and never have had it take two hours to do it. My wife has had other problems with this VIP location and I believe they are trying to take advantage of her. The location is in Augusta , Maine. 207-622-****. I want the car fixed and I don't think my wife should have to pay for it. I think they could do a lot better with customer service.


Mr. Julian Cannell

Took my 2001 Yukon XL to Belfast Store 8am 3/27 to have studded snow tires removed and replaced with my 'summer' tires. Received telephone call that 3 tires were badly worn and needed to be replaced despite the fact they had been purchased from VIP in 2010, less than 15,000 miles. Returned to store and salesman said he would give me a discount, $425 for three tires. Came back to pick up vehicle - price was $475, pay or not get my keys. I signed a work order for the removal of the snow tires; none signed for the purchase of three replacements. During the last 7-years, I've spent more than $4,000 at this VIP store; and it's not the $50, but rather whether I can ever trust your company again, especially since there has been almost a complete turnover in staff. Inv. no. is 960953. My phone no. is 338.6568. I expect a response from corporate.



I went in there to pick up some brake fluid and power steering fluid and I was wondering if they could run a diagnostic on my car because my engine light was on And the guy goes to get the machine and goes we lost it we can't find it how ridiculous is that I mean how do you lose a machine that your company is supposed to have around I've heard and read many complaints about VIP auto place is not want to run diagnostics and there was like 5 people just standing around talking Doing nothing it was it was sad really I mean how can a company survive if people don't know how to keep their equipment around the building and 5 people standing around doing nothing Like I would want them to work on my car Yeah right



William said it best "At best, they are incompetent. At worst, they are thieves. Worst auto service experience ever. " While I am usually so good at reading Yelp reviews I failed to this time and will not again. I frequented VIP's in Maine and NH without a problem I figured this was a no-brainer for what I thought would be a simple fix. It all started on Wednesday morning. I went out to go to work and my Jeep was dead. I figured I left on a light or something and had my husband drive me to work. I came home and tried it again. Still dead. Called AAA they came out and it was not the battery. It was making a clicking sound and after about 20 minutes the AAA mechanic said it was the starter. I called VIP and made an appointment for Friday. I dropped it off, they said they would put in a new starter and if that didn't work they would call me. It was towed in and then done sometime Friday. Around 5:30 they called and said it was fixed and ready to be picked up but needed to be done in the next 15 minutes. I said I would be in on Saturday to get it. Saturday afternoon we went over. I went in, paid for it and went out to my jeep only to find out it was still dead! No clicking but dead! The tech came running over said he drove it in and out of the garage today and it was fine. It seemed like the battery was dead. He ran in to get the manager. The manager was a slicked up grease ball who asked what the problem was. Here is the conversation. Me: "It won't start. You said it was fixed" Manager: "I will not look at it unless you pay a $95 diagnostic fee." Me: "It has not even left the lot yet and I am not paying anymore money." Manager: "I will test the battery" Me: "Thanks, it seems dead" Manager: Goes in and gets some sort of reader and he said " not the battery, you a really expensive wiring issue on my hands". Me: "This did not make sense if it did really start an hour ago why it wouldn't now. " My husband furious at this point: "Just take out this starter then it must be defective" Manager: "Fine if you pay for labor then and then you will have no starter at all" Throws key at me and says have a great day sarcastically. Words could not describe how much I wanted to hurt this man. The tech said he was very sorry, he did the work himself and it was really working. We left. I have never hated a garage so much. Well that was until this morning when Direct tire said that the battery was in fact dead and the manager was obviously trying to get me to pay $95 to jump it or even worse make up some non-excistant issue. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the tech accidently left a light on and the manager was not using the voltage meter right but deep down in my heart I feel these men are thieves and crooks and I hope no one ever gives them business again.


