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Ulta has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1100 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 11th position out of 955 companies.


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Issues with website and horrible customer service.

Website and customer service is awful. Issues are impossible to get taken care of like damaged products


Very unhappy

My husband and i just retired moved to elko nv. On 8/4 i went to get a touch up on my grey, a haircut and asked for blond highlights ( i am have lighter brown highlightsnot blonde) . I was extremely surprised at the price. I looked at the service menu..what is the difference between stylist, master and elite? There is only 1 employed so really had no choice. The cost for services was $256.00 and not broken down for the 3 services so i think thats not right. I will Never use nor recommend to anyone.. unfortunately i also purchased products. I also left a substantial tip as with the salon manager and stylist watching over me i felt pressured.


I got scammed

I ordered my bag but in the checkout it saod there was a problem with my card , then i checl my bank accound and it was charged for 90$ which I spent at Ulta but my order wasnt ordered so now I dont know what to do because it charged me 90$ but my bag isnt ordered


Treated like trash on my birthday

I had a conversation with a customer service rep via chat on June 25th, 2023 that ended around 8:38 pm. I told them I had a large amount of gift cards to merge and after adding the last one (there were 18 of them) I was told they couldn't combine them. They could only merge 2 at a time. Instead of saving me time they waited for me to enter the last card information, typed "Are you done Krystal?" and then refused to help me. They then ignored me for the rest of the conversation. Today, June 25th is my 36th birthday. I told them it was. Still not only was I not able to shop, I was ignored. Is this standard of customer service for Ulta?



Gift card Charged my debit card Instead!!! $20 worth of products Wrong purchase transaction created by ULTA - $400 negative bank account and ULTA refuses to rectify either catastrophy.evern


They have my address wrong and I called snd thought it was taken care of. I placed a order and again it was the wrong address and my order was cancelled for a second time. I have never even got to use

They cant get my address right. I spoke with someone s as bd thought it was taken care of. I placed another order and it was shipped to tge wrong address again. They wouldnt resend my order or give me the discount.


Regarding a lost payment

Im very content with the person who helped she was so palit with me and all my questions were answered


Previous order

Hi I just made an order from Ulta I had ordered 3 items but on the receipt it shipped with it says its two items but I checked on my online receipt and it shows I did purchase 3items


An order I received is broken/damaged

My order of a bronzer was received broken / chipped and the powder came loose Im unable to use it. I tried calling customer service to resolve this but I was disconnected twice. I dont know why the phone system is very limited when you have questions about your accounts or your points or your balance.


I went to Ulta in Titusville Fl 3/30/23 and the blonde color I asked for came out an orange red color like red mud. The supervisor took over today. All she did was get a little of the darker red out.

Hair looks a lot like a carrot color. I took a blonde wig in with me so theyd see exactly what I wanted. I dont want anyone to c my hair. Its gross! Almost in tears.she said come in in a few weeks &shed get it lighter. I thought abt it on the way home and decided they just didnt know what they were doing and wont get another shot at fixing my hair. If the job had been done correctly in the first place I wouldnt need two more visits while my hair will get more brittle. Yes, I am POed!!!


Royally Messed Up Order

To Whom it May Concern, I ordered $95.04 worth of Clinique products which should have come with a free $40 clinique make-up kit and $65 Clinique sunblock. I received a dented box with a pink tote bag (with nothing in it) and four cheap generic products. Nothing was Clinique. I was told it "was a warehouse mistake" and they could send me the $95 worth of clinique make-up I ordered, but that I would not receive the $65 Clinique sunblock or the $40 clinique make-up kit. The whole reason I ordered the makeup was to get the free make-up kit and sunblock. I told the person on the phone to just cancel my order. I was told my cancellation number is RT2097**** for the amount of $95.04. I am extremely dissatisfied that Ulta screwed up so much and didn't send me a single Clinique item although I was due seven Clinique items. Then I had to ask for a refund myself. The refund is still not showing up in my email. The representative on the phone was rude, never made any effort to make anything right, and never apologized. I will never order from Ulta again. Worst experience I have ever had buying makeup and beauty products. I have two teenage daughters and the three of us will be taking our business elsewhere. Your company is a disgrace. Tracy Aniello This is what I ordered and did not receive: CLINIQUE All About Shadow Duo Eyeshadow SKU #227**** Color: Twilight Mauve/Brandied Qty 1 $28.00 Return Price: 1 @ $28.00 CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Lip Hydro-Plump Treatment SKU #254**** Qty 1 $19.00 Return Price: 1 @ $19.00 CLINIQUE Even Better All-Over Concealer + Eraser SKU #256**** Color: WN 46 Golden Neutral Qty 1 $29.00 Return Price: 1 @ $29.00 CLINIQUE Free Superdefense City Block SPF 50 full size with $65 brand purchase SKU #258**** Qty 1 FREE check markDiscount Applied Online Only Receive a Complimentary Super City Block full size with $65 Clinique purchase (valid thru 4/1/23 or while quantities last) Return Price: 1 @ $0.00 CLINIQUE Clinique Fan Favorites Skincare and Makeup Set SKU #260**** Qty 1 $12.00 Return Price: 1 @ $12.00 CLINIQUE Free tote with $85 brand purchase SKU #260**** Qty 1 FREE check markDiscount Applied Online Only Receive a Complimentary Tote with $85 Clinique purchase (valid thru 4/1/23 or while quantities last) Return Price: 1 @ $0.00 CLINIQUE Free 4 Piece Gift with $40 brand purchase SKU #260****


