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Tire Kingdom has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 620 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 6th position out of 1094 companies.


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4300 TBC Way, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33410, United States

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Worst shopping experience ever!

If there was an option for zero stars I would have chosen it. I made a reservation online and paid their $25 fee to ensure my choice of tires would be shipped and ready to install. When I arrived the sales associate would not deduct my $25 payment from the total, and charged me $60 extra for installation (above the $19.99 per tire( that was never specified in the website reservation. The manager came and I had to show him my bank statement so he would credit the account with the $25 I had payed (although in my reservation it clearly stated that. Then I was given a shot to sign and thankfully noticed they were not giving me the tires that I order. It took them 1 hr to locate the tires while they kept saying it was all on corporate and that they had no hand in any of it (zero accountability!) then I had to wait for another 1.5 hrs to get my tires installed (and I had an appointment!). They couldnt do the alignment because the machine was broken. It was a truly hideous experience. If you value your time, money and patience do not purchase anything from them. Abhorrent costumer service!


Tire replacement on large utility trailer

Had 4 new tires mounted and installed on a large tamden trailer. I noticed not all of the lug nuts were installed correctly. Some were on backwards. It was against my better judgment to go to tire kingdom seeing how I had 4 tire balanced on a F 150 truck only to find out the tire technician never remover the old weights before re- balancing the tires, took it back and same thing happened. Monkey shine mechanics are going to get you in a serious law suit one day! See backwards lug nut on pics below


Double billed

Charged me twice for 631 bucks. Say they are looking into it. How hard is it just remove one of the charges its easily seen the guys that charge it at the counter cant do it. Makes no sense why its an act of congress to simply remove or whatever cancel a charge. Then the alignment guy is sick cant do it. Then one of the tires has *** in it from the stick room. Always an issue excuse why it takes so long for work.


Tire Nightmare

My husband and I purchased new tires for each of our cars within 3 days of each other from Tire Kingdom #6156. My husbands tires were put on his car 10-22-21 and within 6 months he needed new tires. They replaced the 2 rear tires on 4-1-22 and then within a month the front tires were showing threads out of the side of tires so we had to replace the front tires on 5-18-22. At the visit to install the 4 new tires on 10-22-21, they did an alignment. We eventually took the car elsewhere to get an alignment re-done when the 2 new back tires started showing wear after one month. The shop gave us an alignment report (something Tire Kingdom failed to do). It was so far out of whack. Now I don't know car terminology but they said something like the "toes" were supposed to be in and they were out or vice versa. The said something (can't recall what) wasn't tightened properly. The alignment report is pretty damning. Anyway, I went back to Tire Kingdom to complain about my own car because I bought a 50,000 tire and after 15K miles they were wearing alot. They told me I had bad tires and tried to sell me on 4 more tires with a little bit of a warranty. Obviously that meant I'd have to re-buy tires from them which I wasn't ever going to do again. Anyway, I waited another 5 months (now 20K miles) with really bald tires and I finally got new tires elsewhere. They did an alignment and showed me the report. It was as damning if not worse than the one on my husbands car. I hadn't gotten another alignment since I got the tires at Tire Kingdom so I know it was them who did another poor alignment job. They caused me to need new tires after only about 1 yr of driving and my husband needed them about 5-6 months after buying new tires. This is outrageous. Tires are a great expense and the fact that we both had to get new tires again so soon is just not right. We want our money back for both sets of tires. I plan to blast this location publicly but wanted to give Tire Kingdom corporate a change to respond. I also feel like corporate should know that obviously this location doesn't know how to do an alignment.


Multiple service issues

Here is my story, i went in for an oil change tire rotate and balance and after 2. Hours when i got the car there was oil all over my door inside and outside :( then next day i noticedooil on the garage floor and saw oil leakingfrom the oil filter. I went back and waited another . Hours2to fix the issue and was apologized as tech was a new guy, i complained and was given a free oil change coupon but useless as it expired 6 months later so never used. A couple weeks ago i aet up a saturday 4pm appointment and was told we are busy but will be done but i said can i just pickit up monday and was told yes. Monday moringing when i went to pickup they said they never did the work:( please email me dont want to deal wirh store


Needed new tires installed

We brought the new tires to them. They installed the tires in a timely manner. Their customer service was excellent.


