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Uber has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 25200 customers. In the Auto category, it secures the 1th position out of 267 companies.


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Uber is ripping me off

On August 2nd and 31st Uber charged me 9.99 on both occasions, last time I ordered an Uber was on 24th of July, why they charged me twice when I didn't order a ride


No live agents

I will you call me I will explain what this driver did and why I should get a full refund from the other driver and Roman should be fired


Paid for a ride I did not receive

I paid for a ride I did not receive. And now I had to call out of work for Uber faulty system. Then the customer service isnt open and they send u to the chat bot which is even more messed up than the automated. It placed my payment on an old Uber ride I had issues with the last time I took a ride and now it says that purchase was too long ago to assess the issue. Like why place a payment on it then? Make it make sense. I am not a satisfied customer and I think I am officially done using Uber. It took my money and I wont be able to get it back until UBER feels like reversing payment which is stupid!!! Shouldnt take nothing that doesnt belong or cant get the job done!


Fraudulent charge by Uber driver

Uber driver was in a pissy mood, rude, angry, using foul language, aggressive, charged us after ride extra money for literally 0 reason, Made lies saying we drank in the car, we didnt even have water let alone a drink, I hope there was cameras Driver was name: Shadat License plate : CHYL154 I am deleting Uber


Major injustice

July 11 I was scheduled for my 12th major surgery at the V.A. Hospital Palo Alto Ca, at 10 AM. Obviously being a Soldier I plan everything very well. This trip was important, so I choose the most expensive, because, the only thing that mattered was arriving 30 minutes prior as requested. So it seemed like it was gonna be just that, when my app showed, arrival time 0930. Also showed Driver 8 minutes away, when shortly there after, the 8 went from 8 to 0. Obviously I panicked. I'm thinking perhaps the driver opted out, and it was delegated to another. So I texted the driver, "Did you cancel?" She called me saying "I was waiting outside, and you weren't there!" I was furious with her because, I was outside. So she asked, "You live in an Apartment right?" I responded "NO! It's a house!" At which time she says, "Ok let me turn around" She was already leaving the area, and didn't even attempt to call, until I texted her! Now I'm REALLY PANICKING!! Because she also stated, she was stuck at a red light. She remained on the phone, I told her," look for 892!" She responded, "892? I have 912!" Omg! Now I'm pissed! I don't know who dropped the ball, but now I know I'm in trouble. She finally rolls up slowly, see's me, I get in, and she actually drove me to where she said UBER directed her, wasting more time. Well as expected, I arrived panicked, ran up to the 3rd floor, and was told now I'm on standby, the Surgeon went on to another. after a 3 hour stanby, I was told, there's no way its gonna happen today. I'm furious. I was resheduled for August 8th, the time my Dr, will be doing surgery. The whole way up, the driver kept throwing it on UBER, because I kept stressing the sense of urgency, not to mention, in addition, the bit of the language barrier, but I didn't let her off that easy because she made no attempt to call me, until I texted, like other drivers in the past. I've thought this over log and hard, and feel, this entire charge is unjust. And honestly, I feel I should be reimbursed 100% especially after seeing a waitng charge to boot. WOW! No! No! This entire trip was a fiasco, and fair is fair. Please do whats right, Thank you John Anthony Rojas 408-594-**** United States Army Ret.


Money issue

Hey this has been a lot of days since I request a call from you but has not received any reply from your side... This has been a serious issue from my side that now I want a call from you as soon as possible.. I hope you look into itAnd this is not the case for only my uber account but with many... 2 days back I wanted to book a connect nd to my surprise I found that all the 3 uber account which is used by my family members have some or the other outstanding charges which I don't know where it came from and so we had to shift to some other app to book my cab... I want you to remove this money from my account as I have already paid for the ride... Otherwise we simply need to uninstall this app from our mobile as it won't be used as nobody wants to pay extra when not in fault... I have been complaining about the same from past 6 months now and this is now giving a bad impact about your company... I would have to then file a serious complaint about the same or tweet so that more people can raise their issue and this will affect your companies image which I know definitely nobody would ever want because the customer service process is very bad...


Lost a phone

When I got out the car here1989 Main Street Kcmo 64118 is when I got out in forgot my phone cause of my iPhone headphones distracted then it was to later cause a car was behind him so he pull off kind fast


Resolved: They change two times

Updated by user Jul 03, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with settlement agreement.