VIP Tire and Auto - deceptive business practices

I recently bought tires at VIP and needed them mounted. I called to set up a time to come and asked how long it would take. The associate (John) siad that depends on what I was having done. I said "mount the tires." He asked if I wanted them balanced and aligned. I said "tell me what it cost." His answer: "regular install: $141.92, plus alignment would add $82.99, or there is the 'lifetime package' with balancing, rotation, changing to snow tires for $271.99." I told him I wanted the bare bones, no frills mount, balance, and dispose of old tires. When I got there I was told it would take about an hour and they could start right away. John took the keys without showing me the work order and I left to do some shopping. When I came back 45 minutes later they had my car up on the jacks with the hood open (!) and had not even started mounting the tires. A guy came out of the shop and proceeded to show me a "Multipoint Inspection Form" which I had not authorized and proceeded to inform me that my shocks were bad, my ball joint needed replacing (which was not news to me but this is not what I came to VIP for) and that my transmission and steering fluid needed replacing. He tried to use scare tactics about how some procedure needed to be done according to scheduled maintenence every 20,000 miles and how "no one would touch it" if I didn't get it done soon. Even though I wanted to tell him to stop wasting my time with this *** and get on with mounting my tires, I sat down in the waiting room and waited. And waited. And waited. While I was waiting I overheard several phone conversations from an associate's side, where a customer was calling to ask what something cost and the associate was trying very hard to "upsell" and convince the customer they needed to spend and additional $50-$100 for "safety" or some kind of promise of service if needed in the future. Finally after 1-1/2 hrs they had finished putting on my tires, I signed the work order, also was intimidated into signing their "inspection form," paid and went out to my vehicle. Since I didn't trust them at this point I checked my valve caps. Sure enough, the nice ones that looked like dice and had brass threads were gone and had been replaced with cheesy plastic ones. I stormed back inside and demanded my valve caps back, which I got. John told me rather lamely that new valve caps were part of the standard "service." When I got home I took a good look at the "work order" which had a $61.96 charge for "road hazard." It also had a $14 charge for "valve or TPMS cap/core." my vehicle does not have a tire pressure monitoring system, so I went out to check if they had replced the valve stems. Nope, five years of road grime told me that these were the same valve stems I went in with. The next day I returned to the VIP store and first went to the shelf to see what those plastic valve caps cost if you buy them straight up. $1.49. I went to the counter with the package and asked to speak with Steve, whoc is the manager. I told him I wanted to talk with him about my experience the previous day and get his take one it. I started with the $14 charge for the valve caps. He replied that this was a service so the cost was higher. And besides, he said, they had replaced the valve stems. I replied that it was news to me that brand new valve stems came with five years of road grime on them and perhaps he would like to come outside and see for himself, maybe run his finger on the valve stem and THEN tell me with a straight face that VIP had put on new valve stems. He checked one and agreed that it was not new. I invited him to check the other three which he declined. We went back inside and talked further, away from the counter. By this time John had vanished from the counter area. I asked him whether he would have written up a work order the same way if a customer said they wanted a bare bones, no frills tire mounting. He said no, it would have been $80 more (!) because of the alignment. I asked him if he approved of the practice of writing out work orders that have upselling charges that the customer doesn't want and not only did he agree with the policy, he tried to chide me for not letting VIP do an alignment for $80! Seriously he went into the zombie spiel about how I needed to do this for my own "safety." Do these guys think that if you're female, you have the word '***' written on your forehead. I asked him to drop it and get on with the real issue, and he started to chew me out for not being polite enough to him. I pointed out that he was wasting my time and that all he was going to accomplish was to waste more of it and get me even more angry. Finally he asked if I would be ok with him removing the $14 charge for the cheapo plastic valve caps and the $61.96 for the "road hazard" which I didn't want in the first place and had no intention of using and I said I thought this was the least he could do. So we went back to the counter and it took about 15 minutes for him to type in whatever he needed to type in to reverse the charges. While we were there, a gal at the counter tried to convince me that they had indeed put shrader valves INSIDE the valve stems (um sure, you put in the metal parts but left the rubber outer part? really?) After the unwanted charges were refunded, he asked if they could do the 25-50 mile re-torque and I replied a) I am not going to let any employee of VIP auto anywhere near my vehicle again. ever. b) I know how to use a torque wrench. c) they are STEEL rims and do not NEED re-torquing (unless you didn't torque to the proper N-cm inthe first place maybe?) I wished them a nice day and left. I used to go in there to buy tools and accessories but I will never ever set foot in any VIP again. I know darn well that their corporate model is to pressure the franchise managers to get their associates to hornswoggle consumers into paying $250 for what should be a $80 job. If they don't corporate HQ gives them gried. I just don't see how this corporate model of deceptive "upselling" is going to work in the long term. Customer loyalty can only be earned, it cannot be forced. The corporate model is to get the guys on the front line to scare the customers into expensive and useless tweaks and insurance which are purported to be for the "safety' of the customer. Give me a break, it is your bottom line you are thinking of and NOT the customer and this is how you wipe out customer loyalty. I shouldn't have to fight for the service I want but that is how VIP operates nowadays. Stay far away unless you enjoy wasting your time and arguing with idiots who are trying to put their hadn in your wallet saying it is for your own good. Bye bye guys, it was nice while VIP had some integrity, but now that you are pulling the "let's use our most shameless business practice on a woman, she won't notice," we are done.

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