I am now in my 3rd oil leak due to my car was not fixed properly and getting wrong quotes and parts that I did not need to price gaugeme as a women

Updated by user Feb 27, 2023
Nothing resolved not even from my phone call I placed to corporate ofc on feb22,2023

Original review Feb 27, 2023
I just. Need a call back a.s.a.p Wanda Williams 321-814-**** 1181 S Park Ave Apt D Titusville FL 32780 I am not happy that I have to go Thru missing 2days of work because my car was not fixed correctly the first 2times because of an oil leak problem again the same situation take car in for an oil change find out I have another oil leak.



Updated by user Feb 27, 2023
I also have another receipt for the same issue 8-20-23 for 279.18 , I would like to have my engine inspected because I do not know if the oil leak has ruined my engine.I go to places like this so I can get good quality work but I guess that is not true.

Original review Feb 27, 2023
I need you to give me a call due to I have been taking advantage of price gauging not fixing my car correct at tire kingdom Merritt island another oil leak due to my car was not fixed correctly the first two oil leaks when I had my car serviced at 930 N Courtney prkwy Merritt island fl 32835 manager at the time was Robert ,and now I have to miss two days of work because your store in Titusville on Washington Ave do not have the correct tools to fix my car, sad and angry at the same time because I am missing out on money as well as I have to pay out money this is not a good look for tire kingdom because I could have blew my engine. Nothing against Robert @ tire kingdom on Washington Ave he tryed to help me the best he can but the other manager quoted me parts I didn't need to get over on me . I would like to have someone call me back please and thank you. The date's 8-20-22 & 7-16-2022 is when the oil leak was not suppose to happen again and now I am going thru this again , not a happy camper because your manager Robert from Merritt island store/ tire kingdom advised me that and was also saying I needed to get a better car , I feel like I have been taking advantage of by the person you put in charge of your store Wanda Williams 321-914-****



Original review Feb 14, 2023
This is about customer service. I am very unhappy with the way I was treated at one of your store by a so call manager at your Miami Garden, Florida store. I was ripped off and overcharged. Very unprofessional, inconsiderate, and lack of management skills. She needs to be fired!!! Not everyone is suited to be a manager. She needs to be FIRED! Immediately!!! She has no communication skills whatsoever, terrible customer service. Shouts at customers, lie after lies, and refused to help customer in a generous way. She acted as if it's her name on the front of the store. What makes me so angry, I used my cancer treatment cash to have this done for transportation. I explained that to them that I have cancer and can't afford it. I spend my hard earn money and to be treated like a dog. When I complained, they called the cops on me, which they had no reason to. I was ripped off by Tire Kingdom in MIAMI GARDEN FLORIDA, their manager and the employees who, overcharged me. I felt discriminated against. Tire Kingdom is stealing tires from customer without confirming with the customer about their property. I brought my own new rims and tires to be placed on my Mercedes-benz. All I asked them to do was remove the old rims and put on the new ones with my new tires. I never asked them to take my old tires off of the old rims. By the time I got home and opened my trunk, they took all my tires off of the rims and even the *** tire off the spare. Who does that type of *** My spare was not a donut. It was a real Mercedes benz rim with tire. I never told them to remove any of my tires from my rims. I was asked if I wanted them and I said YES! Just replace my new rims with my new tires that I came to Tire Kingdom with. All I was paying for was labor. There was a kid by the name of Neyo. I think he is Jamaican. Great customer service. I give him an A+_ He wanted to fix the situation, but the female with lack of management skills told him, do not fix anything. She told the cop she is not giving me back a refund or fixing the problem. I planned on taking this to civil court to be reimbursed. I pacifically asked if they can use my sensors from my old rim and was told no. But when all said and done, they used my old sensors and still charged me for my own *** Right now my tire pressure is not program and was told it would be programmed when they finish the job. FRIDAY FEB 10, 2023. Everyone is giving a different price and price gorging to make more cash. I had a bad feeling about them, but I gave them a chance and they were awful. I will never recommend anyone to go there. A bunch of young kids who do not know anything about mechanic and what they are doing, along with a manager who can't lead by example. She does not know how to address a situation, she fussed with customers just to be right, she has a poor judgement of COMMUNICATION, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT and APPRECIATION. She gets an F. She can not fix a problem and believes she can just take customers cash and get away with it.


