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VersaTube has a 3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 36 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 19th position out of 211 companies.


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Poor customer service

Tried to order a 24x24 car port for michigan. I got nothing but the run around for 3 weeks. Price was constantly changing. Never could get in touch with sales rep. Full mail box, everything done thru text messages. Got to the part where there was shipping and was told I was responsible for unloading the delivery. What normal.person has a fork lift sitting there waiting for a load to be delivered? Then was told it would be an extra $300. We were done.


$4k carport recked after 40th winds

Versa tube guarantees winds at 60 mph until you contact customer service and if you install it they wont take any responsibility for it.


This company sold me a building in May of this year. the building arrived but the kit requires a $480.00 engineering stamp. They did not inform me of this and I have to wait 90 days for this stamp.

The product should be engineered with an engineering stamp that states the building meets or exceeds the requirements if local codes are met. I must now wait 90 more days for this stamp after paying an additional $480.00.


No Customer Service

Sales people were Johnny on the spot, but customer service no existent. They do not answer calls. No were does it say you have to have equipment on site or that materials would need to be hand unloaded.


Technical support

Only 2 of 5 frames fit together for the 14 ft measurements needed which in turn made roof waves. Extremely disappointed and to boot i ran out of screws by 30 and have been waiting since may 3 for replacements. While waiting I taped loose sides to prevent wind damage but it damaged anyway. Attached pics. Partial discount and replacement panel would be nice. Very unhappy. I helped my brother in law build his with no issues is to why I bought mine.


Not interested in my business

I first went on line to get a quote on a 24x40 garage. I needed financing and they required a percentage down before the order can be processed. I found out Home Depot sells Vesatube and I could get a Project loan from them with no money down and a good interest rate. Only catch was I had to order through HD Pro desk and could not talk to the Vesatube engineer. I already had a existing slab and needed to order for the size slab i had. I got no response back from HD who was doing the e-mail communication with Vesatube. I called Vesatube customer service and was told she would take care of it and from that point on no more follow ups at all by Vesatube or HD which assured me they would get back with me one way or another. Big customer service problem with these companies. They talk nice to you but no follow through on getting the sale. I realize HD only makes money on the interest of the loan but completely left me hanging for over 3 weeks as did Vesatube. Oh well Im moving on and will never recommend Vesatube and have lost confidence in HDs customer loyalty.


Didn’t receive the hardware for my carport

I ordered my carport August 12 I received it September 11 all that came was the frame several weeks later the sides came. Contracted somebody to put it up for me found out there was no hardware no nuts no bolts no screws and washers nothing contacted the company never got an answer and never got to talk to anybody never replied. Left my phone number several times


Not Happy!

I purchased a 12ft.x30ft. garage and received the frame in about 4 weeks. The estimate and panel plan had completely left the sides out. So when I picked up the panels there was no side sheets. My complaint is that versaTube customer service gets a big F. You call them they don't answer their phones or email you back. They become silent after the purchased....SAD!


Versa Tube came through for a children's charity!

I am the Executive Director of a major children's charity in Southern California. We had an issue last fall with parts that were missing for a large unit that we purchased for a storage area on our property. We were frustrated by the lack of service by one salesperson at Versa Tube and ended our last conversation with him with no hope that anything would be done to fix the problem. I struggled with his lack of customer service, feeling that it just couldn't be their policy. I finally decided to do something that I have never done - write a bad review.. As soon as the review posted we were contacted by a wonderfully helpful person who was willing to do everything she could to get a full refund to us for the missing parts. We couldn't have appreciated her help more, especially during a time that funds are very tight for nonprofits. In addition to the refund, which they readily sent to us they have committed to making a generous donation to our charity. Versa Tube didn't have to do this but it just goes to show the A+ quality of their company. I wholeheartedly withdraw my original negative review and have nothing but praise and thanks to Versa Tube for bending over backwards to solve this issue for us.


Nope won't use them

After calling and leaving messages and emailing, I didn't hear from my 'engineer' until I told them don't bother I'll go somewhere else. Low and behold the guy calls me. Glad I read the reviews seems like a big problem with this company.


