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Total Air Care has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 319 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 3th position out of 200 companies.


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I was very satisfied with the customer service

I was hoping to repair my old A/C unit for summer, and my friend recommended Total Air care. I got in contact with them, and they replied straight away, suggesting that a new cooler A/C unit which consumed less energy would last longer and would be more cost-efficient. I had it installed near my office, and it kept me cool all summer and I haven't run into any issues. Overall excellent quality



came out to fix a/c, changed thermostat and said our breaker needed to be changed, (how did he know thermostat was broken if a/c would not run?) put used thermostat on wall and did not hang it correctly. called them again the next day, they were supposed to come between 4-8, tech never showed up and didn't call. called again to reschedule they said they couldn't come till following Wed. Now its 11 days with no ac.o iF no aaa ac


Not realizing they had the wrong part before dismantling my unit

I was to replace my evaporator coil. The technician drained my freon, then continued to remove the evaporator coil. Once my unit was dismantled, technician then realized the coil that was given was not the correct coil????????????????? So WHY didn't you check all this before dismantling my damn unit?????????????????? If I could give this company a -0 based on this experience


3 weeks without AC in Louisiana

Total Air displays an appalling lack of professionalism and customer care. They have failed to keep scheduled appointments, failed to communicate with me to reschedule an appointment, and have shown a complete disregard for customer service. If your home warranty company sends out Total Air, RUN!StaSt


Ac repair

They are complete trash doing nothing but scamming people, and should be criminally investigated and prosecuted.


Poor quality

model 836000hbcn humidifier one the worst products I've ever purchase the float mech needs to be replaced by a product that work's one of the poorest design's in mankind why do sell this product ?



If they come to your house make them leave cancel your American home shield contract if they won't send a local reputable company they will tell you you need 15 pounds of freon because they want you to buy a new unit they will tell you it cannot be converted to the cheaper freon 407c instead of r22 because they want to charge you $100 a pound and about 10 lb over what you actually need they are criminals the owner belongs in jail


Horrible service

This company came out to my house in June and we were out of our home for over a month and a week awaiting them to fix the air. Not to mention during the process they sent several different technicians whom did not know what they were doing. After have tech after tech and being out of my home for a month we finally got some air in August only to be back out of air in September because they did not do what they were suppose to do. I fault American home shield for even sending them out to anyone. Save your time and your money find a company who hires people who know what they are doing!!!!


Bad Service

Technician has been out three times after telling home warranty company we didnt want them back after second time. The third time, the Senior technician ( HUNTER) broke something on my coils causing water to leak and damage ceiling. Addressed it with supervisor Gavin, he was AN *** and said they were not responsible for damages. This company is by far the worst! The ladies handling customer service like April were great but the rest are total *** If AHS recommends them, tell them no!


Poor service, technician lies, manager nasty

Ive been almost 2 months trying to get ac unit repaired. Was scheduled between 4-8 technician called around 7 said he was running late would not make until after 10 this was not acceptable too late and how you gonna see what you doing, appt rescheduled for the next week. Technician came this visit went well part was ordered. Appointment scheduled to install part between 8-12 technician calls at 11:30 to inform me the warehouse had sold my part and it needed to be reordered , this took another 2 weeks. Now during this I had paid a copay of 715.00 which they were holding. Part came in appointment scheduled technician came out but would not start until I paid another 61.00 I was not at home at the time but was in route which would take about 15 min or they could have asked if I wanted to pay via credit card but they said they couldnt wait they had to go to the next client. Seems kind of messed since you already had my 715.00 for a service you had not provided. Spoke to the manager who was just nasty and was told he instructed technician not to take one piece of tool out the truck until he collected 61.00 . He also told me the technician had waited over an hour for me , not true my phone records proved that to be a lie. I think AHS needs to rethink their contract with them, they have numerous complaints.


Warning to anyone want service

DO NOT USE this company!! I have never had such a horrible experience-it has been 3 weeks (without a/c in July in Florida) and I call almost daily (sometimes at the beginning and end of the work day) and have been told over and over they will call with update and NEVER once have they called me back to give me an update. And once we finally got to the permitting stage, there was another hang up from their work 7yrs earlier (never had it inspected and closed out the file). I gave them the benefit the first week and blamed the American Home Shield (the home warranty company) for the slow response but the lack of respect for the customers is completely unsatisfactory not to mention they replaced the unit 7 yrs earlier and it already needs replacing! I can not stress enough how horrible this company is!!!!!!


Waste of money

Told me removal of panel, housing, around coils was not part of inspection and yearly cleaning. So for 70$ the tech. hosed the outside of my system. Took 12 min. Sat in his vehicle and on my floor writing. Looked at outside of thermostat. Total 35 min. No satisfaction from management. No call to schedule your twice yearly maintenance . After told i would get a call in 6 months. Having it cleaned now, another company. Was filthy, shown it to me. Don't waste your money....