They put the wrong part on my front end the steering knuckle it's obviously wrong it was used and they left the used rotor and dust shield from it

The steering knuckle was used and they left a used rotor and dust shield from it disposing of my new rotor and it does shield that didn't have rust holes in it they refuse to listen to me and put power steering fluid in when my truck cost for transmission fluid only it also needs to be bled with a negative 17 inch pound of pressure that's why I had it towed there for them to bleed the power steering system I know on every other vehicle you just feel it and rotate from side to side the steering wheel since it's called for specialties I brought it to them worst decision of my life


The technicians did everything they were NOT SUPPOSED TO DO, I brought my car for balancing and alignment and ended with almost $3,000 in a bill that DIDN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF WHAT I BROUGHT IT FO

Having an accent and browm skin is NOT a licensed to abuse costumers ! Balancing and alignment is NOT a $3, 000 job . They change spark plugs, oil, seals, etc they never addressed the reason I took the car there in the first place with the excuse that "they needed to be done". over a week later , my car was still the same or worse issues because the A/C stop working while in their hands.now I have to pay someone else to do the job they charger me for. AGAIN. I DEMAND A FULL REFUND ,the abuse, the money, and time off my job to deal with it.


Your store put on the wrong part

Updated by user Jan 23, 2023
It did nothing to correct their mistake but waste a week of my time three different days hour and a half each time so they could look at it to confirm they put on the wrong part the manager is such a fat pig he has to roll around on a walker his assistant was rude and...

Updated by user Jan 23, 2023
Tire Kingdom has not responded in any way shape or form and what they did was criminal malicious damage to an automobile it's a felony

Original review Dec 24, 2022
Your store at 5530 college road Ocala Florida put on the wrong steering knuckle onto my Ford ranger they discounted my rotor and dust cover and left the crap one on the wrong steering knuckle that they put on it's evident very evident the brake pad only catches about an inch inch and a half they also did not follow proper procedure for bleeding my power steering system on a 99 and 2000 only Ford ranges out of all the cars in the world you need to use 17 lb negative pressure or you blow all the seals which they did it's actually criminals cuz I keep telling them not to put in power steering fluid and they put it in anyway and mine calls for transmission fluid only they got me over there three different times for over an hour and they never looked at it and they kept thinking around now it's going to go to Ford and you guys better pay up cuz if I got to get a lawyer involved it's going to get real expensive real quick


Attempted scamming

I purchased 2 tires for the front of my car and also agreed to a front wheel alignment. I was informed it would be best to leave my car and would get a call when it was ready. 2-3 hours later I received a phone call stating that the alignment could not be performed because I needed to replace the struts and tie rods on all 4 wheels. I was informed it would cost approx and additional $600. I told them I would call them back. I spoke to my son who new the mechanics of my car and he told me not to have it done. I called Tire Kingdom back and told them not to proceed. I picked up my car and took it to another tire center and was told that they could perform the alignment. They took pictures of the struts and tie rods and they did not need to be replaced. I feel the Tire Kingdom tried to extract money from me for services that were not necessary. I am female and a senior citizen and feel they tried to take advantage of me. Will never use Tire Kingdom for anything and will tell others the same.


You used wrong oil in my car for an oil change

Just added new oil into my car today and checked my last oil change I had with you guys less than 3000 miles ago, and I noticed you put the wrong oil into my car. Instead of 5w20 you guys used 5w30. Since then my car has needed oil added into it way more often than it should and almost always seemed to be low whenever I check the dipstick and it doesn't drive nearly as smooth as it used to. Hopefully no long term damage has been done due to your guys negligence and wrong oil usage during the oil change. I would appreciate it if I could bring it in this week sometime for an oil change free of charge since you guys failed to do it correctly last time, leading to me having to pay for unnecessary oil since the last change since it always seems to be low after you guys serviced it.


Deceptive Pricing

Original review Nov 28, 2022
Today online they had buy 2 tires & get 2 free. Sounds like a great deal, so I went ahead and choose tires, shop and time. The online total with taxes & fees was $278.00 I put in my card info and waited for schedule appointment for 3pm @ there Lauderdale Lakes location(2601 N. StateRd7). I get there and then the store associate gives me a print out with total amount due $320.00... I'm like whoa...That's not correct and showed him my online order that said Total Due :$278.00, he then stated that is what he sees and what I paid for.. I said can you explain the difference... shrugged his shoulders and said NOPE.. I took My keys and went elsewhere.


