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Trane has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 193 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 4th position out of 200 companies.


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Trane Trash

I had a new trane system installed 1 year 2 months later . I come home from vacation to my house temp at 87. Had a tech come out to determine the cause. Well just like the rest it was the coils had a leak. The disturbing thing is. The parts and labor was covered under warranty. But it will still cost me $1200 to have it refilled with freon. They will not cover the cost of it. It was there junk that failed so the should be responsible to have the freon as well. The tech sent the video of the coil leaking. But a lesson learnt is I will never buy another trane or recommend anybody to buy one. They do not stand behind there products. Or the problem there products cause.


Don’t Waste your money

Dont waste your money! This company use to be the best on the market and they decided to cut corners at the expense of the customers. Heres what happen to us and thousands of other customers: We own a new construction home that was finished in 2018. The coils died on us within the 1st year and it was, luckily, covered under warranty. Well, it *** out AGAIN. When I called and asked why my coil keeps dying they had no answers. I asked what my options are and they told me to just replace the coil. They explain the the new coil only had another 1 year warranty. So if it craps out a 3rd time, its $2200 again. We are looking to completely get rid of Trane altogether. We are not paying $2200 every couple years to replace a coil has been proven faulty.


Unreliable! Do not buy! do your research

Trane Unit died after 25 months... Unit costed $17K and now I have to fork out another $3K to get it fixed as the warranty on the compressor is only 24 months!! Be careful, do you research... Trane has 'shipped' a compressor - still waiting, it is delay after delay... 3 weeks... and still waiting.. at this rate I have NO confidence that the part will be delivered anytime soon Do your research before you buy Trane... Ton of complaints on internet and a Class action lawsuit against them in California..


Unhappy With Trane

Original review Jul 12, 2023
I live in South Florida and it is very hot here in July. My Trane XL20i air conditioning/heat pump has stopped functioning/cooling. Apparently the unit has a communication error and needs to have two circuit boards replaced in the outside unit. I am told that the unit is still under warranty, and that the circuit boards (not the labor) would be provided at no charge. Unfortunately the circuit boards are not available for three to five weeks. My house only has this one air conditioning unit. Tranes warranty is useless as I cannot live three to five weeks without air conditioning in South Florida in the month of July.


Money wasted

We built a brand new home in 2018. We have 2 units. Both have had mechanical issues. Our upstairs mini split, now has a leak in the compressor and non repairable! Customer service is awful!!! They state because the warranty wasnt sent to them, its not covered. We were not informed we needed to do this so they wiped their hand clean from us. So when you read they have great products run and I mean run fast!!! A new unit for the mini split will now cost us 5 k


Case 221396

My air conditioner is less than two years old and I was told by my AC company Air-Ref that the compressor needed to be replaced. I was charged $1255. This is unbelievable a unit that cost me almost $8000 has a bad compressor in less than two years. I believe should help me with some payment assistance towards this bill if not pay the whole bill this is supposed to be one of the best air conditioners out there. This is really terrible. Please help!!!


Lousy parts

I had a three year old Trane heat pump in which I had already made significant investments in UV lights and other products. Recently both the blower motor and compressor failed. While the parts were under warranty, the labor was not, and I ended up replacing the entire system. These heat pumps are junk. Someone should file suit against them for this shoddy workmanship.


Unit does not work

we have a 5 year old trane unit. for the most part it has worked well. now "the motor" which i presume is the blower motor, stopped working so i have no air. the problem is, we have been waiting 2 weeks for a replacement motor. trane has facilities all over the nation but they are notorious for their cavalier attitude. does a decent business think it is alright for their customers to suffer because they have insufficient inventory? i am afraid i will never buy another trane product again. dgoo


There is no Customer Service number and Trane does not provide customer service

There is no Customer Service number and Trane does not provide customer service. The person who answers will collect your full name, number, etc and when you ask for a technician, they tell you to contact a Trane dealer. That's it. Trane does not stand behind their product or their installers when it comes to their customers.


Broken from the get-go

HVAC unit installed 3 months ago and it has never worked. Our installer couldn't figure out the problem. Finally, the Trane technician came out and determined the valve was broken and had been broken since it left the factory. Trane would not replace the unit and they are unable to source the part. Customer service agent was obviously upset before I even got on the call. I had to calm her down! Clearly they are working for a company that has many complaints and many angry customers. Avoid this company at all costs.


Piece of junk

My unit is 4 years old after 2 and half years the compressor went out leaking Freon then last year the capacitor went out now 18 months later the compressor out again they gave me the first compressor free but had to pay labor and for Freon contacted customer service the first time compressor went out about labor sent them everything they wanted never got no where just a run around


Constantly breaks down in cold weather. Difficult to obtain parts.

Installed spring of 2023. Replaced a smaller 35 year old unit when our house was expanded. Other unit worked fine even though it was 35 years old. It was to small for the larger home. The new XR unit ran good for 2 years. Middle of winter the control board went out. A week without heat until a new board could be delivered and installed. 2 years later heater stops working during another cold snap. Technician replaced several sensors. 2 years later it froze up in a cold snap and had to defrosted to get it working. Currently theheater is 12 years old. Blower motor needs to be replaced at $1400.00. I wouldn't buy another trade product. Built with cheap parts. Unreliable in cold weather. Repair parts are extremely expensive. I can buy a blower motor but I need one programmed to work with this heater. I can purchase a blower exact same model for $449.00 delivered in a few days. To get the same motor from Tran programmed for their heater is over $900.00 and they won't sell unless your a dealer. I should be able to purchase and install without paying someone that won't do any better a job as I'll do myself.


High efficient pos

Unit is three years old. Two of the three years extreme cold has caused the furnace to ice up and shut down. Will not work again until weather warms up enough to melt ice. Very poor engineering from Trane.


Horrible communication

HVAC contractor had a huge job coming up and wanted to sale Trane commercial equipment. The website is a joke, no one ever emailed me ,or returned phone calls, on becoming a dealer. The employee that worked inside the Trane store had no idea how to even navigate the Trane website. What a joke. We sold 2 million dollars in carrier equipment instead. on the upside at least I got a butt load of spam emails from Trane. Thanks for that special gift


Customer Service does NOT provide any customer service

I was unable to contact the company who installed our A/C unit two weeks ago. I expect that this was due to the hurricane that recently hit Florida and they are extremely busy. Calling your Customer Service # was absolutely useless as they only ask me for my name, address and identifying info including my zip code and then gave me a different toll free # to call. The second # connected me to a dealer (not the one who we dealt with). I only needed to find out the size of filters to use for our recently installed new unit and was advised that it would cost $89 to have a technician come out to advise me - despite having the model and serial # of our unit. I called "Customer Service" again, only to be given an incorrect size for the air filter required.


Defective product; worst customer service

Purchased new AC with 10 year warranty. Unit was defective. Blew out power in first few months. Then within less than 3 years had severe leak of freon (4 lbs leaked out!) due to bad coils. Repair was nearly $1000 for labor and freon replacement. Trane covered replacement of part but would not take responsibility for damage caused. Discovered prior class action for similar shoddy manufacturing practices so this is how they do business. I asked them to cover cost of repair and freon (not including compensating for medical issues due to freon exposure). They were not responsive and utterly rude. Eventually agreed to give me only $300 and refused to escalate. I would NEVER do business with them again. When I was getting quotes for a new system originally one supplier told me they refuse to deal with Trane any more bc of quality issues- I was swayed by the 10 year warranty. Should have listened. NEVER TRANE

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