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Universal Flagging has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 15 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 20th position out of 147 companies.


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Universal Flagging Reviews


Ex worker

i use to work for this company until Jan of this year, had been with them just under a year, no issues, did my job and so on, was working with a lane tech in December for about a week, i was asking questions about set up and safety as i wanted to know, next thing i know im in the office getting accused of putting the coworkers safety in jeopardy cause i wasnt doing my job, { according to the lane tech i was working with who i was asking questions as i wanted to know }. tried to argue my case, but was told "we're letting you go due to safety concerns" did not have union representation, and im suppose to, had no other issue prior, they took a persons word over mine, a person who obviously has been with the company more and is a fav. brought it up with union and was refused any help.


Used up, treated like crap and spant out

This is an amazing place to work for so long as all you do is work, as in, keep your mouth shut, dont complane, put up with verbal and sexual harassment, threats from coworker, be ok with worksafe rules being broken, being put in bad/life threatening, position and working with people who dont know what they're doing {hence life threatening position} as well as not knowing if your coworker is clean n sober or on drugs/drunk. Don't even try to ask for time of, your day off will be forgotten about and if you get injured on the job good like, they'll try and get you still working the next day though your doctor says no. Eventually you will be used up and then spat out,


Experienced flaggers

Experienced flaggers stay clear of this company promises made are promises broken. Their dispatchers are awful. The management is two faced they back stab and talk behind each others back. If they talk that way about their so called friends just imagine how they talk about you. If your injured they don’t care they work you anyways and until near death. Nobody is happy and management puts on a front. Owner ship when involved may do something but by then stuff has already escalated due to the divisions being micro managed people fall thru the cracks and doors. This company is a sinking ship. Your better off to do your research before deciding if you want to work at Universal.


All who are so Negative Just go away

Universal offers a course with an option to work for them right out of class with 80% or higher course marks. I am currently on my way to become a Flagger and work so that i can support my family. Its a great opportunity to work anywhere i choose in bc for 3 years. so for those of you who just have nothing better to do than complain about whats wrong with a company based on the outsiders view with a pessimistic mindset your going about this all wrong. Do your research dont just fly off the handle. There are a variety of ignorant drivers who are always angry when getting stopped by traffic control individuals is because they are making sure that your not driving into an accident that could cost you your life. Its the job that you dont want to do but someone else does. you should be thankful that your home eating dinner with your family and not plastered on the pavement.


Short Review on March 01, 2017

Bunch is losers and disrespectful people think about them selfs only


Universal Flagging - Review in Staff category

I was having your usual day of commuting home after work, The usual bad drivers cutting into lane or texting. Just your usual drive, Until one of the drivers decided to cut me off my lane while moving, To which I did a tiny honk to say hey you're *** close to me. Now, You would expect a sorry hand or an acknowledgment. Nope, I got the finger in addition to a glare and not moving to the green light. Did it's stop there? No, I had to put up with slower than 50 for the next 20 minutes at rush hour, which meant I can't switch lanes. Furthermore, driver blinked the lights a couple of times as if rubbing it in. I worked in flagging and you would think that being professional would be something to expect from companies? Guess not.


Short Review on December 01, 2016

Universal flagging is working on a private land development in anmore. They are here as a safety measure for the construction crew. Instead they seem to think they are the local police and have taken to harassing the local people who live here. We want them gone they are not good for the community. They have threatened and they have harassed us all



I am going to have to take these people to small claims court. Their flaggers held me up for 21 minutes in one direction on Front Street. When I drove by pissed and late for work I honked that them and their flagged jumped out and scraped the side of my with their sign. It was an intentional move. When I called, I was told there was video footage. When the police got there "suddenly there was no footage". So now, I have a huge scrape down the side of my new car. I have a choice of paying myself or ICBC which will cause my insurance to go up. So I will be seeing them in small claims court.


Review in Professional Services category from Surrey, British Columbia

Universal and go traffic are a great company/ sis companies , to work for. I read all these comments from disgruntled employees and the competition ! Shameful! I work for go traffic and I am treated wih dignity and respect ! I work steady , and I work hard! maybe be because I don't sit around whining! I have seen no evidence of any of the Accusations made here at all! They are a family oriented business and take great care in paying there staff in a timely fashion! I Have NEVER has a problem with my pay! In regards to your comments regArding course fees! They a pretty standard!!! And why should the company pay for your course??! Then you can take it for free and go work elsewhere!! Doesn't make good business sense to me!!! You leave with your ticket! You pay for it! I love the go traffic! I work for them and I'm proud to say that! Stop slandering ! If you aren't getting work as a tcp! Maybe you just aren't good at it!