Original review Jul 03, 2023
I booked Uber Date 27th June and they charged two times first they charged 27th$31.44 and next day they Date 28th June 36.60 and I this happened again 1st July I booked Uber one time and they charged 3time one time they charged $24.36 ,21.21,21.55 so I dont know what happened in your said but I would like to request you pls check my account and give me my money back . I hope you can help me



Respected sir/ma'am, I lost my mobile phone on 23/06/23 at 7:30 am from AIIMS Main campus lawn (drop-off point). Lost Phone details: Mobile: Samsung Galaxy M31 Contact number: (+91) 8918****61 IMEI Number of phone: 352691****85788, 352691****85789 I tried to reach the support through uber app and driver details were provided which are as follows: Driver Name: Hamid Driver contact number: 874594**** Vehicle type:Bajaj RE Compact Last 4 digits of the vehicle number: 7592 I tried to reach the driver many times but unfortunately both the driver's phone and my phone were switched off after the incident. I lodged a diary at AIIMS police station after that. INFORMATION REPORT NUMBER: LR No:583155/2023 , P.S: Crime Branch, Delhi Kindly help to retrieve my phone as it has a lot of data and important clinical details of patients. Looking forward to your reply. Regards Dr. Arkadipta Mukherjee Junior resident Department of pathology A.I.I.M.S., New Delhi Contact: 933975**** , 891882****


Money stolen

They come in my account and take upsurge of money from me and never trying to give me my money nor try to fix situation at all money single mother and its not fair its over whelming and the games they play with your money and never answering any question never do what the company promised its really freaking Bonkers the games they play Im livid


Property damage

Original review Jun 18, 2023
On the 8th of June 2023 and Uber arrived at my home at approximately 8:00 a.m. I then commenced to placing my property which consists of my barber kit as well as all of my tools and papers and other necessities necessary to perform my job. I loaded up some of my articles and the driver then stated that he will take care of the rest therefore I went and sat down in the backseat. The driver then sat down in the front seat and began checking the route and the extra stop which I had just added. upon completion as he then hit the gas pedal, immediately after we both heard a major crash. Looking back i noticed that the driver never shut the lift gate. Then we both got out of the car and began to pick my property up off of the ground in front of my house. This whole incident had been caught on camera by the cameras placed outside my home. Upon arrival to my destination I inspected my clippers as well as all my other property and found significant damage on mostly all especially the Box all pictures have been posted below


6 DAYS of discussion about the GROSS inadequacies in the Uber Platforms Technology and CSR's...

Updated by user Jun 17, 2023
Well it's been a day longer and their Final ANswer is ,"We are Sorry but we will not be able to LET you access the funds in your account. No Explanation, not even a hint just a statement that they will not. Readers, plase tell me what do i do now??

Updated by user Jun 15, 2023
WOW, ok so this site actually ordered the images correctly, so unlike stated in previous post, they are in chronilogical order not reversered, these comments are not editable or id have just edited this when i checked the post!

Updated by user Jun 15, 2023
So today Ive added 1) the screenshot that Uber keeps requesting, EVEN though screenshots are forbidden in this section of their app, they don't seem to be even remotely interested in looking at the pic(taken with another phone) nor can one take screenshots within the...

Updated by user Jun 14, 2023
So Today's request that I send a screenshot of the error when i tried to add cards to my account....an area where screen shots, at least on my android phone, are forbidden for "Consumer Safety" by Uber, I had to get creative and use a second phone to snap a pic for...

Updated by user Jun 12, 2023
This is getting to actually be funny, sooo Im going to do the Daily update of Uber's responses. Keep in mind i'm at 11+ days of this ongoing issue, Uber suggested I change my account login/password/email when my phone was stolen, the tradgedy that has followed is in a...

Updated by user Jun 12, 2023
2 days later and after requesting that I send them the information I originally sent them (ie old account information/ phone number and email and new account info), because they were obvuiosly either A) Too lazy to scroll back or B) Haven't the ability to scroll back...

