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1.5/5 - based on 692 reviews

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Total AdBlock has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 692 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 7th position out of 1129 companies.


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Total AdBlock Reviews


Me están cobrando algo q yo desconozco.

favor de cancelar esta suscripción ydevolucionarución del dinero q me han cobrado. Yo ignora queiénessen tids. ya q sí muertoica su compañía. gracias


To cancel my account. I do not want your service as it is bogus

Service cancelled during trial period and was still billed. After I called and said I want it cancelled then I got an email thanking me for signing up for a year. Cancel it now!!!


It did not work properly. I canceled the 1.99 special the next day. Then they started trying to charge my card for 39.99 and still hasn’t stopped even after they sent me an email confirming it

Updated by user Aug 30, 2023
These fools continue to try to take funds from my account. Thank God the bank is aware of the issue and blocks them every time.

This company is a crook. They literally try to steal your money even when they know you don’t have a contract or services with them.

Original review Jul 31, 2023
I canceled my order after one day because it wasnt working. Then it started charging me 3999 and my bank kept denying it. I called talk to someone virtually and they said it would not happen no more and as of today they tried to charge my card again, and my bank denied it. They are the worst and theyre not truthful. The service sucks.


Charged £39 twice and l wanted to cancel and get a refund

Updated by user Aug 01, 2023
l don’t want Adblock, l can’t afford Adblock, l can’t cancel, they say l have to cancel on a form. I only have a tablet, l start to fill out the form and they send me a code number, l go to get the code and when I get back the form is gone.

Updated by user Jul 31, 2023
It hasn’t been resolved until I get my money back and I wish that I had never heard of your company!!!!

Original review Jul 31, 2023
I have been charged twice for £39 when I wanted to cancel the order How can I enter a passcode on one email from another when I get back to the e.mail and the number has changed to another number. I am going round in bloody circles s and right peed off !!!



Please refund the money taken from my bank yesterday Monday July 24, 2023 for $9.95. Your website says money back guarantee and I canceled this right after I started the free trial for $1.99. Your product doesnt block any ads on my iPhone but it sure does make other apps impossible to use. Please refund my money and make sure that it never happens again.


Prélèvement abusif abonnement résilié

Bonjour, j'avais effectué une résiliation de mon abonnement AVANT la date de renouvellement automatique et vous m'avez prélevé 118,80 APRÈS ma résiliation ! Merci de me rembourser au plus vite et de faire le nécessaire pour résilier cet abonnement automatique.Sur votre site je tu n'arrives pas pas ! Merci. Marie MOINEL


I’ve been charged and paid for service not rendered

I asked for free Adblock and on Dec. 2022 I see Ive paid $39 and on the 3rd day of each month Ive paid $9.95 for an app Ive never downloaded. My last payment at this time was 7/3/23. Ive recently researched your product TotalAdblock with great reviews at about $25 a year. Why is it that I dont have the App and have spent what I thought was free $110 for seven months?


Cancel subscription

Updated by user Jul 17, 2023
Difficult to get customer service

Original review Jul 17, 2023
Hello I didn't find this app useful at all wasted time and a tenner £10er please could you delete my subscription and account my fault for downloading it thank you very much could you email me a reply please have a nice day


Dispute charge

Updated by user Aug 15, 2023
They did not want to return my money. It’s not right what they’re doing.

Original review Jul 15, 2023
They charged my account twice even after I cancelled. Their website states MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Thats false advertisement.


Cancel and refund

I thought a this was help with virus app and it is not what I thought, so I not interest in it and it was hard to refund and Cancel threw the website, it better to call .


Resolved: No answer on call

Updated by user Jul 20, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund.

Updated by user Jul 20, 2023
I finally got in touch with Adblock the customer service person was very helpful he didn’t cancel my subscription but did offer me a 1.99 deal I was happy with

Original review Jul 08, 2023
I want to cancel my service and had no answer to my call it just skipped to ask if my problem was resolved


Cancel this and refund

I'm cancel and need a refund because they changing me at wrong time I have mva id I need purchase didn't know this was a every month recurring payment.


Cancel Adblock immediately

My phone was bombarded with malware. And Ads. I purchased this app. It did not work, I canceled immediately and asked for a refund. They have not refunded me my money back .



Claim its a free service. Then its a free trial. But for 7 days theres no way to cancel. So they claim they then charge 2.99. Product didn't work, so I wanted to cancel either way. Websites claim 'You dont need to cancel, you're just paying to download' so its a one-time payment. The next month, they charge me $10. I use the email they sent to demand a refund, but its a faceless conversation window. The first guy doesnt even reply and and cancels the call. The second guy, I plainly state Cancel The Account and he gives me the "but all our services though" cancel the account. He says "We've reinstated your discount" I say "That's not what I asked. Cancel the account." He says "We have sent you a cancellation link. It'll take up to 30 minutes." I say "I shouldnt have to go through a link if I'm talking to you." He says "Please process through the email" and cancels the call. THERES NO EMAIL. I respond to their Discount Renewed email with utter rage. CANCEL THE ACCOUNT. They send back "this email address does not exist." AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.


Invoices for services not asked for

Customer #6916**** You sent me 5 invoices for 3 products that i did not ask for. Invoice INV4396**** for 22.99, INV4396**** and INV4396**** both for the same product 35.09 and INV4396**** and INV4396**** both for the same product 47.19 I only asked for the unlimited adblock, only once and not for save browsing and advanced cloud scanning. I hereby do not trust TOTALAdblock anymore and wish to cancel everything. Ludo Van Dun 0032 4** ** ** **


No answer

Was supposed to be free but now Im getting two charges per month one is $1.95 and the other is $9.95. I deleted the apps but I cannot reach that company even though I did cancel online. I tried calling them, but no one answers. Please please block everything from add block, scam block, anything else to do with block all together


The fact they made 3 charges on my card and even after providing the proof they still continued to lie about it and refused to return the money taken from my card

I was willing to give the product a try for 1.99 and I even decided that 39.00 for a year was alright and they chage was put on my card, I checked my statement online and discovered there was a 3rd charge for 40.00 pending from them as well. I contacted support to hVe it removed which they said it would be immediately. I took them at their word but layer when I checked my statement it was nolonger pending and it was not canceled because the purchase had went through. I again contacted totaladblock support and let them know they had not canceled the charge and now I don't trust them so just cancel everything and return the 80.99 they had taken from me. I even provided proof to them and they still would not return my money even though they agreed to just moments before. They also kept stating I had already received all the money they was going to return( which was zero) that was days ago and I have made severL attempts to resolve the while thing with no luck. I was told that I couldn't even speak to a supervisor and that they wouldn't look any deeper into the issue. I believe this company steals from its customers when they sign up and when caught they lie and deny and refuse to return what was stolen from customers. This is unforgivable and they owe me 80.99 in total from the 3 charges they made to my card. They won't even return to me any money.all I get is a string of constant lies. I want my full refund all 80.99 that they took from my card returned to me. Nothing has been days and they g Ave still not returned anything to my card at all.

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