Not the company you want!!

Trust me folks, this is NOT the company you want to work for. Empty promises galore... Universal Flagging is beyond ridiculous and whoever stands up for them, is obviously one of the favourites, and trust me, there's more than a handful. I used to work for UF. This company lacks respect for it's employees, and a whole lot more. If you enjoy being treated like *** and working for next to nothing, then this is the company for you! I however, do not. If you do decide on this company, make sure you know your rights and stand up for yourself. Good luck!! :)


All these reviews are wrong

I don't even work for the company anymore but I thought id fix it a little these people probably weren't hired due to lack of skills when I got hired it was the same day I finished the course and before I left they hired a whole class on 3 separate occasions due to all the amount of work so unfortunately these people probably weren't hired due to lack of skills, probably a retard in the class... and last but not least not really sure how its a scam since once you pass your ticket is good at any flagging company is BC I know people who took the course to go work on the oil rigs... real big scam?


Lol Go traffic

Universal / GO are in surrey bc actually not Toronto to the posterand ya it's a joke most pathetic people I've met the owner is a joke not sure of The rest of the just likes to threaten a lot ha who cares not worth anyones breathe choose valley traffic systems anyways better company and dont have a bunch of drama ex Its sad how bad the flagging industry has become nobody is respected its just a dog eat dog world out there but what do u expect its construction the feild thats what u get slimy crooks is what u get


Universal/go traffic management scams & harassment

go traffic and universal flagging are ran by the biggest loser I have ever met. Stoney biddle is a fake and a very nasty person. Not only does he lie to everyone in his company but to us contractors as well and threatens when things don't go his way and rips everyon off He harasses the girls and I hear more about him trying to be with his flaggers then him being someone's actual boss There's no way this piece of *** man should be allowed even in that sort of business those poor girls who r afraid to say anything becaus of him I was a flagger for many years and why they don't step forward and put him in his place or go to their union I have no clue They should all say something and not be afraid of what that *** guy will do He has no right being where he is he lies to everyone promisess them things and then doesn't follow thru Most disgusting person I've ever spoken too and for anyone who has to speak to this guy dont waste your time with his lies or even his company he deserves to be shut down with what Ive seen and heard of him !! Bad when I have his flaggers asking us to hire becaus they dont want to feel like a pet and harassed anymore Start running your company properly stop the coke you should nt even be talking to your employees the way you do or having contact with them isnt that against policy !!!!!


Resolved: Universal flagging BIG SCAM

they will ask you to take the course and tell you that you will be hired after. So they get you to pay 275 dollars and make your way over there for 2 days at 8am to sometimes 4 or 5 and and sometimes 8 or 9 they dont say. Just a terrible education but thats not the worst part they say they will hire and its all a lie a lot of people have taken the course over 200 people a month and none get hired. So i tried calling them and asking about my application a couple times and just got a " we will get back to you" so i asked some of the other people who took the course and they said they got the same then i went online and looked it up and lets just say i was not the first to be scammed so take my advice and don't waste your money.


Universal flagging company - advertises for nonexistent jobs

Universal Flagging in Company in Coquitlam BC - advertises for nonexistent jobs daily of craig list and Kijji. http://universalflagging.com Universal Flagging advertises almost daily, claiming to have work from Vancouver to Chilliwack for flaggers. They also want you to take their $275 class. This is a scam to get you to take training. ie...This is the scam. The jobs are non-exsistent in their company.Universal Flagging is taking applications for TCP/Flagging positions. You must be very experienced as a flagger, possess a valid TCP/Flagging ticket and be willing to work throughout the Lower Mainland. Excellent opportunity with great pay and benefits. Wages start @ $17/hr to $21/hr depending on experience. We also offer the government mandatory 2 day course on construction flagging at our Head Office for $300. This 2 day course gives you your BC TCP/Flagging ticket allowing you to work anywhere in BC as a flagger. Construction flagging is a recession-proof industry with wages starting @ $15/hr. For more info or to register in our classes call 778-222-**** or 778-222-**** Beware !

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