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Tires Plus has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 899 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 7th position out of 513 companies.


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Work not done., I paid for All of the work,,, GOT LIDDED TO….

AUG 17 2023. I took my truck to tires plus in Gardnerville N.V. To have the brakes replaced brake fluid exchange rear differential fluid replace Tires rotated and lube,,,bill was 966.42 I paid the bill got home the tires were not rotated,, called them be down in the morning that night I got to looking over the truck.. found out the rear differential was not touched..was told that the guy didnt see it on the order this is what he does every daybut I got charged for the job same as the brake fluid exchange lube job not done.. they were happy to take my money and not say anything to me about it just let me walk out the front doorIF I DID NOT see this they would have got a way with this.I SAY ITS FRUD


Service issues

sure what to do about the clicking noise in the steering column yet as KIA stated the problem was not a big deal, but was not going to be repaired under the extended warranty. I am writing you this review after another visit to Tires Plus including an oil change and lifetime wheel alignment purchase made in the past week from Tires Plus. This visit has made me happy and given me back the idea and feeling of keeping my relationship with Tires Plus, as this company is organized and polite everytime. One other thing, I have a Tires Plus credit account. There was a mix up sometime on the payment for the month of April or May. The customer service told me because the payment was late, then my credit was reduced by $ 2200.00. I pay well over the minimum many months, and am making payments that are on time using the automated system, never having a problem. I have been a professional driver in real estate, construction, and finance all of my adult life. My credit scores, and availability to use the Tires Plus account have suffered because of this credit line reduction. I had to split payments on the brake/rotor replacement with another banks credit card. I am asking that the car tire replacement cost, rotor replacement cost, and the credit line decrease be looked over for consideration of some type of resolution. I am asking that the credit line be reextended back to the $ 3200.00 level that the card was at before the mix up on the payment. The customer service representative on the phone stated the credit line could be reconsidered after 3 months of on time payments. I am wanting to hear from you soon, so that our Tires Plus business to business relationship can continue with me feeling like I am a business Tires Plus enjoys working with. Thanks for your time. Look forward to hearing from you


Poor customer service

The customers service is less than nothing I just wanted a oil change and after 2 hours I asked if it was almost done and she said they haven't even done it yet. So Wtf I was a little miffed by that and said so she doesn't even look at me say anything that is just rude at least say something


Bad Service

Waiting on the district manager to call me and make things wright before i leave my full review But what i will say is i will never step foot back into the Brooklyn Park MN store. Tires plus you already have my invoice number but here is the REF# 275**** This is what your corporate office gave me after i called in my complaint.


Extremely poor service and repairs

I took my 2006 Honda Odyssey in for steering rack replacement. I was told oil pan also leaked. After re-calking oil pan...$390.00 by TirePlus...I went from one leak spot on my garage floor to spots dripping to match the outline of the oil pan on my floor. After a courtesy check, passenger side drive shaft was removed and threads on hex nut to axle were cross-threaded by technician...$481.00 to replace axle. Tires plus would not fix issue...instead Manager said it was a leaky high pressure power steering hose. Manager refused to replace hose and told me to go somewhere else. I immediately took vehicle to another auto repair shop. I told technician to replace the power steering hose per direction from Tires Plus Manager. I was notified by the technician that upon inspection power steering hose was fine, but oil pan was leaking severely. Very disturbing experience! I went in for a power steering rack replacement...$1390.00...I spent over $2,000 which includes work I was talked into...leaks worse than ever. A terrible experience.


Would not warrant their product or service

Ponte Vedre location would not refund me for defective power steering pump that was under warranty. The person that was at the counter was very rude and disrespectful and showed very little concern to correct the problem. They are overpriced primarily because they are in a very affluent location and customers are high dollar income people


Kinda pissed

I took my car in at 10 am. I even said it was urgent cause i live in oshkosh and work in appelton. Oshkosh worker called before even confirming the appointment to let me know that the fix might take a while. No message no call from them all day i call them and no one knows about the car and i have to wait till tomorrow i could have went to any mechanic and all i asked for today was to get inspection to find the problem and no one knows or cares. Wtf


Not worth any review

Been a customer for two decades and not happy with the service I received today. Technician didnt even know what he was talking about and then he called back with different information and then for the third time called back for another different information. All I wanted was some brake pads changed out they said they warranty them but for some reason they couldnt do the brake pads all the sudden because something else was wrong. It was like a beat swap is what I feel like. Im not happy can someone please call me


No one asked me if I needed any help!

People in the garage were looking at me.Thats all they had to say was someone will be right with you shortly, nothing just staring at me, so I left. I know the man smoking the cigarette in the garage looking at me through the window saw me for sure! Ugh horrible customer service


Should be an integer in reviews! New tires & alignment. Keep having to reseal tires...they are incompetent re: alignments. After 1st alignment car all over the road. Went back-alignment redone.

