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TTEC has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 33 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 12th position out of 279 companies.


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Wrong site, I’m not pissed at all, I love this company!



Job question

I applied for the position of quality assurance - 03MTF on July 31st, I called the career number to check how long it takes to get feedbacks, they told 3 to 5 business days. As you can see, it is more than the timeframe, so I wanted to check to see if there is any update on my application.



I have been dealing with TTEC SPRINGFIELD since January 2023. So now 7 months have went by and I have been offered 5 roles with them. I accepted every single role. However, they wait till it is a few days before the start date then they will call and say "sorry we weren't able to get you in the class in time for training so we will have to get you in the next one" so it's been a revolving door of nonsense for nothing for 7 months. Having me attending these offers over and over again to accept to same role over and over. To not only waste my time, but the companies resources and money as well. They lack professionalism is even way possible. They are the worst company to ever have to deal with and by far I do not recommend them to anyone at all. Not even someone desperate for a job because they will screw you over on a heartbeat. I have worked for this company in the past years with no issues and I am eligible for rehire so they say. Left on good terms. To find that now several years have gone by and I decided I would apply. I got the job multiple freaking times and have yet got to start any of the times. I am still dealing with same nonsense. I have requested for Arbitration via mail per the Arbitration Agreement. I feel like I am being discriminated against and much more. I am a hard worker and it makes me very angry that you have wasted 7 months of my time with your games and have exhausted my savings due to your nonsense games. I would have already been working... beginning in February 2023.. because you offered me the first offer in January to start training beginning of February. Now it's almost the end of July so yea 7 months basically of nonsense for what. This company more than sucks they have literally no compassion for anyone, but themselves. Complete mess and I pray that they face one of the hardest hardships ever soon as it's inevitably possible to happen at anytime to anyone. So I know the Universe will take care of it.


I am a former employee, and ttec has my SSN one number off

Tech contacted the 401 k people and gave me them my social security number. Now I hose people have requested a picture of my social security card, I sent that, just waiting on a response. Thank you!


Requesting department transfer

I was hired for TXDOT BILINGUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE but I was informed that I didn't pass the background check for that client. So I'm asking please to transfer my job off to a different department please I was so excited to be part of TTEC team it seem to be a caring company to the communitys Please help me I really want and need this job for my family


Returned equipment

How do I send back I've had it over a year should I keep it ir throw away or need information on what to do


Can I still write life insurance business while doing business with TTEC?

I was able to get my question answered. I was on hold and on the phone for more time than necessary. The customer service agent sounded unsure if she was giving me right information. I was told that because I did not have a formal application on file I could not talk with Human Resorces.


Report an unprofessional and verbally abusive trainer

As a recent hired employee, I feel verbally abused, mistreated, humiliated and degraded by my trainer. She totally inappropriate and unprofessional when she is training us every day.



I was hired on as a customer service rep and I was in my class and all of a sudden then my apps were not working. I was there for three weeks and completed the three weeks without being written up. I took a midterm and passed it with a 90% the following week we were told to take the final test to be able to work. My apps were not working and nobody was helping me out nobody has contacted me. Nobody has emailed me or called me through my cell phone to help me get back into my class to be able to work I need somebody to reply to my emails. Thank you.


Didn't get paid

I worked five days of training and after seeing how unorganized everything wascI decided it was not for me. Never received payment for my training days.


To help others before it’s too late

This is one of the most unprofessional situations Ive found myself. This job isnt professional, theyre incredibly unethical, not welcoming, nor friendly, they dont care to reassure you to make sure this circumstance isnt a scam but yet they need people?? Ive read other reviews about people not getting paid, randomly being unemployed without communication? How is this place still up and running? If I could give 0 stars, I would!


How come I can't work for Ttec from home.

I did an application about a year ago for a work from home position with Ttec and was denied because they said the way that I "left" the company when I worked there back in 2017. But yet this particular Teltech failed to do research and notice that I didn't work past training and the only reason of that was because at the time I had a serious sleeping disorder that was not under controlled and they felt like I shouldn't have been working there at that time. Not only that I was pregnant and almost due around the same time there was bad winter weather that caused me and my transportation to not been able to travel to work for 3 days. I was contacted by the person(cannot remember names) who was in charge of training my group that I was out of points and couldn't attend class anymore until "next go around" the following day I contact the lady who hired me and explained my entire situation with her and I was only told "okay I understand, please take care if yourself and health, there always be a place here for you if you willing to work with us again. So in conclusion I'm stating that it is highly unfair and unprofessional to give someone a second chance especially since it's been so many years. I am older and wiser and will not let anything stand in the way of me and work again. I'm asking to be given a second chance to help the ttec industry excel in customer service working from home. If not put into consideration or if overlooked I'm afraid I would continue to press the issue


Tried to reset password for work

This is now 3 days in a row where I tried to reset my password and my tl has not responded I am pissed this is unacceptable


To see when I start work

When will I get my equipment & when do I start work I was told I start the 20th of September but I dont know how sure because I havent got my equipment



I had a interview a month ago and I was just trying to keep updates . I was told that we're waiting on a class to open up but I haven't heard anything back . I see friends posting that they have a start date and they we're interviewed after me so I was just concerned because I really looked forward to working with this great company


Supervisor demand a refund

I think im getting scammed, and wont give me my refund back through cashapp. I been gave them what I had and saying I was purchasing apple laptop and changed everything in my Facebook account and hasnt said anything to me since, please help me

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