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TrueBlue has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 43 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 8th position out of 147 companies.


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Website totally unclear with no option to resolve or answer anything.

Website unclear. Thought I was paying to carry bag through whole confirmed flight series. I can carry my bag on 1st leg but not on the 2nd leg, which I didnt learn until receiving boarding passes. Tried to resolve it by paying more but found out I just paid to get through security quickerbut its a second leg, I dont go through security. Phone reps give 2 different answers: one says trust us that youll be ok at the gate (wont change boarding pass) and second rep(sup) says she was wrong but dont worry theyll probably let you bring your bag on(which was paid for for the 1st leg) but itll be a crap shoot. Never again on Jet Blue.


Cancel flight

Cant get through to cancel a flight, even when I listen to ads and surveys, which I did not solicit or want


True blue points

The value of our points were severely cut on our last purchase price for round trip tickets for my wife and I to Houston. On top of paying close to $1000 we had to give our 87000 points we had saved up! The stewardess on the flight was pushing the credit card that one accrues points with and mentioned it only takes about 9000 points for round trip tickets within the USA without any blackout dates. If that is the case what happened! Will be contacting the federal government on this false advertising! The transportation department should be made aware how us tax payers are being treated by these airlines that took our tax dollars to bale them out recently!


People Ready in Santa Barbara has refused to pay me 4 hours of sick leave that they owe me the Fall of 2019! They refuse to pay it.

I was assigned a gig for People Ready, 125 E. De La Guerra St. Suite 204 in Santa Barbara CA 93101 in the fall of 2019. At that time, I already had 3.5 years of employment history in San Diego, CA with People Ready. The SB Manager said he was excited that I would come to work for them (I moved from SD to SB) and he also said, "man, you've worked a lot for us!!" I agreed that it was a lot, and it was mostly construction work. Anyhow, I signed on for the following day for 8 hours setting up some sort of tents for an event that was happening in SB. It was easy set up work that I've done many times before, and I was ready to go to work. Unfortunately, I became very sick the following morning from something I ate the night before in SB and obviously did not agree with my tummy. I was up much of the night and could not sleep due to diarrhea and really upset stomach. By the time I woke up to head to work - I had no strength left in me from that night prior. I called in at 6am and the girl who answered the phone confirmed my calling-in and said thank you. I indicated to her that I had four-hours of sick leave that I wanted to use in place of my absence, and she said okay. No problem. When my four hours of sick leave pay did not show up by the following day, I called and asked to speak to that Manager, that I had spoken to on the phone earlier - he answered the phone and began screaming and yelling at me: " Naw, naw, naw, naw!! You can't use sick leave!. You knew you were going to call in sick! You knew you were going to call in sick! I'm not paying you anything!". The guy sounded like a badly raised idiot and malcontent, and was acting like a sociopath. His parents obviously did a number on him, it seemed, because that behavior, of course - was learned behavior. You do not act that way in the office environment or in the professional world. Anyhow, I said goodbye, and that I would like him to pay me as soon as possible, and I hung up the phone. Today is 9/22/2022, and he still has not paid me.


Child support

Still taking child support off I was supposed been had my wedges was supposed to stop they sent a letter out


This is a constant thing that's been happening her name is Jessica and she uses another name but I know her voice I've been with People Ready since 2014 I shouldn't have to call to inquire about my pa

My funds are being held this is the second week I haven't gotten paid on time the customer sends the hours in and there's always a hold the 72 hours on the pay I reside in Houston Texas the location where I worked Manheim driving cars for an auto auction.


False Advertising

On 08/05/2022, I worked for PeopleReady at the West L.A./ Beverly Hills office. It was advertised as same day pay... To date, (08/05/2022),I still have not been paid by PeopleReady. This falls into the category of illegal employment labor law infractions.


After being in the hospital for several months when I return home and I looked at my TrueBlue Account I realize that there’s no accident since January 26. can someone help me with that.

I requested that the membership to Battle ready coalition be ended. I was notified that was successful. However they are still charging me every month. Please look into that issue. I have no desire to end membership in true blue I just need some help Thank you in advance.



I was jump on a job whit people ready and when I reported it I was fired and ban from working I need help because I feel this not right at al


Terminated because they didn't want to pay me

I called people ready. And ask for my pay they told me they wasn't paying me because of my back ground check wasn't back but sent me to work so when I ask to speak to someone higher up he said I had 2 choices wait for my background or get paid today. And I'm fired smh I worked for this company for yrs the new staff is jerks.


Someone took out one number in my account and now I'm not getting my check

My checking account when my last check was submitted someone took one number out no one is automatically was put in there and I was receiving my checks before but due to me not working with the company no more someone went in the account without authorized and took a number out of my checking account so I do not get no checks my last checks actually I have two checks that should be coming the bank told me that someone sent a check to them but had one number missing out of my account how does that happen and it automatically put in there and we had no issues beforeSo someone was in my account that was not authorized to make any changes I need my money now Im not gonna wait weeks later because I didnt have this problem until I left my job if no ones allowed to access my account and take any numbers out Im going to see what needs to be done


Wrongfully banned and terminated from people ready

My name is Tiffany Dean I've been working for true blue/people ready since 2018 I had no problems I barely called off of work I did not accept jobs that I couldn't take I am really trying to look for employment I have children and no one has resolved my issue yet with true blue four people ready I've already found a true blue compliance alert twice they have been so helpful but still no hear back from any other parties on this case


I have been treated unfairly by Kenny Escolero branch manager from peopleready kearny nj office so I left 4 messages with human resources and I have not received a call back. Everyday it's costing me

I work for the prudential center in Newark nj. I am requested by staff there to work. The branch manager has something against me. I called for my pat because instead of me getting paid the next day they paid me a month later. He told me that true blue was running a background check on me and 9 couldn't go back because of what they found. I need to know if that's true or not.


To file a complaint about the Waterloo office

Earlier this week I had accepted a job ticket for federal flag and job Wednesday morning I had got a phone call asking if I would go flag at the same Federal flagging job but a day sooner Thursday I had told people ready no because it was my son's birthday they got a attitude with me and told me if I didn't want to work Thursday then they would take me off the Friday ticket also and I asked why did not get a response they would not answer my call no more and they took me off the federal flagging job for Friday. I feel that I have been very mistreated and not only that how come after I accepted the job for Friday they took it away from me that was very uncalled for I really needed that job as I am in dire straits and needed the money because of these actions I am unable to make my car payment now . So hopefully I do not lose my vehicle or I will not be able to work for people ready and this is not the only time this has happened it has happened to me in the past where they did not even notify me just took me straight off the ticket and said it got canceled but come to find out one of my friends told me they were working that ticket so I didn't appreciate being liked to or being mistreated the Waterloo office it's not treating your people correctly

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