Horrible customer service

5 weeks after they charged my credit card... I canceled the charge because noone ever contacted me till day after the credit card cancellation. One of the times i called i was informed that my shelter had already been delivered and was put on hold for a digustusting amount of time. Luckily i didn't pay off ny credit card at the billing cycle but my credit rating hit a 25+ decrease! I am mad as *** Versitube is a Complete waste of time... Robert


Customer service

The customer service is none existence for this company. Took me a couple weeks and many emails to get a response. Then the engineer took a week and me emailing him to tell me he couldnt find the original order.He asked for same info as the first time .Meanwhile he is emailing his superiors telling them lies( and they are emailing me what he says) about what i say . So finally about a month goes by and he shoots me a quote of just a back enclosure which i wanted and shipping was more then metal. Which i would of paid for but by then i was done. Im framing my wall and putting siding on and they can keep there *** Every chance i get they grt a bad review word to the people


POOR customer service

I tried online buying (10) 1 foot 2" tube height extensions for my carport from the VersaTube site on Sunday but couldn't complete the order. I then emailed the company on Monday to get a final price on the items and get my online order going. No reply. I phoned VersaTube on Wednesday and got voice mail. I left a message to call me back please. This is Friday evening and still no call, email.


Seal of engraining should be in each box sold (IT's NOT) $920

Updated by user Feb 12, 2019
VersaTube is trying to make it right for me now. VersaTube has since contacted me.

They were able to offer me $200 for the seal of engineer to make it right.

They have also sent me additional crossmembers for wind load in my city, at no additional charge. Thank you for working with me VersaTube

Original review Jan 29, 2019
Buyer Beware= I bought a VersaTube 20x20 carport over 2 years ago. I was not aware we needed a seal of engraining for something that comes in a box from Lowes or any retailer. My carport is not touching any part of my house or structure. I got sighted from the city saying I could no even get a permit for the VersaTube unless I have the seal of engraining. I thought ok called VersaTube $920 for a seal of engraining. It's not done at $920 then I have the cost of the permit too.


My VersaTube pole building collapsed!

I purchased a metal frame building from Versa Tube, which their engineers designed for the area of Minnesota I live in. The building collapsed! I purchased a VersaTube metal frame building from Menards in Hermantown, Minnesota. The building was designed by the engineers at VersaTube, for the area of minnesota I live in. The building was 32' wide X 36' long and 12.5' tall. I purchased the building in September 2013 and it was built that same month. On Febraury 21, 2014 only 6 months after the construction of the building, it collapsed during a snowfall. The warranty states "The VersaTube Product Pledge What exactly is a Product Pledge? It's quite simple . . . the Pledge is our way of showing that we're proud of our products and the level of quality that they represent. Your building will go through an extensive inspection process prior to leaving our plant, but if any component should not meet your expectations, we'll be glad to replace the part at no charge within 30 days of purchase. The only criteria that must be met is that you bought the building from VersaTube, the damage wasn't caused by customer modifications or mishandling, and that the building was erected within 4 months of purchase. This section of the Pledge applies to any of the materials supplied with our building kits for one year from the date of purchase. The second part of the VersaTube Product Pledge provides a 20 year structural warranty on all framing components of our buildings from the date of purchase. Of course, the defect can't be caused by customer modifications or negligence, an unanticipated Act of God or nature, an accident, or any type of internal or external impact. Improper assembly or installation may also void the warranty. The customer is responsible for performing standard building maintenance and inspections on a regular basis. We reserve the right to repair or replace any part that might not meet expectations. VersaTube is proud to put our name on the buildings we manufacture for our customers and stand behind their quality with our industry leading Product Pledge." I have contacted VersaTube, and they are not willing to honor the Warranty. VersaTube told me that I should file a claim with my homeowners Insurance company. The building was designed by VersaTube Engineers for the part of the country I live in before I ever built it. Now they are saying that It has been an abnormally snowy winter and because of this, they don't have to honor the warranty. We have not broken any snowfall records in Saginaw, Minnesota this year. These buildings should not be sold to customers in Minnesota or other states that get snowfall. VersaTube uses Homeowners Insurance as a copout to honor their warranty. I paid 6300.00 for the metal frame from Menards. Menards tells me that all warranty issues go directly thru VersaTube.

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