Wrong address

I just purchase a powder from u I realize I put a wrong address I need u guys fix the address for me ply


Credit dispute

Hello, On November 20th 202* (*** days AFTER I filed dispute) I received a letter saying from Ultamate Rewards Mastercard stating the following: "WE HAVE CREDITED YOUR ULTAMATE REWARDS MASTERCARD ACCOUNT...We're writing about the $580.02 you recently disputed. AFTER LOOKING INTO THIS, WE DETERMINED THAT YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBILE FOR THE DISPUTED AMOUNT." My November statemont shows the $580.02 credited on the 7th and then a "credit reversal" on the 20th which takes it all away. I notified ulta customer service of this error they said they had never seen anything like this before and put me on hold for a very long time and then when the agent got back on the phone she. Said she had no idea what to do.I told her it was very simple- she needed to credit the money back to my account As I had received a letter saying that the dispute had gone in my favor And the money had been credited to my account only to be taken away with no explanation or reason ? She passed me off to somebody else, Who began interrogating me about the initial claim and trying to invalidate the claim that I had WON after they had done a 187 day investigation. I started to get upset because I had been on the phone for almost 2 hours at that point and the man told me basically he didn't know why ulta had reversed the charge, he said sometimes mistakes are made, but he didn't know how to fix it and then there was a long pause and the call was dropped. No one called me back. After I got a survey by email asking how my experience was and I wrote a lengthy response explaining just exactly how inadequate the response to my call had been And I asked specifically to be called and I left my phone number and I said that I would be waiting to hear back from them.I have still yet to receive a call.I would like my $580.02 Credited back to my account. I have all the Relevant paperwork Is available and will be happy to show The letter they sent me and the statement that I have where they put the money in and take the money out. I feel so violated by this company and I feel very deceived and upset.


Upset costumer First time here

I had went in to get a permanent color and tips in my hair before my birthday so I could be pretty for my party and the lady did the test on my hair and was OK I guess because she went on to do the rest of my hair and it took her 4 hours to get done and when she was done my hair was 3 different colors!!! I had two kids with my plus my elderly mother and my teenager was at home waiting on me to bring him food. This was very bad and unacceptable. My birthday was ruined completely and they will never be able to give me my birthday back. Although they did eventually refund my money. I was so upset I was crying and humiliated and the lady would not even help me get some products to try and fix it. It cost me $135 and it was my first time ever using ultra salon. I have been a customer for many years but this put a bad taste in my mouth and I may never shop her again. My kids were so upset to see their mom go through the humiliation and they were crying and it was just unacceptable.


TERRIBLE customer service.

Item not delivered within three days as I was told. When I called the store where I purchased the item, I spoke to a young woman with an "I could care less" attitude. She told me to call customer service. I asked her for the number, and she told me she didn't have it on hand, and I could just look it up online, which I did. I called the customer service number several times. Although it states online that the number is good from 7 am to 11 pm, the line rang and rang and no one answered. For a very small tube of cosmetic, costing $38 plus tax, I'm really ticked that I didn't receive it yet, within three days as promised. I AM A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER, with this kind of customer "service" I may also well be a "never again" customer.


Horrible experience with "curl cut" service and employees

I would need a full page to describe the horrible service I received it Ulta in Augusta Georgia. The employees in the hair cutting and makeup service area make the customer wrong on every point. There's no communication about what you want as a customer. There's no consultation about your hair whatsoever and when you try to ask questions they degrade you and talk down to you. I've never received so terrible customer service in any establishment like I have here. She cut off a lot of my length. Demetria was my stylist and she didn't listen to anything I had to talk to her about nor did she care about the pictures about the haircuts I had to show her. She brushed my hair out and picked up the sheers and started cutting. That is not how you do a curly / wavy haircut and that's what I went in for, a curl cut which is in the Ulta website description as a curl by curl cut, not picking up your hair perpendicular to your scalp and cutting layers. This girl did not know anything about curly / wavy haircuts and she told me she didn't. She was very kind of sending toward me as was the other hairstylist and everyone back in that area. Stay away from a wavy or a curly hair cut service from Ulta in Augusta Georgia. I got no hair consultation, no suggestions on product usage and when I asked, they just told me to try different products and see what works. A professional hairstylist is supposed to tell you about your hair; your curl or wave pattern, your hairs porosity, whether it needs protein or moisture. She is supposed to talk to you about how she's going to cut your hair before she even picks up the sheers. I had none of the above. I could have gone to Great cuts and for under $35 got a better haircut then at Ulta where I spent $70. Never again! If you have wavy or curly hair stay away from Ulta in Augusta Georgia.

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