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1.7/5 - based on 276 reviews

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Valvoline Instant Oil Change has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 276 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 20th position out of 1094 companies.


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100 Valvoline Way, Lexington, Kentucky, 40509, United States

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Valvoline Instant Oil Change Reviews


To get a coupon

I wants a oil change thought it be for the best. For my car so it wont break down.and your coupon saves me money.


They pulled the tranny filter instead of oil filter and acted like it was no big deal… then the manager started running his mouth

Updated by user May 03, 2023
Now is leaking transmission fluid…. Pulled I. And said not allowed back … the issue needs to be fix….

Original review May 03, 2023
The manager at enumclaw was rude and disrespectful after they made a mistake and started talking to other employees after I asked him how they did t know the difference between oil filter and transmission filter then I got out of my truck and told him that if he wants to talk about the issue talk to me not be disrespectful about it and he kicked me out of the place didnt change oil and didnt put new filter on or add fluid said I can never come back worst customer service ever. Will be taking all my service else where


Come change oil and never get a discount

Never received coupons in the mail. Bring all my cars here. I have five different cars. Two of them are Mopars and has nothing but full synthetic oil and it takes seven courts


Received email account deletion

Received an email stating that my account has been deleted. Called customer service they assured me that it is not deleted that it was an auto generated message due to a system upgrade. Nothing to worry about.


Bad customer service, lack of integrity from Valvoline manager

I am editing my review and downgrading this Valvoline oil change shop on Ogden Ave. in Lisle IL from 5 stars to 1 star. Let me tell you why: I purchased a $200 battery for my Tucson on October 2022 from them after the assistant manager Miguel said the battery needed replacement. Last week Wednesday the Tucson completely died. No clicks, no lights, I mean nothing. In desperation I called the Hyundai Pugi dealership. They sent a courtesy tow truck. The driver couldn't start the Tucson and it was towed to the dealership. The service department returned the Tucson on Saturday, the diagnostic was a completely dead battery! And it would not hold charge. (Their repair invoice is attached) and they had to put in a new battery. It cost me an extra $300 to replace a three month old battery. When I went to Valvoline to explain what had happened. The young store manager (Ed Julian) not only raised his voice but acted beyond arrogance and told me I should have towed the Tucson to Valvoline. How could I know it's the battery? And why would I have it tow the Tucson to a lube shop? Needless to say this young managers argued with me in a very irritating and coarse manner and told me to get out! We wonder service is so pathetic and bad in our country. This is a great example of a young manager not knowing how to handle customers complaints and how to keep customers. Take away from this: I was taking two cars for oil change there on a regular basis, of course no more. And i will do my best to make sure they don't get any business from me, my friends, my neighbors, my colleagues and anyone I can reach out to in my area . This young manager did not even let me tell them that I did not want any moneys back from them, but at least a simple courtesy discount of some sort on my next oil changes. That would have settled this. Acting in true arrogance he and Valvoline lost a good customer. I've attached the bills for the most expensive battery replacement from Valvoline.(Invoice 31974) Caution and fair warning: DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THE OGDEN LISLE VALVOLINE SHOP. THEY DON'T STAND BEHIND THEIR WORDS AND DON'T WANT TO RETAIN THEIR BEST CUSTOMERS. Here is my previous recommendation: Excellent service. Very knowledgeable people. Caring and professional. Cost wise better than independent repair shops, Firestone, Jiffy lube, and dealers. And, fast service. Highly recommend


Below standard service

Stopped in at a Valvoline service center for an oil change @060036 Streetsboro Ohio # 1 they left large dirty hand prints on both sides of my truck on top and side of front fenders. t# 2 They always check tire pressure which they marked on the customer sheet as checked but did not ?? # 3 They did not top off washer fluid as they normally do. For reference invoice 226900 store 060036


Checkplease contact the company again no response as of yet claim status

Low oil replacement that caused damage to motor the timing chains and cylinders heads was damaged took the car to dean team volkswagon and the evaluation was damage due to low oil . And there is no oil leaks or any cause of burning oil


Quick easy affordable service that was easy to understand!

Fast Quality Service, great customer service with easy to understand diagnostics explained by that technician in an easy way that was easy to understand. Polite and Courteous, not too bad of a price and my car was ready within 20 minutes of being there. Friendly and worked quickly.


Unsatisfied Experience

Hello, I would like to take a moment to share with you my experience today at your location in Waxhaw, NC. 28173. Arrived around 10am this morning and was looking to get my car inspected as well as an oil change service. Immediately I am told, no inspection because the guy didn't show. I hung in there anyway and figured, well I'm here, so mine as well get my oil changed. I select synthetic blend and they begin to work on my car. Oil was changed and noticed that what is advertised was not performed. No checks other than windshield washer fluid. No air filter, no 18 point check, no tire pressure, etc. I asked the kid working, is anyone going to check my tires, and he responds "ok, I will". Then I was told the synthetic blend was good for 5k - 6k. The sticker was printed and totaled 3k. I asked why 3k if you claim 5-6k. He tells me, that's what the computer prints. Not sure, but seems like a marketing scam. Advertise upgraded oil, and then hope you forget you were told 5-6k, and just keep an eye on the window sticker and hope we come back in the mileage advertised on the window. I'm sure this works for many, but it's extremely misleading and not a good reflection of an honest business model. I'm not someone whoever takes the time to sit down and send a review of my visit like this, but was honestly disappointed from the time I arrived until the time I paid and left. Hoping to hear back from someone pertaining to my experience.


