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TruVision Health has a 2.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 420 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 7th position out of 315 companies.


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Wasn't supposed to have a shipment this month

I wasnt supposed to have a shipment till9/20/23. And it shipped in August. Want payment canceled. I was skipping a month


Horrible to get delivered

Great product has helped many of my family members lose a lot of weight and get healthier but you cant rely on the deliveries especially if you make a separate order Customer service is horrible now to to get a hold of someone


I tried canceling my membership and the customer service and internet website was poorly functioning and won’t let me cancel.

Taking the pills caused me to have heart issues and bad headaches I would like to cancel my membership and subscription before the next installment is take out of my banking account. I would like a refund but seeing as I did take half of what was given me I dont think that would happen. The rest of the pills I had to throw away because soon as I stopped taking the pills my health went back to normal and no headaches. I would like for the truvy website to be made to be able to cancel when one wants to and not be given the run around to pause it, call it in (which the phones where down for 3 DAYS!) and now an email. I am unhappy with the product and the site. I will be telling my friends who are interested in the product to stay clear of ordering or signing up so they wont have the same issues as me.


Looking for my refund

Kept my money. Refused refund and refused to send product back. Isnt that illegal? They kept my product and my money. What a farce.



I dont want Truvy anymore and need my money back also Im trying to call Truvy and no one answer since they are open at8:00


I can’t take the products

The products do not agree with me and I need to stop the monthly subscription.The green coffee bean is too stimulating for me


Fraudulent charges

They are charging me $50 for an appointment cancellation I made it to? Threatening to turn me into a credit agency if I dont pay?!


I was charged for services not rendered.

I was charged a $50 cancellation fee after my initial visit, which was not in fact canceled. It is a serious inconvenience, only to be given the run around by their customer service who has instructed me to email corporate with my complaint and dispute the charges??! I will not be using their services, or lack there of anytime in the future. A serious disappointment..


The packet drinks are making me sick to my stomach

The individual drink packets are making my stomach ache and feeling nauseous. The woman I usually ordered through told me to try and drink just half with my food. It still makes me feel nauseous. I need to return the packets and get the pills


I'm waiting for the products damage

Please send my order Order is damaged Ups said my order is damaged To request refund or send again my order thank you


Cancel subscription

I can't take this stuff. Just not for me. Would like subscription cancelled. I cant drink the booster and I can not take the pills. Don't sit well with me.


Cancel order/ Refund

When do I get my Refund put back on my direct express card that you took it off of? I dropped it off to be shipped Monday 11/8 so when do I get refund???


Money taking off debit card

I hit wrong button to skip order. Money was taking off debit card &;;;; I dont want this product cause I have not lost no weight & its a waste of money.


I’m not a pissed consumer and want to be taken off of it

I just wanted to cancel an order that I didnt have money for and dont want my bank paying for it thank you


Miranda Slentz

I responded to a Facebook ad inquiring about this product. I received an initial interaction about this product line. I continue to monitor the Facebook page over the course of about a month. The sales agent in question sent me a few copied and pasted sales offers over the course of the month. I continued to think about the products and do some online research. Eventually reached out to her sharing my concerns about the cost versus how many pills I was expected to take on a daily basis. Her response was when I realize that Im worth 3 to 4 dollars a day for my health to let her know. Sheaccused me of being cheap.

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