Original review Jun 10, 2023
And still, I'm left sitting hungry and without food, no ride Uber can be accused of providing, or even a sympathetic attempt at an apology... Uber, has, at the writing of this complaint, absconded with the sum of $25.00 (Not a large sum, but take it out of your weekly budget and tell me it's not noticed) in cash as well as fees of $4.95, incurred for a gift card purchase that can only be believed at this time to be intentional withholding, and with intent against nature, to say the least. I do not believe any customer conscious company could, in any way find it acceptable to take their clients hard-earned money, and then not only REFUSE to fix the problem. From failed half-hearted attempts to rectify the situation, to COMPLETELY ignoring an upset customer, while they slept at night surely full on whatever they desired, nestled comfortably in their beds, I waited for no reason, on nobody to even bother calling to say they wouldn't be by, so don't to wait in the weather. I'd have thought that the 2 hour mark would have sufficed to do something, anything at all, from a watered down half hearted apology or a call to arms for someone, somewhere to step up, lend a hand, and do something to help, but unfortunately these are the very real and true actions that occurred in lieu of said chivalry: After the 2 hours of attempting to get transportation arranged with what one can only call an Ugly Black App, frustrated and upset that for whatever reason, (Nobody even addressed what happened, despite several questions proffered) Tired, exhausted and finally home after 6 hours of waiting and succumbing to the elements this (previously rated FIVE-STAR PASSENGER) found another way... The fruits of my labors, at least (as I believed) were safely deposited in the care of Uber to be used once someone had the time to review the situation and could offer some semblance of rectification to whatever ailed the Technology that Uber Built. The resulting epistle of regurgitated statements blaming things on an, archaic at best, stop gap measure obviously meant to protect the transgressors own self-interest were stomached a single time, only to be REPEATED when statements that the misaligned epitaphs were not the case. The ensuing anger at such BOLD and BLATANTdisrespect by someone who had OBVIOUSLY not read even one word of the original complaint and request for correction, and blindly copied and pasted "stock response" for what seamed to fit the situation. AI has grown to the point that it can consciously respond better than the offensive and demeaning staff memb er's cold responses on that nasty, dark morning after the rain. The day later response once again insinuating I was asking too much for them to refund the money spent and then rendered USELESS and unavailable for use elsewhere again was redoubled to me, foreshadowing the Birth of the Anti-Uber, yet another tradgey of Post Covid Era Cut backs. Let it be known, that multiple attempts to engage and inform them that the situation NOT ONLY didn't require less than HALF of the prepaid sums, BUT ALSO were NOT being made via the web interface, but through the provided Company App, Downloaded from the official Google Play Store and installed by normal and routine methods. (A bitter point having been assured that I wouldn't lose contact with customer service when I uninstalled and reinstalled the app as demanded, only to be unable to respond to the hammering attempts at getting my attention, for which, I feel obligated to apologize for not responding, It was not for lack of trying! So to the passages of todays maladies riddled with hungry attempts to cash out at least a small part of my forwarded funds that have left me, still waiting for someone to get back to me and let me know something other than: A) A second form of payment is required when booking through the website, - and that,- B) If the bill appears to be more than what was deposited, again a secondary form would be required. Which I admit does sound reasonable, only I wasn't using their web interface, although it was adamantly insisted I was. All I know is my web browser history is NEVER deleted, and there's no record of me using chrome or any other web browser and I distinctly remember tapping the Uber Icon in the app drawer of my phone, The one I was forced to uninstall and reinstall, just saying... I'm more than aware of what method of communication I attempted to use. So, I will see what comes of this fiasco, But, judging by the current state of affairs, I'm not holding my breath at ever recouping my deposit, and certainly not the wasted hours of time spent for absolutely nothing but what appears to be the amusement of those who run the, "Show that is Uber". Buyer Beware!!!



The phone number provided was wrong and I'm not sure this site isn't shady. Uber sucks and they won't refund your money even if your grocery delivery is accidentally given to the wrong house. They have no customer service phone number. Their chat support people are rude and cold. They lost my groceries then said there was nothing they could do. The refused to acknowledge that a driver can make a mistake. They expected me to eat the loss and be out of groceries for a week!!


Lifetime is the most important way to get out and help others

I need someone from lifetime. Jump me get the story out. Please pick me up save lives. This is my story is different.


Uber eats driver stealing food

We are Best Western located at 190 Wood Road in Braintree, MA 02184, today on 3/24/23 your driver was delivering food from UNOs and when he noticed there was nobody in the lobby he stole food from the Market Place!


Order never received

Updated by user Feb 07, 2023
There were more screenshots of the chat but it would not let me show them to you it only accepted 10 of them but I have them

Original review Feb 07, 2023
Still haven't got it resolved I paid $65 to get some food last week and it never showed up the whole time it telling me that it was going to be delayed because my driver was on a bicycle LOL so after 3 hours it finally said my food had been delivered but it wasn't so I had to get dressed and I went to the restaurant to ask them what happened they said the food was actually picked up but it was never brought to me so I paid $65 more dollars and got more food assuming that ubereats would reimburse me for not getting my food because the whole time I was on the way up there I was trying to start the chat with the help desk and nobody would ever open the chat and when they did they opened it and immediately closed it.. I assumed that at some point they would reimburse me.. I kept getting notifications that my order was not eligible for a refund which I don't understand why because I paid $65 for food that I never got anyway three days later I get back try to get back in touch with him through my app and there's no phone number to call. Whatsoever you're not supposed to call so I continued with a chat and tried to get some help after they told me my order was not eligible for a refund I wanted to know why at first they told me it was because I had waited three days to get in touch with him I did not I got in touch with him immediately and then after I wanted to know the real reason why my food was not eligible for a refund they wouldn't tell me and they continuously closed the chat over and over again I tried and each time my check got closed because I wanted to know why I was not eligible for a refund so then I start trying to find a phone number every phone number I found they said that that was not their department they couldn't help me and they *** hung up on me so I'm still out $65 I still never got my food and I need help

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