Issue at branch

Original review Oct 28, 2022
Hello, During my visit today at Valvoline, located 222 Brighton Ave. Allston, MA 02134. I had the worst interaction that I have ever had at any Valvoline.


Damaged my car

Original review Sep 14, 2022
Mills River NC Valvoline Technician failed to torque oil drain plug, which subsequently fell out while driving less than 25 miles. Contacted service center. Had car towed back to them. They confirmed drain plug missing, replaced plug/oil & said it should be fine. Heard engine knocking sound upon driving away. Immediately to to Dealer repair center who determined severe engine damage & car unsafe to drive. Valvoline unwilling to take responsibility. Filed a complaint with NC Dept of Consumer Affairs.


Bad servive

They told my battery needed changed.I went to second opinion they said my battery was fine.I will never go again.they lied too me.They trued to get one more money from very dishonest will not be back.


Bad experience

You did not provide the services that I had requested and instead, put down on the receipt, they had used 6 qts of synthetic oil, when in fact I had specifically said I had asked the attendants for regular oil.I think it's only fair, that I be refunded my money. Thank You for any help with this matter.


To file a complaint

Got oil changed, not fixed plus other done$344.20, towed home $135, husband fixed the problem they made, they pwe oil&filter ,my engine had oil over it( none on it before), plus all over my new windshield git put in the day before $575,83, and all could have been avoided if they put on oil filter correctly. I am beyond mad plus was a costly mistake on their behalf not mine. Manager acted like it was my fault and not theirs. I trusted them to do the job.


Valvoline destroyed auto engine

On May 16, my 18 year-old grandson took his car, a 2005 Scion, into the Valvoline oil change shop on Watson Road in Sunset Hills, MO. The receipt claims the shop changed the oil, with four quarts of fresh oil. Twelve days later, on May 28, the engine of his car slowed and then stopped, stranding him on the side of Interstate 55. I had the vehicle towed to the repair shop I've used for 15+ years, the Firestone auto care shop on Manchester Road in Kirkwood, MO. Their inspection showed the engine is ruined, having "seized up" due to an apparent lack of oil. The car, both from their inspection and my experience, has no oil leaks of any kind. I told them Valvoline had changed the oil 12 days previous to the incident. The manager of the Firestone store, in my presence, had his mechanics open the oil filler plug and drain it to see what had happened. The Firestone manager shot video of the entire procedure. A little over one quart of oil was in the car. It was thick, jet black, viscous, and dirty. I had Firestone save the oil in a clean, labeled container. The conclusion of the Firestone specialists is that there is no possible way the oil in the car had been changed less than two weeks previous. They concluded the oil was several months old, if not older. Today, May 31, I went to the Valvoline location in Sunset Hills, MO where the oil had allegedly been changed. The manager said he would have to "check the tapes" and get back to me. I also filed a complaint today verbally with a Valvoline customer service representative at the 859-357-**** number. Valvoline is responsible for my grandson's ruined engine. I simply want Valvoline to pay for replacing the engine with a rebuilt Scion engine. Cost estimates for installation of a rebuilt engine run between $5,000 and $7,000. I have every confidence that Valvoline will do the right thing. I have the oil change receipt, video of the unchanged, old oil being drained from the crankcase, and the actual oil itself, and am willing to provide statements from Firestone. Should there not be a satisfactory resolution, I intend to file suit for recovery of the rebuilt engine costs plus legal fees.


Oil plate not reinstalled properly

Updated by user Jan 15, 2022
I shall see getting AAA to take my car there

Original review Jan 15, 2022
I should have known what to expect this particular valvoline camera footage was disconnected I couldnt see anything and now I know why .... my oil pan plate obviously wasnt reinstalled correctly and they obviously were trying to kill me with their negligence, while driving on the highway I hear this loud scraping sound so I pull over and the pate had been dragging on the ground and was now bent and cracked in the middle and now my oil life is 15% and the store tell me to drive the car back up there and the will order a new plate and put it on and that I didnt lose oil although they havent seen *** and they are acting like practically almost costing me an account is no big deal omg wow valvoline Im shocked and disappointed but I should have known I was there over an hour for the wait and service and there was only two cars in front of me when I arrived and no visibility no transparency At Valvoline!!! What did I pay for!! I just the price of full synthetic alone and when trying to rectify the situation they dont even answer the phones there customer service even gave up trying to reach them smh

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