HVAC Repair Negligent

Total Air Care has been very incompetent and negligent in repairing my home A/C unit. I have been dealing with the company for nearly a year now. They have been out to my home 6 times within the last month. To date my unit is still not working and temperatures are over 90 degrees easily in my house. They have been to my house about 10 times with the past few months and constantly conclude completely different diagnosis and usually a different technician every time meanwhile collecting a $75 deductible nearly every time as well (currently with home buyers program who sent out Total Air Care). During the last visit (3 days) ago, the tech stated that I needed a new damper motor replacement however the part would not be available until Monday (follow-up repair call at that time was on a Friday). He said he would temporarily fix it until he was able to get back out with the part. He apparently removed a safety mechanism while diagnosing a repair and did not replace it properly, in which my A/C unit (in the attic) overflowed in the attic which caused severe water damage to my ceiling. There was water dripping from the ceiling and onto my carpet and hardwood floors which are now damaged in spots. There are currently water bubbles and numerous brown spots/stains on the ceiling. They had another tech to come out (2 days later) for another repair call and to see the damage. After speaking with a Total Air Care manager today, they refuse to take responsibility/pay for the damage that was caused to my ceiling. This is also possibly an electrical issue. According to the manager at the company, he said because I personally cant prove or didnt see the tech remove the part and leave it off, that the company is not taking responsibility for the damage to my home. And again, my unit is still not working. The actions of Total Air Care is completely negligent on their behave. The customer service I received was one of ole well, we didnt do it so I dont know what to tell you. I have called around to other companies for the assistance however no other company wants to be liable for Total Air Cares mess. I feel Total Air Care needs to admit their faults and make it right for their customers. I am stressed, disappointed, and frankly angry about how I have been treated. I have no intentions of ever using their services again and would absolutely NEVER recommend them to anyone at all!


Worse company ever

Week of Sept 9, 2019: Total Air sent out after filed with warranty that my air system outside was louder than usual. A technician was sent out and deemed the outside unit was okay but motor in handler was not running full speed. During the inspection of the bottom unit I was watching him wiggling copper pipe and broke the cap to the main coils. Freon was leaking everywhere and he apologized several times for breaking the coil. I could no longer have the handler on or running. I was told he would call his boss and get new parts ordered. I remind you this was a working unit. 1 week later after calling Total air almost 1 to 2 times a day, emails and a minimum of 20-30 minutes per call I was told that my unit would not be covered due to physical damages. 3 weeks since unit was broken and i have been going back and forth with warrant company they closed my case as they would not cover. I finally get a call after numerous messages and calls to total air and spoke with tech manager. I told him my issues with now a non working unit due to the damage and my warranty coverage denying my claim. He said he would send a tech out to try and repair the damage and he would speak to warranty company. 4 weeks since unit broken. Recieved call back that a tech was coming out to repair broken coils and replace motor which was now covered. I was to pay 104.00 to fix the pipe dent that was found that may have been limiting freon pressure. A tech comes out and removes unit and attempts to weld the areas of damage that was done but said it's too far damaged. He also said the motor was not broken as it only runs one speed !!!!! By the way the dented pipe was not worked on as the whole coil lowered unit was removed. Guess what? They will call me back for a update. 1st week of October: After back and forth calls to Total Air and warranty company I am told that the warranty company will cover a new compressor and handler. I was now responsible for 1400.00 for "things they did not cover". I remind you that this was a working unit. Again multiple calls to Total Air, which by the way sometimes you hold for 30 mins then get hung up on. Happened 3 times today. Oct 7: About a month today since unit was broken. Called after almost 45 minutes of waiting since I was hung up on 3 times by answering service hold and was told they attempted to call me and a message was left regarding the cost for me is around 1300.00 as they would cover 100.00. The 100.00 I paid to have the dented pipe that was never replaced!!! There was no messages or missed calls. I asked to speak directly to whoever's is in charge of this whole crazy mess. By the way you dont talk to the person you need right away, they take messages or email the person I'll keep the consumers informed as i will post the next return call or interaction. I form my own opinions as I read reviews as i will give the business the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately the low reviews on many websites of Total Air is correct. Poor customer service and not so sure they know what they are doing. I dont expect to get this fixed for free but I do expect them to do the right thing and chip in for their damages as this would of never happened if it wasn't for them. I had a working system since I moved in 8 months ago. It was inspected 8 months ago before I bought it. I will update my review with details as they come. Choose wisely and dont say i didn't warn you. 10/9 Update Called twice yesterday after I received an email instead of a call. Again the email is avoiding our concerns but stating what our warranty company is saying. Left message with Keri since I was not able to reach her. I called 3 times today and she did not answer. I called total air to ask for a manager and I was told someone would call in an hour. That was at 830 and it is now 1030. Keep you all posted. Called again without answer to Keri. Called company to get the email and they will call you back soon. Its 2 pm now and heard from no one. Filed a BBB complaint hopefully to help resolve the issues.


AC unit not cooloing and making load noise

Updated by user Jul 08, 2019
Monetary Loss: $5,000.00 not $5.00

Original review Jul 08, 2019
06/11/17 First American Home Warranty called they sent Total Air Care and the nightmare began. First tech arrived at 7:30pm did nothing but add Freon and left, 2nd tech installed contact switch and burned out circuit board in attic, 3rd tech replaced circuit board and turned unit on which burnt circuit board again, tech stated prior tech installed contact 24v switch to 240v which shorted out board. 4 tech installed new board unit didn't turn on tech stated it will turn it self on within 3 hours and left, 5 tech replaced contractor and burned out circuit board, new board needs to be ordered. I showed them the thermostat error reading that states "IN RECOVERY" hand book states it may be condenser or heat pump but tech's didn't check condenser or heat pump. I live in Arizona and the temp has been 103-112 degrees. I have been forced to seek shelter elsewhere from the heat and First American Home Warranty and Total Air Care are not taking responsibility for the AC unit. The AC unit is still not working and as I write this complaint, I have been on hold trying to schedule recall appointment with Total Air Care for the past 30 minutes. First American Home Warranty is fully aware of this issue and has failed to compensate me for shelter.

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