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Unitel Direct has a 1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 20 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 20th position out of 236 companies.


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1st Floor, Victoria House Pearson Way, Stockton-On-Tees, England, TS17 6PT, United Kingdom

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Totally gobsmacked I fell to their lies

Cold called me promising to generate me more business on google then I signed up after much pressure then once signed up said they had never made me promises made me a crap website to which they made lies about me saying I was a gas safe engineer which I wasnt Im an electrician to claim I was a gas engineer could land me in prison I told them that and they laughed at me and said we have got you on the top page of bing as their contract claimed but the sh1t website they made me said I was in Cheadle Cheshire and covered the area of Stockport and Manchester but actually Im in cheadle Stoke on Trent 50 miles away now they are sending threatening letters because Ive cancelled payments really? Bring it on my niece is a barrister no charge Ill get my money back watch this space or even better they disappear


Inside information

Inside information on the owner Christopher M Wilkinson. Wife divorcing him due to drug and alcohol addiction, sued by ex members of staff. Footage of him and two others in a car taking drugs he paid the worker out of the company to keep that persons mouth shut. Taking drugs openly at work events and encourages other staff members to get recked on whatever the want at these events. Allows staff to openly scam people on the phone, encourages miss selling and pointless upsells long as the daily targets are hit and the bell on the wall keeps ringing by the scamming sales staff. All he cares about is money going into his bank account, how this company is stiff operating is beyond belief, this company is like receiving a scam call for tax or PPI claims and then being fleeced by them, how?? Why isnt the government shutting this down?? Thank god his ex wife will hopefully clear him out and they may shut down thank god shes took them kids away from this corrupt man. Advice. Post as many post as possible on all sites copy paste this make people aware, make the name Unitel Direct like dirt and make people aware this is a scam.. Scam scam scam..


Lier company

They guaranteed to put me on first page on Google and they put me on bing and yahoo. What a waist of money. Now i cancelled my direct debit I complained to financial ombudsman. I will take them to court.


Diabolical Ts & Cs

This company is an absolute farce and they steal your money!!! DO NOT ENTER INTO A CONTRACT WITH THEM!!! They tell you that you HAVE to sign up for 12 months - you cannot cancel at any time during that 12 months - and you have to give the 30 days written notice to cancel. If you are a day late they MAKE you sign up for another 12 months!!! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!


Unethical and dishonest

This company harassed my 76 year old mother with phone calls and high pressure selling tactics promising a great website and sales and they totally failed and misled her from day 1. She trusted this company. Instead they took over £5,000 from her and ignored repeated requests to cancel when they failed to do what they promised. They are now trying to take her to court after she stopped paying them, even though they failed to provide any service whatsoever. Please do not deal with this company, they are awful people.



Hope you are sitting down people !!! Satvir My 1st Account Manager Fleeces everyone BEWARE Spent to date over £16,000 in past 16 months on . Poor Template COPY websites Bad out of date advice 4 domains who knows why ? Lack of Intense SEO I WOULD DAY NO SEO Lack of Backlinks Over priced Directories that do nothing Lack of work on the sites No presence on Google Only on Bing and Yahoo might as well be invisible Being Investigated now and reported as we speak


Call Center not a good place

Just reading the reviews on google dredful reading a call Center ripping people off no matter what you say to them there trash lie about what they can do just a call Center ripping people off


Scammers. AVOID!!!

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Scam. Never use this service. Dodgy customer service. Much promises on the phone but as soon you sign its totally different and they wont admit it neither cancel service. Requires payment and threaten to start a court case. Wont cancel service telling its 12 month contract. Contacted them as soon as paid setup fee and they never got back. When I finally got on a phone with them they told me its impossible to cancel phone contract or whatever. Made some 5 minute website with link to my website that is hard to find and none of the pictures are mine, not my soap neither they asked for approval. Ignores requests to take it down My business suffered a great financial and reputation loss.


