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Total Av has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 573 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 11th position out of 1129 companies.


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Double payment

From the moment I tried to sign on, it took forever to talk to a person that I could hear & understand! The language barrier really sucks w/the people from middle east & far east!!! I asked her many times to repeat herself to apoint where I could understand any of the reps I talked to !! That added to my many problems w/ total AV !!!


Cancellation of contract and refund requested

Re: Don't Forget to Install and Activate Total Adblock Margaret Thomson Total Adblock I have already told you that I eish to cancel this, I have not downloaded it as you are aware, and I have asked for a refund from you. Failing that I will get on to pay pal and have this stopped. I misunderstood the ramifications of your so called offer which was a bit misleading. I am not that computer savvy, don't see brilliantly and basically can't afford what you want me to pay. I also have Norton 360 anti virus so don't need more protection. Please refund asap Ian and Margaret Thomson On 24 Jul 2023 9:04 pm, Total Adblock wrote: `TotalAdblock logo Don't Forget to Install and Activate Total Adblock Use the links below to install Total Adblock onto your devices. Download To download Total Adblock, click the corresponding button for your device type below. Download on App Store Download on Google Play Install For detailed installation steps by device, visit our Help Center Login When you open Total Adblock for the first time you will be prompted to login with the email address and password you set during sign up. If you haven't set a password yet, click on 'Forgot Password' to create a new one. Total Adblock is now Active You can manage your devices in your Total Adblock dashboard. Here you can also access other features included within your subscription! Vs


Stole my money, *** site.

Was trying to get info on this filled out info & before I saw a price or anything it charged me! I NEVER confirmed a payment!! Go to their site to cancel and went through 5 verification codes not one worked. No number to call. Bunch of BS. Damn sure wouldnt trust this company.


Ads not being blocked

First off, cust service is an endless loop of FAQs with no option to chat or speak with a human. The canned help topics we're useless. Frustrated, I spent a few more hours searching the web. Issue: Full page random pop ups. When using an app, when browsing, when reading news, etc. Total AV ads appear in most every pop-up. Big promises but I'm still getting the ads. Fingers crossed, I'll find a way to stop the madness. - FRUSTRATED


Refund cancel

I would like to cancel my account. My name is Timothy J Finnegan, my email is firepiper14@***.com. My phone # is 773 458-****. Thank you


You guys are cheated on me

imorse såg jag att ni hade dragit 1468,85 svensk kronor från min konto utan min permission. jag vill inte ha era tjänst och vill ha mina pengar tillbaka


Think first

I agreed to a small free trial of this and did NOT like the app or how it works, so I did what you are supposed to do and cancelled within the time frame and ended the subscription. DONT DO IT! ITS A TRAP!! Here it is a YEAR later and my card had been (thankfully) Canceled due to fraudulent charges and I get email after email about my account status, not only that, THEY CONTINUE TO TRY AND CHARGE MY CARD!! Not just once or twice but 10 separate times. They have attempted to steal $119 for a canceled subscription!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Hey total av, do me a favor and LEAVE ME ALONE!



Please add I was charged four times while trying to register on this site, and I was not familiar with the routine. I no longer want this service.


I can’t get any help

I tried to call and was directed to your website which is not working. I called back (twice) and got cut off then could not activate any options on your portal. I want to activate your protection in other devices and I keep getting treated as though Im a new customer. Customer #8541****. How do I get support???


Webshield keeps turning off

keeps turning off .website does not answer questions on how to repair . cannot talk to a tech. repnone


Customer Service and Adblock Issues

I have purchased an Antivirus annually and Adblocker on a monthly basis starting with £1.99. But it has turned to be the other way around, Instead of my annually Antivirus, I have been given an adblocker, I then tried to get them correct things, the first person I chatted with did not help at all. Now again I phoned them just to ask help to find an adblock bin which I never set. As I was talking to her trying to explain my issues she just told me she was going to email me to instruct me what to do, I then asked her, why can you not guide me now while I am on the phone with you, but to my surprise she just hanged the phone off. So I don't know what to do, I may contact with consumer standards team to help me to reimburse my money, as this is completely unacceptable to me. So my experience has really been that bad. I would recommend my friends and family not to make the same mistake I did.


I have a one year add blocker subscription ,but I can't use my phone commercial i jack the phone

My phone was I jack by commercials, I was unable to used my phone, so I bought a one year unlimited add blocker subscription for $40,big rip-off, still couldn't use my phone until a friend suggested to do a factory reset, my phone is now working and I lost $40.


I need to add to my virus program the best of Total AC

I cant get a REAL LIVE PERSON! I want to add to the virus program I have - I have the ad blocker, vpn, etc! I do not trust only the smart virus program. I heard that their is a more advanced virus program for Total Av. Its only been 1 full day of having this, and i cannot get any support. The chatpeople are Freaking clueless and HELPLESS! If this cannot be resolved today, Ill go back to Norton that I have had for 25 years. I want a FULL virus scan and the capabilities of setting up a scheduled scan.


Won’t let me sign on

Updated by user May 29, 2023
Got customer service . I couldn’t hear anything he said .Spoke too quietly.

Original review May 29, 2023
Hasnt stopped phishing ,wants me to buy extra things . Thought I paid $14.95 for yearly trial monthly


Resolved: I want a refund for a product I do not want

Updated by user May 18, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review May 18, 2023
Although my anti-virus subscription was due to expire at end of April 2023 the service actually ceased functioning at the beginning of March 2023 I got incessant alerts that I needed to renew the subscription Every time I went to renew I would go through a convoluted process only to find myself back at the start! Then when I went to uninstall from devices it would say stay with us for only $1.00 and then same process as above and still no anti-virus protection. I ended up uninstalling and buying / installing a new antivirus product purchased on 24 April 2023 Next thing I had a $119 taken via PayPal for an automatic subscription renewal To cut a VERY LONG story short, I emailed billing and innumerable times with no response whatsoever to my communications and rang PayPal continually with no positive outcome (20 days with ZERO progress) UNTIL I used PissedConsumer I instantly had a phone number to call, I spoke to someone and within 10 minutes the refund was actioned and confirmed by PayPal I wanted to resolve my issue with TotalAV privately I am thrilled at the outcome but would have preferred to have sorted immediately with the suppliwr


Resolved: Impossible to cancel service.

Updated by user Mar 18, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund. Finally had my CC removed from their system.Great product but beware of billing issues once they have your payment details.

Original review Feb 16, 2023
I have emailed cancel@***.com a total of five times to request cancellation of my account. Initially I was offered perks to stay. Unfortunately I do not need more licenses for more users. Once they have your billing information good luck getting your account cancelled. I keep getting monthly charges on my credit card. I can only assume this company is having financial difficulties. I hope this review helps. I have moved on to a reputable Anti Virus provider without issue. Contacting your CC company is the only way to stop them. Thank you Danny H

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