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Valspar has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 196 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 3th position out of 211 companies.


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Terrible paint

I painted my man cave (red), I had to paint the walls for times and it still looks like crap. Now I've got to repaint the room, but not with Vaspar paint. I'm 75 and painting a room over at my age is not fun. Total waste of my time and my money. So sad.



I spoke with a customer rep. @ Quikrete. The unpleasant male who answered my call was short in his hurried responses to my questions. He did not identify the company, ask how I was doing, nor how he could help me. I remained in my hard to maintain calm state. Thanked him for his time. The only good thing he did was recommend Valspar. I hung up and googled Valspar. I then called. Within 4 rings a gentleman by the name of Tyler thanked me for my call, introduced himself, and asked how he could help me. He returned me to a good emotional place. He was patient and answered my questions re: Waterproof birdbath sealants. Valspar didnt, unfortunately, have what I needed. But upon asking he recommended S.Ws I wanted his immediate supervisor and all others concerned to know that his courtesy was very much appreciated. Thank you. Mr. B. Lopez


Ware tee paint

The paint on my deck peels every year have to repair and repaint and it’s says guarantee for 10 years we don’t even get a year I would like refund we just had to buy gallons last year and 2 gallons this year again


Want to create wash with alkyd paint

Unable to speak with representative. Holiday weekend. You would think the information would be readily available online. I could find everything but


Not happy with the product

I purchased valspar ext flat wh acrylic 3.72 ltr paint at Lowes wed may 17 ..I have reciept.had girl shake canhad fence prepped and scrapped day beforeunfortunately I found this valspar product to be somewhat chalky if thats the proper word.coverage was not to expectationsI have used valspar interior many times. Second and third brush strokes had to be used.just a work hard paint.had to give a second coat also to hide streaked etc.sorry I am sure this is not the norm but I was not happy using it I am asking for a refund..Lowes may 54.23 I used debithow do I send you pic of reciept


Horrible Paint

One star would be generous I purchased Duramax Exterior from Lowes. Paid 62.00. What crap no coverage. Took four coats to cover. Painted four exterior doors and used 3/4 gallon. Horrible finish, tried sanding between coats didnt change finish still horrible. Would never recommend this product.


Worst paint application I've ever had

I was so excited to use this paint as I had heard good things about it and I found it on sale. Well, it's not even worth the sale price. I got a basic white paint. Although it appears quite thick at first there is very little coverage. I had to apply 4 coats of paint to cover up the original colour of the walls which was an off white. When it dried it was so patchy. For 2 walls I used nearly a full 5 litre tub. I still have the rest of my room to do but I'm actually going to buy a different brand and redo the whole thing.


Terrible coverage

With the cost of paint nowadays dont waste your time with this horrible product. Excessively thin and no coverage. I bought an investment property and the only place around was a Lowes. I was stuck getting this expensive garbage. Go to Home Depot and get Behr paint, far far superior


Terrible and are never wrong,

After 3 tins of valspar at the cost of 120 quid my walls bubbled and peeled on contact with valspar they stated i had painted over silk walls although i told them there was not a silk wall in the house so the then blamed prep again not a chance my walls were sanded rubbed down washed and left 24 hours to dry. Never had so much trouble in my life with paint expensive poor customer service take your money and runavoid


Requested Valspar Duramax Ultra white but was given 10605 base 5 un-tinted

Purchased 5 gals of Valspar Duramax and product peeled, cracked and bubbles. When back to Lowes to speak with a paint rep and was told I should of received paint 9576 Valspar Duramax ultra white not 10605 un tinted. I picked up 10 gals of the correct paint Valspar Duramax 9576 but still had to fix all the problems created peeling , bubbles and cracks. I have never had a issue with Valspar but this time I did and when I asked about a warranty it seemed like a joke I almost lost client. The batch had a issue with it. I'll never go back to Lowes.


Lowes has lost my business, 15yrs, because of there customer service. Valspar Duramax paint was not properly prepared as requested causing peeling.

Updated by user Jul 03, 2022
Not Resolved

Updated by user Jul 03, 2022
Have not received any response in over two months

Original review Jun 02, 2022
Purchased 5 gallons of Valspar Duramax White. I've use this brand for many of years but this is the first time the paint has cracked and peeling causing damage to a customers home. I went back to Lowes to grab the required gals needed to fix the issue caused from the 1st 5gal bucket to complete the job and hopefully not lose a client. So I went back to Lowes and purchased10gal Valspar Duramax 9576 ultra white and went to speak with someone because something wasn't right. I spoke with another paint rep at Lowes to find out the rep made a mistake and sold me un-tinted Valspar Duramax paint 10605 Base 4 paint and didn't mix it as I requested, laziness, Furthermore, I was told there's nothing I can do. Whats a warranty for if you won't honor it. I have pictures of what happened and a light coat and the damage that that 5 gals caused. The time that will now have to be spent correcting this mess. Valspar / Lowes you have lost my business. Home Depot here I come.



.Decided it was time to update the paint inside the house, all rooms. Spent a LOT of time prepping walls , both sanding and primer. The results using Valspar were stunningly bad. Whether rolling or brushing, the finishes were the worst I've ever encountered. Second and third coats, no noticeable improvements. So much time wasted and ruined ...



Recently purchased Valspar Ultra for my bathroom. Had to do 2 coats to cover white walls with white paint. One coat left marks or bubbles like it wouldnt stick to previous paint. Horrible product.


Horrible paint

I purchased Valpar 2000 interior paint + primer color eggshell. This paint did not cover old paint on the wall. I had to go purchased a different product to get the job done. I gave it another try with doors, that were not to bad, this paint would not cover small marks. Please do not purchase to product.


Absolute worst paint I've ever bought.

Painted bathroom with Valspar paint 2 weeks ago. Taped off to do base boards. When I pulled tape it pulled the paint clean of the walls. Paint has been dry like I said for two weeks and I have put 3 coats on the wall.


I am now living some of the worst days of my life. I used valspar SIGNATURE paints before

My Wife and I decided to spend the Money to renovate the Kitchen. We wanted to match the colors in the Blacksplash to walls and IKEA Cabinets. we paid a painter to do the painting. after two plus days of work. I said to the painter. the paint is tacky, the next day it started to scratch an chip.I clean the hardware to go the cabinets on. The paint chipped and chipped. I called valspar. they told me it could take 30 days to dry.

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