POOR MANAGER EXPERIENCE Store # 146 at 9628 Argyle Forest Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl. 32222

I bought a set of tires on 07/15/2021, A couple of months ago, I had a nail in my tire and kept losing pressure. I stopped at Discount Tire in Fleming Island,due to the emergency and the location, and they fixed my tire. Two weeks ago, I had another nail in my tire and stopped at Discount Tire because it was on my way home again. I was told my tires were wearing down and should be replaced soon. Last weekend, I woke up to a low tire and fill it with air. The next morning it was lower than the day before. I work right next to Tire Kingdom and after stopping to fill my tire with air, I made it to work and called Tire Kingdom. I explained what had happened and told the guy I felt like I had just bought tires there, but it was a year ago and my tires were 65K mile tires. I have driven 30k miles on them. I told him what Discount Tire had told me and I wasnt sure if I needed two tires or 4 tires. He said there are several different options, but he couldnt tell me anything until he looks at the vehicle. I told him I worked right next door and would be right over. I walked into the store and Drew asked if he could help me. I told him I wasnt sure if he was whom I spoke to on the phone, but this was the situation. He was the one I spoke to earlier. I told him I had purchased tires from this store back in July 2021, (showed him the receipt with the date of the purchase, in case he needed it as a reference), and said to him I am not sure why I only got 30k miles on the tires, but they are needing to be replaced according to another tire place. He pulled me up in the system and said, Well we havent seen you back in this store since you put these tires on your vehicle. Have you been rotating your tires? I said, Yes Sir I have. He said, well that could be a reason why your tires are so bad if you have not rotated your tires. I told him that wasnt the case. I have gone to Discount Tire twice due to nails in my tires and its been done there. I told him I just had my oil changed a week ago and it was also done then. He said, Well I have to get some measurements on the vehicle, Ill be right back. He came back in, and I told me that I could get by with two tires, but the 3rd was going to need to be replaced soon. I said, so do I need 2 tires of 4 tires? He again in conversation brought up rotating my tires. I said to him, I dont understand why that keeps being brought up. I told you that I have rotated my tires. Drew then said to me, I dont know why you are getting so mad at me. I said, I am not getting mad at you; He said, yes you are; you have been rude since you walked in that door. I told him I havent been rude at all; I am just trying to find out if I need two tires or four tires and you keep coming back at me with if I have rotated my tires or not. He said, Yes you are and now that I have called you out on this, you are trying to be nice to me and you know what, I think we are done here. He pushed his keyboard in and shut down the system and asked me to leave. I said, Leave? Are you serious? He said, yes, Goodbye . I said, Can I speak to your manager? He said, I am the manager. I said, Youre the manager? He said, Yes and I am done with this conversation. I went to was in shock. I walked outside completely shaking. There was another employee at the other register just looking at him. Two customers, one in a navy flight suit, that I am shocked that no one stepped up and told him ENOUGH. He was completely out of line. I have never been asked to leave a business in my life. I called my husband, very upset as Drew put me in hysterics and my husband asked me whom I was speaking to and that he would handle it. I didnt even know his name. He had no name tag on identifying himself or that he was management. I went back inside and asked him what his name was. He told me Drew. I said my husband will be coming up here, and his reply was, Thats okay, your husband is not my boss anyways. Is this really the management you place in your locations to humiliate women like this? That is exactly what this man did. Humiliated me and put me down and then for whatever reason asked me to leave. This was pure discrimination. If I had been a man, he would have never talked to me or insinuated all of this towards me. I called your corporate office customer service number, and could barely get my words out, I was so upset. I have never been treated like this before and it should have never happened. I still have a nail in my tire and was hoping with the severity of the situation, someone would have called me back quickly. I couldnt afford to come out of work with a flat tire and not be able to get home. I called another company and luckily, they had my tires in stock and were able to get 4 tires put on my car. I now know that these tires should have been under warranty and your store would have just sent them back to the manufacturer for a credit. (Your customer service rep explains that to me). So why wasnt that done for me? Why wasnt I given any options or just allowed to replace the tires? I did not walk in there for any conflicts. I had my work badge on also. Ethically, I could be fired for any public negativity with my work badge on representing my company. Drew should be the one to cover my bill of 998.00 due to his discrimination towards me. He does not belong running one of your stores, and I can promise you, word of mouth goes a long way. As of today, three days later, not one individual has returned my call. My company and my family all came to this location. I have made sure they will not return to this location again. I really hope that my experience will be addressed and that this manager will be removed from your payroll. I am just 1 customer, but I matter and do not deserve this kind of treatment from anyone.

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