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2.5/5 - based on 1200 reviews

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Veer Cosmetics has a 2.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1200 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 9th position out of 955 companies.


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(888) 674-5852

7250 S Durango, Dr #130-282,, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89113-2241, United States

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Faulty foundation pumps

I am a professional makeup artist. I replaced all my foundations in my kit with Veer HD foundation because I loved the product so much. This company was so connected to their customers, I was called to see how satisfied I was. But after a year, it was time to restock. I ordered more foundation. Once the product arrived, none of the pumps worked. I don't need to tell you that opening the bottles to pour out product only contaminates the foundation. I called and emailed the company I kid you not 10 times. Only to have to leave a voice message every time. Not once did I receive a call back or an email in return. If you are looking for a makeup company that cherishes their customers, this is not the place for you. I eventually had to throw away all my foundations and start fresh. Which I don't need to tell you is a big expense. VEER; LOVE THEIR PRODUCT, BUT HATE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


Need to cancel

Been trying to cancel for the last 3 months and still receiving products.I have tried emails and the customer service number but had no luck!


Return product and cancel subscription

No body called me back when I left several messages that they should call me back and I told them to cancel my subscription and they have not yet Please cancel all my Fucckin subscription please!!!


I want to stop the monthly order

I have more than enough cosmetics.Veer cosmetics keeps charging me monthly, and I dont want to make up anymore


Return product and cancel subscriptioncos

I didnt like the product so I wanted to send it back and the wouldnt even call me back so I am sending my products back to them


They overcharged my credit card!!! They won’t get back to me

I ordered 1 concealer and was charged for the concealer and 60.64!!! I only ordered the concealer from you


No One Answers the Phone or Returns Emails for 6 Months Now!!

Updated by user May 24, 2023
Still the same. No one picks up the phone or answer emails.

Updated by user May 24, 2023
It has been 8 months now & I still cannot get an answer on the phone or emails returned.

Original review Apr 24, 2023
I order from Veer in Bulk & I have been trying to place an order for 6 months now. No one will pick up the phone or answer my emails. On my last order (6 months ago) I was missing 6 of the Natural. So they still owe me 6 bottles of the foundation. I have never known a company that did not answer the phone or answer emails. So disappointed!!


I don't want any more of your products and don't take any more money out of my account

Need to talk to some one don't need any more of your make up plz stop sending it . I have contacted my card so no more money off my card debet


Exchange sent february 28. Still haven’t got!

Not very good at the moment! Exchange service too slow!!! Need my makeup now please!!! Send please! Need it


My exchange order

Sent bk 5bottles of makeup for exchange with a phouo of receipt and tracking number. Have not received


Trying to return and they sent more

Trying to get my refund I have tracking number they received the product back. I cant get in touch with any customer service!


Cancelation of order

My granddaughter placed this order by accident, i did not authorize it and i want it canceled today and money put back in my account asap. STILL NO RESPONSE FROM VEER


Order cancelation

I have not gotten no response from VEER at all !!! My 11 yr old granddaughter made this order by accident it was not authorized and I WANT MY DAMN MONEY BACK TODAY!!!


Check on order for make up

I was on hold for a while then got disconnected. I had a standing order fire 2 bottles of medium beer makeup every other month. I have not received my last order.


I have no review, just want to place an order please. I need to place an order please of 3 foundations

Please let me know how to order. Your phone number does not work. Please call me or email me for my order. I need to order three bottles please please please return by email or phone call or 865-966-****.

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