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Toolbarn has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 65 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 9th position out of 211 companies.


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10840 Harney Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68154, United States

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What is this? mess sent to email. does not give me time to get into email. 24 until i can try again?? what ? help me out here. i asked a simple request. why the 4th degree?

all i want is a return label. got double order.i want to return the dewalt chainsaw. why is this so difficult?


Slow shipping

I ordered an " in stock " item and it took over a week to put it on a truck . The item comes in it own shipping box so packing was not even needed . They are slow and not very good a customer access after they get your money , and I paid for expedited shipping ,,all for nothing . I saved 30 bucks but it costed me more in lost time on the job for not having the item.Don't use them


Worst customer service ever!

Worst customer service ever! Ordered a product that was supposed to come within a certain period of time after waiting well beyond that I decided I would have to waste time calling them. Now, they say itll be almost another month but it is coming. The next day I get an email from them stating that the item is not being manufactured anymore? If you dont know why this is terrible customer service in all the trouble that causes during and after then I cant help you. Stay far away from tool barn


No delivery

Tool Barn resolved the issue in a timely manner


Selling something they don't have

They had a sale April 21st and I bought in. Today on August 12th I still haven't gotten my orders. Worst customer service on the planet. Because of ToolBarn yes boy Pat, I told them to take their orders and stick em. How can you sell something you don't have?


Did not receive order

Terrible customer service. No return phone calls. Took money, did not receive product. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got a email the order will be here today. I think they need someone to work in customer service and return customer phone calls. I still think Customer service is TERRIBLE.


Stay away

I ordered a saw blade and was told after several days the blade was not available anymore. After trying for a month with emails to get a refund I contacted PayPal. After a 3 way phone conversation I had an email showing a refund. If I had not used PayPal I would not have received a refund. Shady company By the way, the”unavailable “blade was purchased at another company and shipped within a day.


Buyer beware

Ordered 2 cutting wheels clearly marked cutting wheel(s) In ad And received box w plastic bag and 1 cutting wheel Not the end of the world Just twice the price now Had 2 cutters that needed abs wheels Won’t order from false advertiser again And will tell all in industry Steer clear


Item suddenly backordered and Ive been told several different dates...feeling scammed

Ordered an item on october 2nd. Site said it was in stock. When I first contacted customer service I was told order wasnt in stock and backordered and would be there onctober 13th. Today I checked tracking and nothing changed. Now Im told itll be at the warehouse by the end of the week. I wish I had looked further into this company before ordering. This was supposed to be a birthday gift. Never again!!


Customer Service is non-existent

Ordered an Occidental Leather tool belt from Tool Barn on 6/23/2019. Website said they had 2 in stock and it would ship in 3-5 business days. Received a confirmation E-mail on 6/24/2019 saying it was "in process" - nothing more. Checked my credit card account and had been billed for it on Monday 6/24, ONE DAY after the order was placed. Tried several times last week to track my order online and see if it had shipped. Again, nothing but the "in process" message. Have tried to call them this am, and none of their toll free numbers appear to be working. Kept getting "call cannot be completed at this time" message. Went on line and found a local phone number - at least a machine answered. Was put on hold listening to *** music for 20 minutes before hanging up. Called again, left on hold for another 10 minutes. Called a third time and am still on hold, now going on 25 minutes. Again. So, basically, I placed an order with these ass-clowns, got my credit card billed for $230.00 worth of tools the very next day, and cannot confirm if they have shipped, OR EVEN SPEAK WITH A HUMAN BEING! If you are considering doing business with these losers, go elsewhere. Do not waste your time with this outfit. Now on hold for 25 minutes. Keep getting a message saying my call will be answered in the order it was received. Can only conclude that if I am that far down the line, they must have a lot of pissed off customers waiting on hold. Or, maybe they just don't answer their phones because they are so bad at what they do their customer service operators have just given up and quit. Who knows? Have to hang up now and contact my credit card company, the BBB, and Nebraska state AG or consumer affairs department. I will not be treated this way by some shysters. I AM PISSED OFF!


Shlock Outfit

I placed an order for a pressure washer part 6/12/2019. Before I could even take down the info, the screen cut away. No problem, as they were to email me a confirmation. It's been a day. No email. I called the customer service number and was on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up. I tried to trace order on their website, but couldn't do it, as I had no confirmation no. I couldn't trace with just my name. I also sent an email on their site, asking for information. No friggin reply on their part. I should have checked out their credentials beforehand. And I was ready to order $100 worth of parts. No way now! I'll wait a day or so with my particular charge card, to see if I was billed. Then I'll go from there. One pissed Ukie 6/13/2019


Still Waiting

I wish I would have read the reviews first before ordering a pressure washer pump from Toolbarn. It has been two weeks and no pump still. I called Customer Service. Says there was a screw up with their computer system but they will ship it today or tomorrow and expedite the shipping. I'll believe it when I see it.


No product delivered

I ordered a hammer may 8 th I have called 5 times and email 3 with any response now l want the hammer for free and an apology your company is the worst


Poor service!

I placed an order a week ago and the order is still not been shipped out I contacted toolbarn and they said there was nothing they could do about it they were going as fast as they could and it may be another week before they can ship the item which they claim to have in stock.


Horrible Company

After repeated phone calls I got hold of someone who promised 7 day delivery. We called in a week and they said at least two more weeks. I e-mailed "Customer Service" but they never replied. Finally got an answer after I said to cancel. Will never use again


Toolbarn is a scam

Placed an order over 2 months ago says it was shipped over a month ago i emailed asking about my merchandise about 2 weeks ago still no response

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