Substandard service

On 27th of July 2022 my company GLS building contractors LTD - was offered marketing services by UNITEL DIRECT LIMITED (0693****) The offered services included: Bespoke Website Google Premium Domain name Hosting for 12 mounts SSL/SEO Maintenance The cost of this service was agreed to be £5,403.60 inc of VAT In connection of this initial agreement following payments has been made from my account. 1st of August - £250.80 5th of August - £2,394.00 16th of August - £250.80 16th of September - £250.80 17th of October - £250.80 16. November -£ 250.80 Total of £3,648 Against this amount of money - I was sold old version of my website (from year 2012) - insisting that my company offers Office refurbishment - which is not true since 2015. On the new bespoke website - my mobile was absent and missing. Text was copied from old version of the website. Pictures used were repetitive and with worse possible quality. Despite large number of emails and texts via Wats up (up till now end of November) UNITEL DIRECT LIMITED - refuses or is unable to re do the website on the acceptable level. Which is why - I am looking now to recover my losses of £3,648 as those services are substandard and unwanted anymore. Those services just harming the reputation of our company. I have more then 50 emails and massages - to prove the above statement. Also - I was never given invoice for the amount of £2, 394 - which I suspect is simply stollen with the VAT attached. People involved in this breach of contract and scam are: Michelle Cuthbertson Ellis Smith Karrin Connolly - accountant Alex Brown Christopher Michael Wilkinson (owner)


Rude & argumentative

My accounts manager who i always deal with put the phone down because I was adamant i wanted to cancel my website. Wouldn't take no for an answer. He was in an *** and put the phone down and sent me a txt. Now rings me again and denies he spoke to me yet his number again. Been with them years but only contact me on day of renewal. The contract states they will endeavour to contact me up to 30 days before renewal to see my options, but never do. KEEP AWAY ESPECIALLY FROM SIMON...


Avoid like the plague

They contacted me to say they could create an all singing perfect website at a specific price. The site seo on the site they created only attracts junk traffic and notifications. On cancellation request they wanted the 12 months up front or court action would be taken. Dont bother with this waste of space under any cirumstances


Dodgy service. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Scam. Never use this service. Dodgy customer service. Much promises on the phone but as soon you sign its totally different and they wont admit it neither cancel service. Requires payment and threaten to start a court case. Wont cancel service telling its 12 month contract. Contacted them as soon as paid setup fee and they never got back. When I finally got on a phone with them they told me its impossible to cancel phone contract.


High-pressure sales tactics and no way out. Now they are taking me court , I will get a ccj for something I didn't want or need.

Harassed me for weeks until I said yes. Promised to double my sales even thou I already rank page one on Google and I don't need another website. I said yes I'd try for one month. Nothing. They rank page 4 . Their seo is terrible no way out. Now I'm getting a ccj. They want 1300 quid for what ? . Will be reporting to trading standards . Avoid at all costs.


Beware of this company,

This is a Scam company My story in short A sales rep call and promise me they are going to take my website on the first page on Google after a week , I ask them to cancel what ever, we had verbally agreed but they instead of listening my concern, they said I am in breach of my contract, and they are going to sue me, the following day, I received a warning email with over £1450.00 bill to settle, I have forwarded their message with my grievances to the financial ombudsman's.


Disgraceful company

This the second time I have written a review about this awful company! The first time I left a review, I was bribed by a manager who called me up and asked me to take my review down, apologising for the misleading telephone conversations from the sales team. Despite telling Unitel just a couple of days after paying an introductory fee, that I did not wish to advertise through them ( within cool off period) because I realised I was being mislead, I was told that I wasnt allowed to do this! The manager offered a two month free trial with no obligation if I took my review down, which I accepted. I was to send him some videos, photos to advertise, which I did and was to wait for a code to come through my post which it didnt! Months went past and just yesterday I had a phone call from a very rude member of the sales team, telling me I am two months behind with my payments. What was really bizarre is she told me that Unitel had done so much work and advertising on my google maps. I had recently added photos, videos on my google maps and this woman was telling me that Unitel added the photos videos, it was bizarre, I hadnt even sent Unitel my recent photos, and how could they update my google maps if they did not have access to it! Just terrible. Needless to say I havent received one phone call or message from any customer, advertising through them, apparently I was going to be inundated with calls! Unitel is by far the most incompetent, misleading, company I have ever came across! AVOID THEM


Dont like getting ripped off.

I have a verbal contract up to the end of August, but when I told them I don't want another 12 months with them. They said My new contract has already started, and I should have given them 30 days notice, They expect me to pay £62 plus vat per month for another 12 months. I am going to the POLICE, DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH UNITEL DIRECT they got my email address wrong, then charged me another £600 to do the web site again. Twa-s

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