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Venmo has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 3300 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 6th position out of 165 companies.


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Mal servicio no contestan mis mensajes ni mis imails y mi cuenta tiene tres semanas bloqueada y no me resuelven mi problema


Need help

i had my venmo card and they froze my account can you please help me unfreeze my account so i will be able to use my account


Feel like I'm being scammed

This scam email tried get 550 dollars from me. I sent proof off emails so you can let your main office know there's a new scam.



I need to find out the identity of someone who holds this vanilla account I was defrauded a 1400 through an ad on Craigslist for a rental property Name Kimberly Weber 8923 @Kimberly-Weber-85 Last four digits of phone number I attempted to send the money the event to an account he gave me I have been told by that note that that account is still active the person who has that account is involved in this fraud. Because I was in Italy and trying to do it over the internet my bank would not approve the transaction and eventually I had the money Wired from my Bank of America account through the Bank of America account of a woman in California Elizabeth J Hicks who I assume is an elderly with a dormant account which they obtained access to and they had me send the money to this account and immediately withdrew it



I have been trying for YEARS to add my DCU bank account onto my account, but keep being told that its on another account. Nobody else has access to my bank information and clearly nobody is taking this issue seriously because Im getting nowhere. My bank tells me to call venmo because its an issue in your side not theirs. I have already provided multiple documentation, including statements, my ID, my bank card, and my tax form from my bank and clearly this isnt suffice enough. I already have my bank card on file from the same bank but apparently in order for me to avoid transfer fees I have to add the routing and account number but your company is not allowing it. I think me trying to do this over many years. Ive been more than patient, but if this is not resolved by Friday, I am going to be reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau and the attorney general. Also, I will be posting all email transcripts on social media and we all know how powerful social media could be. Look forward to getting this issue resolved by the end of the week. Mary JoLynne Sousa


Resolved: My account was frozen. I called to get it fixed.

Updated by user Aug 22, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jul 23, 2023
Yes there is still the ONLY issue with them. This is seriously messed up. So basically the issue here is that my friend had sent me money on Venmo. They froze my account. With no warning or communication with me, the customer, whatsoever. I call Venmo. They tell me that it needs to be handled by an account specialist but there is no way to reach that department. And the process can take up to 7 business days to get fixed but to wait for their email and respond back to them. The only person to email me has been someone from support with the link to upload pictures of my ID so that Im prepared. I still havent heard from any account specialist. Ive called every single day since then. They cant tell me why it was frozen. Just that it was against company guidelines. What guidelines? Oh they say it could be a wide variety of things. They wouldnt want to speculate. And evidently the specialist team has an overflow of accounts they need to handle and thats why its taking so long. I told them if there are that many customer accounts that they have done this to thats not a good company anyway. I told them there is no reason this cannot be handled with a phone call to verify myself and they unfreeze it right then, you know, like a bank would. Nope. Im still waiting. Still calling. Still being told nothing. Still frozen. The only thing this company is allowing me to do with my account is to request money from someone. Oh they can send it to me and get locked with the rest of the money they are keeping from me? Idiots man.. like Wtf. Worst. Company. In. Existence. Period.



My best friends mother allowed her to use her debit card I lent her money, because she had a daughter age 7 that needs a kidney transplant and goes to the Childrens Hospital 6 days week. She gets in fight with her mother. Her mother closes down a debit card and swear she has no knowledge of herself or her daughter having a Venmo account and next thing I know my account is frozen and I owe $765.I am a victim in the situation and at this point, I feel that Stephanie should be the one paying back her mother not me again shes the one that had authorization to use the card and again I am the victim and now my account has been frozen for almost a month waiting for Venmo to get done their investigation they are doing the best that they can I can only hope with the information I submitted that they will find in my favor and unfreeze my account so I can continue living my life and not having this debt held over my head because of a mother daughter fight .


Authorize funds to shien

Thanks for resolving the one draft but there wear two draft one right after each other same amount did order this


Because venmo locked my account and I have $120 in there. It’s my money and I want it immediately

The whole point of identity checks is to resolve problems with issues that pertain directly to personal information which can be easily addressed by the customer. Venmo asks questions such as what was your debit card number 10 years ago and then when the person cant answer, they are supposed to be an identity issue? Ridiculous and Irresponsible behavior. I want my money back and I will be able to keep it in a more secure place. Thank you Shannon Marie Eells (713) 367-****


I’m still waiting for Venmo to refund my money which I don’t have access to because for some ridiculous reason my identity was questioned. I provided all of the verification information with the excep

Venmo has been holding a deposit sent to me by my father for months, as they decided to lock me out of my account for no reason. I can provide proof of my identity any day of the week, but as my father , John Eells deposited another $70 to my account today I want my money and I want Venmo to stop taking advantage of people


Cuenta suspendida y dinero congelado

Tarjeta inválida, aló mejor le marqué mal por no sabes usar, vemo solo quería cobrar el dinero lo más pronto, ya que es por trabajo el dinero que recibí, no tengo id usa para corroborar la cuenta, porque solo cuento con ife y pasaporte de mi país agradezco que me ayuden a resolver este caso de antemano luchas gracias que tengan lindo día


I'm having trouble sending bitcoin

Error coded bitcoin was put on hold as I tried to transfer and it just would not allow me to it's been a few days now and it has not transferred over it's like it's been put on hold forever so I have not been able to transfer it to my Bitcoin to another account and I'm not understanding why so now it's being transferred to IT to have it figured out why


Locked account

So I accidentally gif Venmo account for 350 in Venmo and. another 80 it bitcoins which I didnt do and then another 350 which I thought I could use but feel victim to using Robinhood was a legit website vur I keep calling and tbh say they would help me but so far hasnt heard back and I really need my money back and also on my ba k statement said I would get my money back in on the 6th but havent and havent heard back but I have emails and receipt so pls pls look into this so I can get my money recoiled and also in the negative balance with regions bc that money was taken out and the money was suppose to go back into my bank account but havent heard back so I need us to pls asap return my funds I have emailed and receipts! I really appreciate your help and getting this resolved! Thx and god please!


I was scammed

Just want my 200.00 back. This guy has also been harassing me! But venmo took out the money out of my account. I reported right away. And this guy never game me my fridge I bought. We are livid. And if I don't get my money back I am going to get rid of venmo and put a bad review. Ya all need better security!


No puedo transferir ami cuenta

Intento agregar mi tarjeta, pero es rechazada no solo una, sino las que intente agregar ala cuenta de la aplicación es azuln / A Delawarecicatrizgramola ee a mítrouy yodiputadoorotcomió te SíúdArkansasa

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