Updated by user May 10, 2023
They blow me off. Tell me nothing is wrongPirelli tires are defective have to add air every few days.Alignment after 4 new tires is still off, even after they checked againCar is unsafe!! GOES ALL OVER THE ROAD.

Original review May 10, 2023
***TIRES PLUS NOT BBB APPROVED!! After alignment redone I keep going back. Car still all over road. IT IS UNSAFE!! Wanted "$4000 replace loose struts; safe to drive to Florida" Honda dealership Service Dept. said "struts don't come loose-good or bad! Your Struts are not bad!" Tried to get few hundred dollars (air/cabin filters/wiper blades(all changed a week earlier). They are incompetent, dishonest & flooded with customers complaining! I want my front tires replaced; they are clearly defective. I want a proper alignment done. Then I will NEVER return. Initial visit odometer >2000 miles than actual.



The employee Roger was very rude to my Wife. As we were leaving,he came from service area and opened my Wifes car to explain about tire. I told him we were leaving. He became very disrespectful,running up to me hollering at me saying GET OFF HIS LOT OR HE WAS GOING TO CALL POLICE. 1,I was leaving,he had no right to open my Wifes car.2 She was leaving also. He then went back in store hollering at my Wife to leave because I cursed him out which was a lie. He had no business with me,my Wife wanted tire serviced,I drove car there. 3 he had no right to come to car,open car,or approach me. Again he came from service area to harass me. I have been waiting on call from you all. My number again is 502-612-****.


Ripped off

I took my car in because it was stalling out. They said solenoids need to replace plus needed brakes and oil change. Well I get car back it worked for day then dies while I was stop at light thank god. I could of gotten into accident. I took back they said they adjust the throttle then next day I go to work and it dies at work stalls out. I went and took to another mechanic and they tell me I need solenoids and oil change. Funny how I was supposely done by tire plus. Well now my car works. And I'm out of 875 bucks. Who knows if they did any work. My warranty is pissed.


Got ripped off

Updated by user May 02, 2023
I have talk to corporate who then said he reach out to district we called again no one got back to them so he went to regional still haven't heard anything. I don't think they care they just want keep stealing people's money. That business should just close because...

Original review Apr 02, 2023
Tire plus is a joke do not take them tire plus in spring hill Florida they take ur money and not fix ur car. I took to different mechanic they said my solenoids need to replace and I need oil change but crazy tire plus said they fix that but the new mechanic replace the parts and now my car works. I been in contact with corporate to get my money back but they giving me run around. So I will tell everyone in town do not use this company.


Resolved: Damaged my car and then the lied about it

Updated by user Apr 28, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Mar 29, 2023
Store # 247257 Piedmont Rd, Atlanta GA On February 18th, 2023 I brought my car in for an Oil change and a Tire rotation. The next day I received a call from my association that my car was leaking oil. I moved the car out of the parking deck and found a massive puddle of oil. I brought the car back and showed them the picture of my parking space. They took the car in and claimed they found the problem, "The Oil pan bolt was not tightened enough" I was also told that they added tape around the bolt to help w the problem WHY? there should never be tape around the bolt. To be certain I decided to park on the street. I did not want to clean my parking space twice. Sure enough there was still some oil dripping out under the car. So off I went for a third time. This time they claimed that the people that previously changed my oil stripped the Bolt to the oil Pan. Seriously??? The car had never leaked oil before. Tire Plus went ahead and showed me the plug. It was clearly stripped. It was obvious that the person at Tire Plus used an Air Wrench to tighten the bolt because there is no way in *** that u can strip that bolt when it is manually tightened by hand. NO WAY IN *** Then they had the audacity to tell me "They would be more than happy to FIX MY PROBLEM FOR AN ADDITONAL $950" Needless to say I took my car back to Mazda I will never us that place again and I strongly recommend people do the same. I understand that people make a mistake, but if you do, FESS UP TO IT. DON'T LIE


Non acceptance of coupn

Updated by user Mar 28, 2023
Coupon was for $29.99 oil change. Charged $71

Original review Mar 28, 2023
I came to my oil change appt today. They dont accept official tires plus coupn and charged me $71 for a basic oil change. That is insane. My self and any and all family and friends will NEVER come to tires plus for anything. Thats even higher charge than the dealership charges!!!


To lodge a complaint

So I called tires plus to see if they had 4 tires and an oil change got a quote tires were 39$ a piece and oil change for 45 I had a coupon for oil change for 29.99 all was good so I set up a 1 pm appointment for the same day just a few hours later. I'm there 10 minutes early. After about a hour I'm wondering why my car isn't done yet? 20 minutes to change the oil and 30 minutes to change 4 tires. One of the workers asked me I needed something I said it's been an hour and my tires have been on the floor for 35 minutes nobody working on my car he said he only had two guys working for him, I said that's why I made an appointment so I wouldn't be waiting. Than the worker said that they can put the tires back on and I can go somewhere else. REALLY. Than I'm charged 78.00 for labor? What should've been only maybe an hour took 2 1/2 hours they didn't charge me for an oil plug (I think 7$)

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